summary --- Gabriella Montez is dead but no one notices.

disclaimer --- don't own anything.

a/n --- I read a Lana Lang oneshot using that summary and it was brilliant. So kudos to that amazing author whom I don't remember.

Like Sugar


She's come accustomed to sitting by herself but she really doesn't. The people surrounding her laugh loudly as she fakes her own giggle. She picks at her salad and takes slow sips of her soda.

No one notices that she doesn't eat anything that day.


She stops going to science meetings but she really doesn't. Someone says something witty and everyone laughs even Taylor, who looks questionably at her when she doesn't even giggle. She smiles sweetly and all's forgotten.

No one notices that she answered every question wrong that day.


She stops dating Troy Bolton but she really doesn't. He drives her home one night and looks at her but doesn't. He moves to kiss her on the mouth but she moves her head, so he gets her cheek instead. He looks depressed but its cast away when she lets him fully kiss her.

He doesn't notice that she's stopped looking with adoration at him that day.


She stops singing but she really doesn't. Her voice isn't as cheerful and melodic as it once was but no one comments. Sharpay even bits her lip from saying something hateful. When she misses a note, she simply says its stress and it's forgotten.

No one notices she's forgotten the words to Breaking Free that day.


She stops loving but she really doesn't. She's standing outside the doors of East High waiting for her mother to come pick her up. There's a sweet whistle in the air and she notices Zeke walking outside. He asks if she needs a ride, she says no but there's a smile on her face.

He doesn't notice that she needs a friend that day.


She finally let's go. She tells Troy that she can't be with him anymore and the blue eyed boy nods. She skips a science meeting and Taylor doesn't bat an eyelash. She doesn't eat anything while in the library by herself.

She sings a wrong note and Sharpay screams her head off. Her mother's late again and Zeke doesn't take no for an answer.

No one notices that Gabriella Montez is dead.

But she really isn't.