Moon Song

A/N: Hello, here's the second chapter. Oh and I forgot to mention something in the description, Jade finds something out about her past that throws everything off. Oh and sorry if the way they spaced that stuff confused you I fixed it.

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Chapter 2: Conflict

When Jade woke she was lying in a bed not on the hard floor of a cage. She sniffed the air and didn't smell the familiar scent of her pack. She sat up and immediately noticed a rope around her leg. It was tied in a knot that she knew she wouldn't be able to untie. She was in a room that had a small door in the corner. She searched for her dagger but didn't find it. She started scratching the ropes till her fingers bled. After she just cried, when a man walked in. He was very pale, he was dressed in white and his hair was white as well. He was smiling when he walked in. She immediately cowered back as far as the rope would allow her to. Her instincts told her this guy wasn't pleasant. The man's smile widened.

"Are you afraid of me?" he asked.

She curled up in a ball. He approached her and put a hand on her shoulder. She saw the malice and the sadistic gleam in his eyes. She started to shiver. His smile faded a little.

"Poor thing are you cold?" he asked.

Someone threw a blanket over her.

"I need you to answer some questions for me," the man said, "How come you were with the wolves?"

She didn't answer.

"Why did you attack my men?" he asked trying to get something out of her.

She didn't answer and she saw the frustration cross his face. But he didn't ask another question.

"You probably aren't up to it now, but the next time I suggest you give me some answers or it won't be good for the wolves."

She shivered at the way he said it. They all left and she was alone again. She sobbed into the blanket.

Tao felt a fierce sadness cut through him when he saw the dead wolves. Dar's face was flat as he stared at the bodies. Ruh stayed back behind the two men but he did lick Dar's hand gently. Tao stepped forward and looked into the den. Nothing living was there.

"What should we do?" asked Tao.

"Leave it. We have to get to Xinca," Dar said anger seeping into his voice.

Tao nodded and walked around the dead animals. Once back in the forest they sped up. Dar sent Sharak on ahead to look at Xinca and see where the wolves were being held.

Jade finally made up her mind. She was going to get out of the room no matter what. The rope let her roam the small room but it didn't allow her to get to the door. She searched for something sharp and found two stones. As quietly as possible she beat one rock against the other and the floor making it into a make shift knife. She started to saw on the bindings. After an hour she had gotten through. She snuck to the door and opened it. There was a man standing to her right she quickly knocked him out with a powerful punch to his face. It was dark out. She sniffed the air and smelt her pack. Silently she made her way there. Her pack was in cages. The pups were tied together and their legs were tied. She opened the cage and entered. Once in she started to cut through the pups bondages with her make shift knife. Jade was almost through when someone started to laugh at the cage bars.

"If you wanted to be with them you should have told me," it was the white man from before. She whirled and snarled. The other adults finished what she had started and stood forward hackles raised.

"Now, now," said the man, "No need to be violent."

"Let us out," Jade said it was the first words she had used in a long time.

The man looked startled at the sudden strong voice of the girl in front of him.

"She speaks," he said smiling.

"Let us out," she said rage coursing through her veins.

"Let's seeā€¦no," said the man.

There was a sudden yell and an alarm sounded in the distance. While the man was distracted she let out a high pitched howl. Her pack, even the pups, joined in and they all raced forward. The pups were grabbed by their parents as they burst from their cage. The man was pushed against a wall. She ran forward and smiled as she passed him her long legs letting her keep up with the adults.

"Get them!" yelled the man to a guard.

But the guard couldn't keep up. Jade didn't see what the point was of them trying to follow. She howled again and the others followed her. As they passed alleys and roads she saw the faces of two stunned men but she ignored it. When they got to the gate she stopped and examined the large piece of wood blocking their way.

Tao and Dar peeked out of the secret entryway to the city. There were guards everywhere. They snuck out of the entry way and made their way through alleys and quiet streets. Then they turned a corner and were spotted. Someone raised an alarm. Then something sounded that sent chills up Dar's spine. It was a high pitched howl followed by others. They ran back the way they had come. They turned a corner and saw a pack of wolves running. Then there was a girl. She was tall and her hair a golden brown that reminded Dar of a red wolf. She glanced at them but continued to run. Dar and Tao followed quietly. When they got to the gate the girl stopped and looked around.

Jade saw the staircase and ran for it. But guards stood in her way. Without hesitation she lashed out with her fists and feet. The men fell quickly and she passed others of her pack fighting off other guards. There was a yelp and she turned. One of the mothers with a small pup in her mouth was being attacked. Jade raced back and knocked the guard out. Then she continued on knocking out anyone in her way. She had gotten to the stairs. The rest of her pack had gotten to the top and had jumped down. She was about to ascend the stairs when there was a great pain in her ankle. She looked down and saw the shaft of an arrow in her leg. She winced when she tried to get up. The man who had shot the arrow was coming for her. She tried to crawl up the steps but failed. A wet tongue licked her face she looked up to see Blaze, her favorite male, looking at her. She pushed him away but he didn't leave. The man had a knife now and he was raising it over his head. She stood as best as she could so she could protect Blaze. Then the man in front of her fell. She looked up into stunning eyes. The man that saved her picked her up and ran up the stairs, Blaze followed. Once they landed on the other side of the wall someone came out of the shadows. It was a boy, the man nodded to him and they ran into the forest. Along the way Jade passed out.