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To the Bat mobile

"Come on Eddie… it'll be fun"

"I highly doubt that Bella"

"Oh well, I could always amuse myself using Emmett's oh so wonderful idea of running with scissors and putting spoons in the plug sockets" Bella smirked seeing Edwards obvious look of horror before continuing…

"Puh-leeeeeeease come Edward… for me" She pouted and batted her eyelashes melting Edward's resistance and after letting out an exaggerated groan he says "Fine, okay I'll come"

"Woohoo! BATMAN! He said yes!" Bella screamed running out of the room stumbling occasionally to go find her partner in crime.

Five minutes later Bella, Alice, Emmett, Jasper, Rosalie and Edward stood in the Cullen living room. With Alice and Bella standing in front of a white board covered with an extensive and detailed plan of what was going to happen and in a very military-like fashion Alice whacks a ruler against the board one last time for dramatic effect before saying "Alright, everyone understand?"

Everyone answered yes with varying levels of enthusiasm and Emmett stood to attention and saluted the pixie-like vampire saying "Sir, yes Sir!" receiving a glare from Bella and Alice and a laugh from Jasper and Edward.

"Okay then… Pigeon, and minions… TO THE BATMOBILE!" Bella giggles and is scooped up by Edward and carried out to the Volvo, everyone else following with Emmett grumbling about being referred to as a "minion" the whole way.

When the car came to a stop in the wal-mart car park everyone got out and stood at the entrance looking into the store, all of them now looking very excited and hyper (including Edward, who was trying to hide it).

"Remind me why we're doing this again"

"Because it'll be fun Edward"

"And because our sister and you're fiancee are forcing us to-" Emmett stopped mid-sentence after being whacked upside the head by a giggling Alice.

"You wanted to play just as much as much as we did" Alice stuck out her tongue and grabbed Bella and Rose's hands, skipping through the automatic doors as they opened.

Edward, Jasper and Emmett all exchanged glances before shrugging and following the girls inside.

"Let the fun begin…"

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