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summary: Sakura is a sophomore in high school who was born with many unusual powers. Because of her abilities she was shunned my all she met. After a recent threat to her life, Sakura was transferred to a school in the next town over, and now has a new chance at life.

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Despite the numerous explanations, Sakura's aunt still didn't see why it was necessary to transfer schools. The doctors and therapist had suggested moving, but Kana Haruno would have none of that. Sakura had been sitting in an uncomfortable red chair next to her aunt for thirty minutes while they received a bit of last minute information on the new high school from its vice principal.

"I already handed you your class schedule, correct? Okay, here's a map of the school and a list about the after school clubs and such. Any questions?" said the vice principal, who had previously introduced herself as Shizune.

"No, we don't have any," Kana replied, "Come on, Sakura, the meeting's over. We're leaving."

Truthfully, Sakura thought as she stood and followed her aunt out of the office, I do have a question...not that you could answer it now……

Sakura's eyes went to their automatic downward gaze as she walked. She really wanted to ask the question looming in the back of her mind; the question that always pops up when she goes somewhere new.

Will everyone hate me?

At 10:43 the day before her arrival at the new school, Sakura couldn't sleep. She was still preoccupied with her question. What if they do hate me? What if things are just like at my old school?Sakura's elementary and middle school years were now only memories, but they were ones of complete loneliness and pain. She experienced emotional agony at a very young age. Everything went to extremes in her freshman year, resulting in her transfer.


Sakura was leaving school, innocently walking home, when suddenly she fell forward. During her attempt to get up, she noticed that her head was throbbing terribly. Raising her slightly shaking hand to the left side of her face she felt warm wetness where her cheekbone was. Looking up, Sakura saw her tormentors, or as most would say, her classmates. There was a group of about five or six of them, but Sakura was too lightheaded to be able to focus on their faces.

"Hey, are you sure that was necessary?" asked a boy, "She has really bad health, what if she dies?"

"It was just a rock," another boy said.

"Yeah, and we've never got in trouble before. It's like the teachers want us to be mean to her," a girl added in.

"Exactly," said another girl, "Nobody wants a witch-freak around. So…let's turn up the heat!"

Sakura awoke in a hospital a day later with first and second degree burns on her arms and stomach.


"I don't want stuff like that to happen again," Sakura whispered to herself. Although, despite her many worries, Sakura had a small ray of hope sprouting inside her. This new school was over in the neighboring town. Little to no people will even have heard of her. Sakura could start over, and have the life she always wanted.

The life of a normal girl.


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