OOOHH! so sorry for not being able to update! there's been death in the family and state traveling and i've been sick for days at a time, various times. AND i still have schoolwork!

this is just to tell you that it will be a while before i update again. so you all don't think i disappeared and died (which is what most of my classmates thought...--")

once i DO update the story, i'll probably just end up taking this little letter down and posting the new chapter in it's place.

sigh gomen!

i really can't help all of these delays!

(although, i don't quite know why i'm apologizing as i can't really help it, and now you all might be thinking, 'what a polite author...' or maybe just 'weird-o, why are you apologizing to me?' truth is, i feel bad when i don't do something that i tell myself i will, and i feel the need to apologize...)

ok! now here's a little head's up! chapter completion: 32!!

not much, but me and my brilliant mind will do our best!


you know it's going to be a bad day when you fall out of bed and miss the floor