Autumn and spring in love!

Author's Note: Legolas/Gimli, the only slash pairing I read (no that's a lie, I read Lindir and Elrohir, but that's it!) I am not quite sure where I'm going with this fic, but hey! Things shall come to me as time progresses. Inspired by advice from Alma's Muse and The Axe and Bow: drabble collection. (Well some parts of the drabble collection!) Enjoy 

Warnings: Slash for certain! Will get slashier as it progresses!

Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by JRR Tolkien. No money is being made and no copyright infringement is intended.

Chapter one- Dreamer

Legolas had always been a daydreamer at heart. On some occasions so much his family had scolded him. His father had always told him that daydreaming drove you away from the problem at hand, that it built bad-character. Well his older brother Neldorion often stated to him calmly, that it was a far too girlish practice for Legolas to use.

Legolas had to often stay clear of anything remotely girlish. Thranduil often treated his youngest son a bit like a girl! The elf had acquired Thranduils golden locks, which made him seem a little girl-like compared to his dark-haired older brothers. But also because Legolas reminded Thranduil to much of his late wife…

Legolas was doing it again! Daydreaming! Well at least this one held better thoughts than his more recent day-dreams. Legolas looked at his art-work. A charcoal drawing of Gimli the dwarf! Well the dwarf certainly was not ugly; he was most defiantly muscular and strong. His father would never approve. Long had Legolas hidden his personal desires from old Thranduil, knowing that the results would not be good. Far from good in fact, he would probably be banned from Mirkwood!

But this dwarf set all those feelings aside. Making room for only love. The elf continued his sketch, the love-sick look on his face not suitable for an elf his age. One only suitable for a young girl as young as Legolas's adopted daughter to have.

Legolas added the final touches to Gimlis' facial expression. He looked so handsome! His hair was tied in a high pony tail, his beard braided in what could be no less that a thousand braids. The dwarf wore no tunic and his bare chest had been drawn detailed and accurately to what Legolas had remembered. (Maybe Legolas had over exaggerated a bit with Gimlis' muscles.) Gimlis tattoos were drawn accurately and through his left nipple, the dwarfs pierced gold hoop! Gimlis held his axe over his shoulder, and his facial expression was a cross between a fierce one and a seductive one. His right eye-brow arched, even though Legolas knew the dwarf could not raise a single eye-brow …

"Legolas!" The voice startled Legolas and the elf quickly shut his sketch book. "Day-dreaming again my friend." Aragorn chuckled. Legolas stood and turned around to face the man.

"You're appearing cheerful this fine evening Aragorn." Legolas replied with a smile. "Mithrandirs' return appears to have done you good."

"It has done us all good." The man said with a smile. Aragorn's eyes soon averted to Legolas's sketch book. "Drawing again? May I take a look?"

"No!" Legolas exclaimed. "Aren't I allowed any privacy?" Aragorn paused for a second still smiling. His eyes flicked up to meet the elf's.



Aragorn chuckled. Then glancing up, the mortals eyes widened! He stared hard at what he was seeing for a few seconds, and then he quickly drew his sword. Legolas quickly turned to see what had caught his friends attention…

"Estel!" Legolas yelled and ran after the man, who had snatched the sketch book from his hands the moment he had turned around. "Give it back! I beg of you now to return my work. Please."

Aragorn shook his head as he flicked through his friends sketches. They were of Gimli. Mostly while the dwarf was sleeping. Aragorn paused at the most recent one. Legolas bit his lower lip, his eyes displaying shame.

"Clearly your heady dreams have been very active the past few days." Aragorn said smiling and passed the sketch book back to its owner. Legolas smiled.

"Should you not be rejoicing?" He whispered to his old friend. "For it means I have gotten over you…" Aragorn raised his hand as a plead for silence.

"Legolas we have gone the whole of this quest without mentioning that past must we start now." Aragorn said turning away from Legolas. He picked up his sword, having had to drop it in order to get hold of Legolas's sketch book.

"I know you shame in it now." Legolas replied, following Aragorn. "But there was no complaining from you at the time."

"Yes." Aragorn sighed. "But Legolas you are my dearest friend! It is not that you are male, it is that I do not think of you in such a way." Legolas leaned over and whispered into Aragorn's ear.

"If I were female…"

"Legolas do not finish your words." Aragorn pushed the elf away, but gently. Legolas held up his arms in reassurance.

"Alas, I do not intend to finish my words." The elf said chuckling. "I am just glad you do not feel jealous for my turning towards another." Legolas gazed at his drawing of Gimli, smiling he ran his fingers over the fine sketches of Gimlis' tattoos. "Yes, my turning towards another."

"Legolas let me speak to you, for your own safety-."

"Perfect!" Legolas exclaimed. "First Haldir, now you! I know Gimli is mortal, I know it is dangerous to feel such for another. But please let me at least have my heady dream." A tear feel from Legolas's eye and on to the perfect drawing of the dwarf. Aragorn reached over and clasped Legolas's hands in his own.

"It is not our companions mortality I speak of." Aragorn said in a serious tone. "It is that… you have no guarantee he will return your feelings. I do not want to see you living in this total dream world with Gimli, only to find he has nothing towards you."

"I understand Aragorn." Legolas replied. He sighed, picked up his sketch book and walked away. "I think I shall explore Fangorn, while we are here I might as well." Aragorn nodded. The elf picked up his sketch book and walked into the forest.

Aragorn watched his dear friend walk away, his mind returned to the night so long ago. The one where he regretted drinking to much, the one that had resulted in waking up next to Legolas. The man covered his face in his hands. He felt Mithrandirs hand on his shoulder.

"Do not trouble yourself with the meaningless past." Gandalf said to him. "Your concern is needed for what is happening now!" The wizard looked at Legolas walk away into the trees. "Affection is passing between them. An elf and a dwarf… as absurd as it sounds are pining for each other. Longing for each other, one day it shall become unbearable for them."

"Gimli loves him back?" Aragorn asked, a little confused over what was going on. Gandalf nodded.

"But I doubt they will confess their emotions tonight." He continued. "I am surprised that they have not already begun such a relationship."

"Legolas is young for one of his kind." Aragorn replied. "He fears disappointing his father. He fears betraying Mirkwood; he does not want his brother becoming ashamed of him of his choices. He also fears love, and his own heart. He has yet to admit to himself for feeling love."

"The golden lady of Lórien asked him what love felt like." Said Gandalf. "He claimed he did not know." Mithrandir smiled, "I'd keep a keen eye on them for a while. See what comes of this unspoken affection."

Gimli looked around himself at the old forest. He shook his head, unable to remember why exactly he came to explore here under his own free will. It was defiantly NOT practical for a dwarf to be pondering about the history of the forest.

But what was practical. The dreams he had been having recently certainly were not. The quest was turning Gimli into anything but a practical dwarf.

Thinking of the elf in such ways as he had been was probably the least practical thing in all of Middle Earth for a dwarf. Since Lórien, everything had changed so much.

The dreams had started harmless. The fellowship together, trekking together over mountains, over all of Middle Earth. Through out these dreams Legolas was glowing. Glowing with light and life. He looked beautiful and amazing, but he was just an elf.

Then the dreams had started to get powerful. The elf fought by his side, Axe and Bow working better when together. The elf and dwarf working together, orcs standing no chance. After the battle, Legolas would pull Gimli into a tight embrace. Gimli remembered cradling the elf, stroking his long blond hair.

These dreams Gimli could handle, despite the elf's beauty.

The most recent dreams, the ones he wanted to but could not bear to forget, were the ones of him and Legolas deep into the night. Arms round each other, Legolas pressed agenised his chest. Stroking the golden locks, gazing into those deep green eyes, even daring to kiss those soft lips…

Gimli pinched himself quickly. With everything else in his mind, it would do no better to start the VERY unpractical sport of daydreaming.

Gimli looked down at his hands. He pulled the leather gloves off them, and gazed at his chapped skin. His face fell into the chapped skin, and bitter tears fell silently.

"Gimli?" The sweet voice startled Gimli; he jumped up and turned around to face the green-eyed elf.

"Yes master elf, what is it you want." Gimli said in his deep voice, desperately trying to hide the fact he had been crying. Legolas smiled to himself, he could tell the dwarf he desired had been weeping to himself, but let it slide.

"'Master elf' as you would call me, wants nothing." Legolas said walking slowly up to the dwarf. "My name is Legolas, and I seek nothing but your company. Something that eases me."

"I assumed you desired my company as a cope for Tharkûns death." The dwarf replied. "Now he is back, I assumed you would enjoy solitude."

"I desire not solitude myself, but to disturb yours." Legolas said as he continued to tease the dwarf. "I am finding it amusing already."

"Then continue to amuse yourself." Gimli smiled at the golden elf. "I certainly enjoy your company!" Legolas smiled.

He sighed as a small leaf brushed his cheek. Legolas let the leaf fall into his hand.

"Baby-leaf." He whispered.

"Baby-leaf?" Gimli chuckled. "Is that the name of someone close to you? Someone you miss?"

"No." Legolas replied, deliberately missing the fact the dwarf was mocking. "It is what I am called."

"By your lover?"

"No! My Father." Legolas cradled the leaf; he held it in his fist and brought it to his heart. "I do seek your company Gimli. I no longer miss Gandalf, but I miss Mirkwood and my Father." Gimli looked at the elf's sweet eyes.

"Tell me about your father Legolas?" Gimli said smiling. "I have heard nothing but insults and foul-mouthing about him. I want to know what he is like from a sweet mouth. One that will not insult him."

Legolas smiled sweetly. He walked over in the most elfishly way possible; he sat by Gimli and took his hand. "Well, my fathers' appearance is simply like me! We are both golden heads, his eyes are darker than mine. Mine appear blue in the right light, his are darker, a sort of murky gray."

"I have noticed your eyes sparkle in the sun." Gimli said with a smile. "What is your father like as a person?"

"Well he sees beauty in jewels and riches if that's what you mean." Legolas continued. "I will agree with the dwarves in some points. He can be rude and arrogant. He can get aggressive and mad so easily! But let me assure you that he loves him sons. He has three sons, me being the youngest. He can be overprotective towards me though."

Gimli chuckled. Legolas looked at the dwarf with a raised eyebrow.

"What, may I ask is amusing?"

"Well, you claim your father is overprotective." Gimli said. "And yet here you are on a perilous journey! A journey that was originally intended to Mount Doom." Legolas laughed at Gimlis sarcasm and wit.

"Although Neldorion, my eldest brother, will not admit it." Legolas replied. "My second brother, Dudol, and my adopted daughter Larien say I am the bravest Prince of Mirkwood. The strongest, most handsome and the one who pines most for adventure."

"That is understandable my elf." Gimli said. He quickly added "friend" at the end of his sentence, unable to believe he had just referred to the elf as his! He quickly started up the conversation again. "Larien, adopted daughter? Are you married Legolas?"

The golden elf shook his head.

"Nay. I adopted Larien as she came to us in a basket. The elves of Lórien found her weak and starving on the outskirts of their forest. Haldir brought her to us, as she has two very strange tattoos." A strange look came onto Legolas's face. "On the bottom of her left foot, she has the leaf of Mirkwood. But on her back she has a stranger one. I have only recently discovered what it is of, Larien is still clueless. It's impossible to figure out where it came from, and as she has grown up the tattoo has grown with her! I just-."

"Yes but what is it of elf!" Gimli finally snapped. Legolas nodded.

"The door of Moria!" Legolas exclaimed in a whisper. "Exact, the writings, the lines, the whole design. I have read 'speak friend and enter' many times before the door of Moria, as I have read it off my daughters back. Alas I could still not figure out the riddle!"

"Strange… very strange." Gimli muttered. "Are you sure your daughter is an elf?"

Legolas shook his head. "Legolas nodded, "Her ears point, but we have no idea where she comes from or who her real parents are.

Gimli, squeezed Legolas's hand and kissed it.

"You shall figure this all out soon enough." He said.

Legolas smiled at this dwarf. Oh how much he loved him! And so holding hands, they made their way back to camp.

The war was terrible, arrows orcish and elven flew everywhere. Around Legolas saw the corpses of his kin, some he had known and loved as friends. So much death was around Legolas. The Uruks continued to climb up the ladders and charge and kill who ever were near. Thousands of them, they just kept coming. A never ending stream of Uruks.

Legolas saw the Uruks charging up to Gimli, the dwarf of whom he loved. An axe flew into the dwarfs' skull…

Legolas screamed briefly as he awoke from the nightmare. Looking around him, he was with Aragorn, Gimli and Mithrandir. They were safe.

"Legolas?" Legolas looked at the dwarf who was sitting up, gazing at the elf with a face of concern. "Are you alright elf?" Legolas nodded quickly.

"Yes fine!" He replied a little too quickly, "I just had a… um well… a bit of a… um…"

"Nightmare?" The dwarf finished. Legolas nodded and looked at his knees.

Legolas had had nightmares during the quest, mostly when doom was near at hand. But he never told the other members of the fellowship about what had occurred in them.

"Well so long as your fine." Gimli said, and he lay back down to go back to sleep.

But Legolas could not sleep, he stared at Gimli. When he realised to himself that he was staring, he continued to stare.

Gimli sat up slightly to look at the staring elf. He lay back down and closed his eyes. But he knew the elf was still staring at him. He opened his eyes and looked again at Legolas. The elf blinked but continued to stare. Gimli lay back down again and turned the other way. Legolas was still staring.

Gimli sighed. He turned towards the elf and lifted up his blanket. "Come here." He said. Legolas crawled over and snuggled up to Gimli. He scrunched his legs up level to the dwarfs and buried his face in Gimlis beard.

"Gimli." Legolas whispered. "Can I say one more thing before we go to sleep?"


"Only this." Legolas pulled his head up slightly and kissed the dwarf lightly on his cherry-red lips.

Gimli cleared his throat. "Well said." He replied. Gimli smiled at the elf and stroked the golden hair. Sighing he kissed the top of the elf's sleeping head. "Goodnight my Legolas."

"Goodnight my dwarf."

End of Chapter one