When the Sand Siblings are mysteriously transported into a house in our world, they will be faced against high school snobs, evil headphones, demonic bus rides, and all while living whith a psychotic Goth girl and her violent tomboy sister. Will they survive? Not if these authors have anything to say about it!

Author's Note:

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Liza- They don't care if you're hyper! Please excuse my sister, she's an idiot.

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Chapter One (how creative, we know)

In the small town of Courtland, young children were enjoying their first night of freedom from school. It was early January and many kids were talking on the phone with friends, painting each others nails, or simply relaxing after a long week of school. That is, except for the Haswell girls. Because for these girls, Saturdays were a battle over some feel good save-some-cute-animal-from-abuse show, or the extremely corny dubbed version of Naruto. Although Lyn didn't care much for the dubbed version (she usually just watched the subbed version online), tonight was different.

"Hurry, it's almost on!"

"Wait, we still have ten minutes"

"But we might miss something"

"But I want to see if their able to find a home for Sparky"

The impatient blond sighed as she flopped on the bed. Normally she wouldn't care about missing the first five second of the show. Normally she would let her sister cheer for the abused dog to find a home. But tonight wasn't normal.

"Come on, Lizzy, pleeeease! You can see a homely dog get a sappy family any day of the week. The Sand Sibs are going to be on Naruto!"

The small brunette looked up at her big sister. The blond smiled. There were two things that her sister hated more than anything: being called Lizzy instead of Liza, and people making fun of sick, poor, or homeless animals. The are many more things that annoyed the evil preteen ( such as being called a preteen when she's 13) but they all seemed to relate back to Lynn. Yep, all the poor girls problems and pet peeves were her sisters doing.

"Lynn, the Sand Sibs are not REAL. If you miss five second of fangirl squealing over Gaara and Kankuro, you can watch it on your computer."

Lynn frowned at her sister. She wasn't so much a fangirl as a psycho who love the two anime boys' bloody and violent fighting styles. The 14 year old sighed, again, and started twirling her pink streaked hair.

"Two minutes."

"Just change the channel."

Lynn squealed in delight at her sisters defeat and quickly punched in the channel number for Cartoon Network. Liza glared at the TV. She despised her sister beating her almost as much as she hated the corny dubbed episodes of Naruto.

"Can I go on your computer?"

"Huh, ya, sure." The blond said. She was already lost too the brain draining machine that was the TV. Liza swore her sister

Liza sighed (Yes, we do sigh this much.) as she violently shook the mouse on her sisters computer. Lynn was to lazy and/ or impatient to shut her computer off, so she left it on almost all day. After closing down countless Naruto amv's and Fanfics, Liza began typing to her BFF(I feel so preppy) Callie.

"WHY WON"T THEY SHOW ANY BLOOD FOR KANKURO"S IRON MAIDEN ATTACK" Lyn screamed to her sister while consciously trying not to curse (something to do with a New Years resolution they all made).

"Because we live in a politically correct society were everything is censored. Why don't you just watch the Japanese Subbed version online?"

Just as Lynn was about to answer the pointlessly obvious question (A/N if that makes sense to anyone let me know) she was interrupted by a flash of light from the TV.

"What did you DO!?!?!"



A few seconds later, a thick screen of smoke covered the whole room. Lynn squinted her eyes but couldn't even see an inch in front of her. Did I blow up the TV again? The pink haired Goth thought to herself. And why aren't the smoke alarms going off. Oh, right, my room doesn't have any smoke alarms. Stupid basement. "Ow..." Lynn muttered to herself as she stood up. "Lizzy!" Lynn shouted.

"I'm over here."



"No, need to shout."

As Lynn made her way to what she thought was the computer, she bumped into an object in the middle of the room. No, not an object, a PERSON! Lizzy? Lynn thought hopefully. But as the smoke cleared, Lynn didn't see a tiny thirteen year old brunette. Instead, she saw a raccoon looking boy with blood red hair and a tattoo on his forehead.

"What the –



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