This sort of thing only ever comes to me at stupid hours of the morning when I can't sleep.

Also, Happy New Year everyone:D

If either of them had the desire to relay to anyone else those two minutes they had on the beach, tears would surface in their eyes and in whoever's eyes they were talking to as well. Which is partially why it was never, or seldom mentioned.

But the thing about goodbyes is that they're not so bad. Not really. If it wasn't for goodbyes, the Doctor wouldn't know through direct words that Rose loved him, and Rose wouldn't know how the Doctor truly felt, because although she never heard the words, his expression, his eyes, that tone in his voice; she knew what he was going to say. If it wasn't for the fact they were being forced to say goodbye, they still wouldn't have said anything, everyone knows that.

So really, although goodbyes are tearful, and painful, and awful in every way one might imagine; to the Doctor and Rose, goodbyes aren't all that bad. Not really.