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As I Am, I Take Thee

by Jo P.

Chapter 1: A Tale of Two Weddings

Find the magic

Go and grab it

Your fate is in your hands (come on)

Find a reason

To believe in

Just tell yourself

We can

--Miley Cyrus"Good and Broken"

Monday mornings were always aggravating, but this morning Miley Stewart awoke to a most pleasant sound: her fiancée's Lilly Truscott's sweet voice. With it being a school week, Lilly hadn't spent the night with Miley, but for Miley's birthday last week she had given Miley an alarm clock that allowed Lilly to record her own voice for Miley's wake-up messages. She had found it in a catalog for parents with small children (wisely, Miley hadn't asked why Lilly was perusing such a publication) and felt it would be an excellent way to ensure that her girlfriend woke up with minimal difficulty. Sure enough, Miley found herself waking easily at the first sounds of Lilly's voice, a smile on her face. Even the fact that her lover wasn't right there beside didn't wipe the smile off her face, because this morning Miley could only focus on one fact running through her mind over and over. This was going to be the last week of her single life, because in five days she and Lilly would be married. Twice.

She got out of the bed and stumbled her way into the bathroom. As she stripped off her pajamas and brushed her teeth, she tried not to think too hard about the upcoming weekend, but it was impossible to resist. Miley and Lilly had two weddings to go through, the first being a simple private ceremony that would be their true wedding. Then there was what several magazines were already calling the "Wedding of the Century," despite the fact that the century was only eight years young: the marriage of teen pop sensation Hannah Montana and her girlfriend Lola Luftnagle.

Despite the natural worry, Miley still couldn't help but smile as she thought about finally being married to her true love. The girls had gone through their ups and downs over the last five years, but the last year and half had been as close to bliss as Miley could imagine. Even with little setbacks and disagreements, she and Lilly had held fast to their love for each other and weathered every bump that came their way.

Miley stepped into the warm spray of the shower and quickly washed her hair. She caught herself holding out her hand for Lilly to put shampoo in it, realizing after a second that Lilly wasn't there this morning. Oh well, that won't be the case much longer. She hurried and finished her shower and started drying off. Once that was finished, she got dressed, wearing the bright pink shirt Lilly had gotten her for her birthday, paired with the black leather pants Miley had bought herself as a surprise gift to Lilly. Once she had pulled the skin-tight pants up, she buckled the black leather belt with faux studs to complement the rock star look. She then began working on her hair, straightening it with a flatiron today. She wanted to set Lilly's mind reeling when she saw how Miley looked today.

Down the street, Lilly was thinking along the same lines. She had already finished her shower as well, and she had chosen to wear one of her nearly-too-short skirts today, a faded light green denim skirt with a busy green and blue print blouse. She carefully worked several braids into her hair, then added a few streaks of blue and green to her hair to finish out her look. Lilly left her toned legs bare, slipping into her new lime green pumps Miley had given her for her birthday last week.

As Lilly looked at herself in the full-length mirror, she imagined how Miley's jaw would drop when she saw her today. Without any hyperbole, Lilly looked absolutely stunning. She very easily could have stepped onto any movie set or fashion show runway and turned heads with her appearance today. "Oh yeah, your woman is gonna have to pick her jaw up off the floor today, Lilly," she said out loud.

Lilly glanced at the clock and then said, "Arrgh! Where does the time go?" She grabbed her backpack and made her way down the stairs as fast as she could without risking a fall. Miley was probably waiting on her outside in their car already. "Mom!" she yelled as she made her way through the kitchen. "I'm leaving for school!" Not waiting for a reply, she opened the door and nearly smashed into Miley, who had raised her hand to knock on the door.

"Whoa girl!" Miley exclaimed as she dropped her backpack and grabbed Lilly to keep them from colliding. "Whoa..." she said again, this time more softly as she appraised Lilly's look today. Similarly, Lilly was dumbstruck by Miley's outfit, particularly the way the black leather pants accentuated every curve of her hips and butt. Lilly's own backpack slid from her fingers as she forgot where she had been going. Miley noticeably swallowed as she felt sweat start to bead on her forehead; she found herself enthralled by Lilly's strong legs, on display for her to look at openly. "Lilly, you look..."

"Great. I mean, you look great!" Lilly blurted out. "More than great." She tore her eyes away from Miley's hips and looked up into her lover's eyes, glimmering nearly turquoise in the early morning light. "You look amazing," Lilly finally said.

Miley raised her eyebrows at Lilly's rather daring look. "Girlfriend, you look so good that you're makin' me sweat, and the sun ain't even all the way up yet," Miley said as she obviously ogled Lilly's legs. She turned her own gaze higher to focus on Lilly's blue eyes, the match to Miley's. "Going for a special look today?" she asked.

"Yeah. I want to make everyone in the school jealous of you, because I'm yours and yours only."

"Well, that skirt's doin' the trick, let me tell ya," Miley said with a smile.

"And what's your reason for wearing for those pants, Miles?" Lilly asked with a hint of a smile. "Trying to drive me wild? Maybe wanting me to lose control and pull you into a closet with me during school?"

Miley hadn't thought of that, but she filed that good idea away for later. "Something like that," she said. "I want you to see just what you get this weekend."

"You bringing those pants on the honeymoon?" Lilly asked, her mouth watering.


"Change that maybe to definitely. In fact, I think we should get another pair. Just in case something were to happen to this pair."

Miley grinned at the effect her choice of clothes was having on Lilly. "Deal. As long as you bring that skirt too."

Lilly had a flash of devilishness cross her face as she grinned. "Girlfriend, I'm wearing this skirt on the flight down to Florida. You'll be seeing a lot of it, I think, if you like it that much."

"Oooooh, I like that," Miley said as she finally remembered that they had to be at school soon. "Um, we kinda need to leave for school."

That made Lilly remember that they did indeed need to head off to school. However, now she didn't have to walk toward Miley's to meet her fiancée. In fact, they were ahead of schedule since Miley had gotten here early. Lilly gently guided Miley's head forward and slightly down so their lips met. As they kissed, the heat between the two girls rapidly grew, causing the kiss to intensify dangerously. Miley caught herself starting to lift Lilly's skirt up for better access at about the same time Lilly settled her hands on Miley's butt and gripped tightly. "Lilly, we need to stop or we're going to do something that the neighbors are gonna talk about for a long time," she spit out quickly.

Lilly groaned as she felt Miley stop lifting her skirt. "We can go back inside," she said, still kissing Miley.

"No, hon, your Mom's still at home," Miley said. Lilly still had a firm grip on her rear, and Miley really didn't want her girlfriend to let go. But school was starting, and they needed to finish their project on alternative energies this morning. "Sweetie, I never thought I'd say this, but you need to get your hands off my butt."

Lilly reluctantly removed her warm hands from Miley's delicious butt and frowned. "School's no fun," she mumbled. "But you're right." She bent at the knees and picked up both their backpacks, handing Miley hers as she stood back up. "Here you go, hon."

"Thanks, Lil."

They turned and stepped down onto the sidewalk, hurrying to the driveway where Lilly's black Tesla Roadster was parked. Miley had driven it home last night and now Lilly was driving it to school. Miley opened the driver's door for Lilly, closing it as Lilly carefully sat down to keep her skirt under control. Miley grinned as she closed the door then ran over to her side. "Let's go, girlfriend!" she said as she sat down and closed her door.

Lilly smiled as she backed up onto the street. "Thank you again for my car, Miley," she said tenderly. "It doesn't seem like we've had Stella a year, does it?"

"No," Miley admitted as she held Lilly's hand for a moment. "But we're going to have her much, much longer, Lilly. Just like we're going to have each other."

"Amen to that," Lilly said as she stepped on the accelerator, sending the car toward the school almost silently.

As the girls pulled into their parking place, they saw their friend Oliver Oken walking toward the school. "Wow, Oliver still looks so down, doesn't he?" Lilly said, sorrow in her voice. Oliver's girlfriend for most of the last year, Lindsey Hall, had moved to Wyoming with her family last month, and Oliver had taken it hard. He and Lindsey were trying to make a long-distance relationship work, but it was appearing increasingly unworkable.

Miley said, "Let's take him to get something to eat tonight. Or maybe invite him over to the house for dinner." She and Lilly felt badly for their good friend. He had fallen hard for Lindsey, and she for him as well. However, her father had been reassigned to a different military base, and she had no choice but to go with her family. The separation had taken its toll on both of them, but at the risk of seeming selfish, Miley and Lilly were more troubled by what they were seeing Oliver go through,as the three of them had always been there for each other.

Miley rolled down the window and yelled, "Oliver!" He jerked his head around and waved as he managed a faint smile for his two friends. "C'mere!" Miley added.

Oliver turned and walked toward the small black Roadster as Lilly parked it in Miley's assigned parking place. She and Miley had split the cost for a student parking permit, since they always rode together anyway. As Oliver reached the car, Lilly killed the ignition and she and Miley carefully got out.

"Wow!" Oliver said as he got a good look at Miley's and Lilly's outfits. "Are you two trying to start a riot today or something?"

"No," Lilly said neutrally. "Why?"

"Because all the boys and a few of the girls in the school are gonna be fighting over you two today!" he said. "You two look HOT!"

"Thanks, Oliver," Miley said, "but we dressed this way for each other." Lilly walked around to Miley and Oliver and leaned against her girlfriend. "Although Lilly's skirt might get her sent home today," Miley said with a grin.

"Well, if it does, I expect you to find a reason to get sent home too," Lilly added as she looked at Miley.

With a giggle, Miley added, "Count on it." She looked at Oliver and said, "Come here, Oken." She and Lilly both held their arms open for their friend, and he walked into their embrace.

"I wish there was something we could do for you, Oliver," Lilly said softly. "Other than be there for you."

"That's enough right now, Lilly," he said, tightly holding his eyes closed to stave off the tears he felt coming. "You and Miley have really been great to talk to through all this."

Miley glanced at Lilly, catching her eye. Both of them felt terrible for their friend and what he was going through right now. "Oliver?" Miley asked.

"Yeah Miles?"

"Would you like to invite Lindsey to our wedding? The one in Niagara Falls?"

Oliver stepped back out of the girls' embrace and looked at both of them. "Seriously?" he asked. They nodded.

"We'll pay for her to fly out there and back," Lilly said. "Lola got her check from NBC last week." Lola's cameo appearance on Heroes last year had proved so popular that her character had been written into several episodes of the current season,giving her a rather lucrative payday. Plus there was already talk of her being a possible nominee for an Emmy for her guest star role, which had only fueled Lilly's interest in acting further. She and Miley had been looking at colleges for a few months now, and drama programs were foremost on Lilly's mind for prospective schools.

Oliver smiled at the generosity of his friends. "You two would really do that for me?" he asked, getting a playful slap on the head from Lilly for his question.

"Well, duh!" Lilly said. "I swear Oliver, you're sweet as can be, but sometimes you are just totally dense."

Oliver rubbed his head, just slightly stinging from Lilly's well-placed swat. "Thanks," he said, unable and unwilling to hide his broad smile.

Miley and Lilly both hugged him again. "We love you, Oliver," Miley added. "And if you and Lindsey are right for each other, you need some time to find that out. We're happy to try and give you what time we can." They released him simultaneously and smiled.

"Um, we do have school," Lilly said.

"Shoot!" Miley exclaimed. "We gotta hurry!" She and Lilly slung their backpacks over their shoulders and took off at a fast walk that was close to a jog, with Oliver immediately falling in with them. The parking space wasn't that far, so they were able to make it to their lockers and then to class on time.

As Miley and Lilly settled into their seats, several whistles went up softly at their appearance, making even more heads turn. "I think everyone likes your pants, Miles," Lilly whispered over her shoulder to Miley.

"Um, they're too busy staring at your hot legs, Lil," Miley whispered back with a smile on her face.

Lilly turned back around and put an expression of irritation on her face. "What?" she asked loudly. "Can't a girl dress up for her girlfriend?"

Before anyone could answer, the door closed as their chemistry teacher, Ms. Gillooly, came into the classroom just as the bell rang. Though a bit gruff, she was definitely a step up from Ms. Kunkle, the girls' teacher from the last two years whom they had mercifully avoided this year. As roll was being called, Lilly whispered back to Miley, "When are they making the announcement?"

Miley whispered back, "He asked that it be made first thing this morning, so any time, I think."

As if on cue, the speaker buzzed as the intercom clicked on. "Good morning students and teachers," said the voice of the school's principal, Mr. David Young. "I have a surprise announcement to make that I think everyone's going to enjoy. This Wednesday, right after lunch, we will be having a special in-school concert by Hannah Montana herself!" Cheers erupted throughout the classroom and apparently over the entire school. After a moment, Mr. Young continued. "Admission will be free to students, teachers and school staff, but no other visitors will be permitted. As many of you know, Ms. Montana herself is planning on getting married this weekend, and someone had told her about two of our own students who also have plans to wed this holiday weekend. Ms. Montana told her agent that she was so pleased at how accepting our school has been with Ms. Truscott and Ms. Stewart that she wanted to do something special for the students here. So please be on your best behavior over the next three days, as it would be a shame to have to cancel this concert due to poor or disruptive behavior among the student body. Have a good morning."

As soon as the announcement ended and the intercom went silent, the hiss of voices instantly rose, prompting Ms. Gillooly to call for everyone to quieten down. Lilly and Miley looked at each other and grinned. "This is gonna be so great!" Lilly whispered with a wink at Miley. "I mean, Hannah Montana, coming here!"

Miley grinned as she answered, "Yeah, I can't wait to get to see her," winking back at Lilly.

When lunch rolled around, the school was positively abuzz with the morning's announcement. Particularly thrilled was Amber Addison, Miley and Lilly's main enemy at the school. Amber had the good fortune to sing with Hannah Montana on Singing with the Stars two years ago, and she made sure no one ever forgot about it. The fact that Miley and Lilly both were more talented was a sweet irony that neither of them planned on disclosing any time soon. Following the announcement about Hannah's concert, Amber had crowed to everyone that she was sure Hannah would ask her up onto the stage to sing with her.

As Miley and Lilly sat down to eat at their usual table, Amber and her friend Ashley Dewitt stopped beside them, leaning over the table. "Not sure how you two warranted getting a star like Hannah Montana to do a concert here, but I hope you're going to stay off the stage when she gets here," Amber said. "We wouldn't want someone with a loser voice like you, Truscott, to frighten her off."

"Well, if looking at you didn't scare her off, I doubt anything could," Miley said as she cut a glare at Amber.

"Hah! Nice one, hon," Lilly said with a small snort as she laughed.

Amber straightened up as she glared down at Miley and Lilly. "Watch your mouth, Stewart," she said with a threatening voice.

"Oh, grow up, Amber!" Lilly said. "We don't buy into your little threats and your acting all cool. In fact, Miley and I could care less if we ever saw you again, and I bet most of the school feels the same way."

Miley interrupted in an attempt to quell the growing anger around her. "Look, I bet Hannah Montana just wants to do something nice for Lilly and me because she knows what it feels like to go through what Lilly and I have gone through, with dating each other and now with our wedding coming up. She really seems like she's a sweet person."

"Yeah, and her fiancée Lola is an amazing actress, too," Lilly added with a nod.

"Yeah, she sure is," Miley said, turning to grin at Lilly as she gave her a look of adoration.

The look wasn't lost on Amber, who found the look surprisingly familiar. Where did I see a look like that just recently? It was on TV... Oh my God! What she thinking was so impossible that she couldn't believe it. She'd seen a look like that before, in the special on Hannah and Lola that had run last month, she was sure of it. "So, are you two going to go talk to her onstage or something once she gets here?" she said pointedly.

Miley and Lilly looked at each other. "When was the concert? Wednesday?" Miley asked her girlfriend. Lilly nodded. "Don't we have an appointment to look around USC Wednesday?"

Lilly thought, then she said, "Oh yeah! We really do!" She looked disappointed. "Shoot! I had forgotten about that."

"We could see if they'd move it back a little bit," Miley said. "I know you'd like to go to the concert."

"No, it's okay," Lilly said, shaking her head. "Our college is more important than a concert. Plus, I'm sure she'll be back around here soon."

Amber smirked. Sure enough, they had an excuse not to be at the concert. Could it really be true? If it was, it'd definitely be the biggest news to ever hit Malibu, and if I break the news, I'll be famous! "Come on, Ashley, let's get away from here before their loserness oozes onto us." Amber dragged Ashley away before anything else could be said.

"Ow, Amber, I hate it when you pull me by my arm like that," Ashley whined as they walked into the bathroom. Amber checked under the stall doors, then opened all of them to make sure no one was eavesdropping. "Why did you bring me in here, Amber?"

Amber looked at Ashley and said, "Ash, what if Miley and Lilly are really Hannah Montana and Lola Luftnagle?"

Ashley looked stunned for a few seconds, then she started laughing hysterically. After taking a minute to compose herself, she finally wheezed out, "Oh Amber, that is too funny!" However, when Amber grabbed her by the arms, her laughter quickly disappeared as pain shot through her arms.

"Think about it, Ashley!" Amber said angrily, jerking on Ashley's arms. "Stewart and Truscott come out to the school the same time Hannah comes out. They get engaged the same weekend Hannah and Lola get engaged. Now they're getting married the same weekend! We've never seen them at any of the Hannah Montana concerts, either, and they talk about being big fans all the time!"

"Maybe they're just being copycats to Hannah and Lola? You know, with the wedding?" Ashley said weakly.

"Or maybe they're trying to keep it a big secret! I just saw Stewart give her girlfriend a look exactly like I saw Hannah give Lola in the TV special on them last month. I mean, the exact same look!" Amber smiled a predatory smile. "If we show the world who they really are, we'll be famous!"

Ashley was now more confused than usual for her. "But, Amber, I thought you liked Hannah Montana? If they really are... them, then why ruin the big secret for them?"

Amber said, "Because it's them! The two biggest losers in our school! If Miley Stewart really is Hannah Montana, then all these years she's laid back and acted like she couldn't sing, so she could laugh at me behind my back!"

"Um, I'm not sure that would be her motiv--" Ashley was cut off by Amber sharply smacking her on the side of her head. "Ow! That hurt, Amber!"

"Shut it, Ash," Amber growled. "What other reason would she have for not telling everyone how good she could sing?"

Ashley was getting irritated now. "Maybe because she didn't want everyone to make a big deal over her, like you always do over Hannah Montana?" she said hotly. "Look, I think this idea of yours is crazy. If Miley really was Hannah Montana, then she could afford to go to any private school in the country. Why on earth would she go here? I mean, really? Especially as mean as we've been to her and Lilly."

Amber thought about that. "Well, I need to check on a few things. But if I'm right, then this concert will be the perfect opportunity to see if it's true or not. And if it is true, then we're going to be famous!"

"Yeah, as the people who blew Hannah Montana's big secret," Ashley muttered, not happy with her friend's line of thinking at all.

The rest of the school day went rather uneventfully. As Miley and Lilly got into their car to drive home, Lilly said, "Oooh, wouldn't a milkshake taste great right now?"

Miley sat in the passenger seat and said, "Yeah, it really would. Good idea, Lil."

"Yeah, it was a good idea, wasn't it?" Lilly said with a grin as she started the car. "How long you think it'll take us to get the project printed tonight?"

Miley considered Lilly's question for a bit. "Not too long." She looked at her lover as they drove to the nearest ice cream shop. "I bet we'll have plenty of time to think about this weekend," she said with a smile.

Lilly squealed but kept her eyes on the road as she drove. "I just can't believe it's finally here!" she said excitedly. "In less than a week, we're going to be married!"

Miley took Lilly's hand and gently held it as they drove. "We've waited a long time for this, Lilly, but we're ready now. I know we are."

As Lilly put them into the line for the drive-through, she turned and looked at Miley. "I know we are too," she said softly as she looked into her partner's blue eyes. "And the honeymoon is going to rock, once both weddings are over. I haven't been to Disney World since I was a kid. But I'm not exactly sure I'm ready for the big wedding itself."

Miley grimaced slightly. For the first wedding in Niagara Falls, the private ceremony that would legally marry the two of them, they had been able to keep things very small and very sensible. Only a handful of guests would be attending, including Miley's father and brother, her Aunt Dolly, her grandmother Ruthie and her sister (though they still told everyone they were cousins) Luanne. On Lilly's side of the family, her parents and brother were definitely attending, but the rest of her family wasn't planning on coming. Both her aunts had to work and couldn't get away, and her uncles had offered their congratulations but didn't think they could fly their families to the other side of North America for a wedding. The only other guests that would be there were Oliver and Jackson's girlfriend Kaela Davis, plus Lindsey if she could attend. As far as Miley and Lilly were concerned, that was a big enough wedding.

However, the second ceremony was an altogether different story. Hannah's record company had been so excited about Hannah getting married that they had insisted on throwing a full-blown wedding reception and public ceremony for Hannah and Lola. The venue chosen had been the Grand Floridian resort at Disney World in Orlando, which worked well for the girls because that was where they were spending their honeymoon. It also had an on-site wedding chapel as well as an infrastructure capable of handling such a large event.

Miley and Lilly realized that the public ceremony would be a huge publicity boost for both of them as well for the record company and Disney World itself, and while it had grown larger than either of them had planned, neither of them was going to miss an opportunity to publicly express their love and commitment for each other. Some of the magazines were already comparing it to Prince Charles and Princess Diana's wedding in terms of viewer appeal, and the celebrity guest list was assuredly royal in caliber. Miley and Lilly had also heard rumors that the wedding was going to be televised live, but nothing definite was finalized yet. Several of Hannah and Lola's celebrity friends had already said they would be attending, and the girls were planning on sneaking Lilly's parents in disguised as part of the girls' entourage.

Miley thought about the sheer scale of the public ceremony for a while before she heard Lilly's voice calling for her attention. "What?" she said, turning to her girlfriend.

Lilly was holding out a milkshake for Miley. "I said, here's your shake, Miles," she said sweetly. "Lost in the clouds?"

Miley took the shake and smiled. "Thanks hon, and yeah, I guess I was." As they pulled away, Miley added, "I just hope this isn't so big that we're uncomfortable."

Lilly laughed. "Miles, have you ever heard of a wedding where the bride wasn't uncomfortable about something?"

"Good point," Miley said as she slurped on her milkshake. "Mmm, that's good today."

"Yeah, sure is," Lilly replied. As they pulled into the driveway at Miley's house, Lilly turned off the car. They got out, and Miley immediately plugged the car into the solar charging station. Since they had the solar station installed at this house as well, driving their car was pretty much free other than licenses and taxes. The Tesla Roadster had proven to be very reliable and required very little maintenance due to its electric nature. As they walked into the house, Lilly patted the car's hood lovingly. "Good girl, Stella," she said quietly.

As they went into the Stewarts' house, Miley said, "Hi Daddy!" as she hugged her father, who was busy setting up dinner to cook soon. Lilly followed with a, "Hi Mr. Stewart!" as she likewise hugged Robbie Ray.

"Afternoon, girls," Robbie Ray said. "You two got that project finished up?"

"Yep," Lilly said confidently. "We just need to add this last bit of information we got today, then print it all out."

Miley sat down on the couch and pulled Lilly down to sit beside her. "We got a few minutes before Daddy starts cooking dinner, Lilly. Want to go for a quick swim?"

Lilly nodded her head. "Sounds great to me, hon." The girls hurried upstairs to get changed. Once they were ready, they thundered down the steps, with Miley yelling, "We're goin' to the beach!" as they went out the door to the deck.

About fifteen minutes later, Robbie Ray had just started on dinner when the doorbell rang. He started to yell for Jackson to open the door, but then he remembered Jackson was working at Rico's until eight tonight in an attempt to make some extra money. He hurried over to the door and opened it, revealing a classmate of Miley's and Lilly's who looked vaguely familiar but wasn't someone he recognized immediately. "Can I help you?" he said.

"Uhm, Mr. Stewart?" Ashley asked nervously.

"That would be me," Robbie Ray replied. "You lookin' for Miley and Lilly?"

"Yeah, I kinda am," Ashley said. "I... need to tell them something that I think they need to know about."

Author's Afterword: I'll keep updating as fast as I can, but the weekly schedule tends to work best for me, as it lets me gets other things done and avoid burnout writing while still keeping updates regular. This story is going to be shorter, probably around five or six chapters, but that could always change. Hope everyone enjoys it!

-- Jo --