Note: This is sort of a rewrite of a story that I posted a while ago. I only posted the first chapter, and it wasn't very good. Plus I didn't really have time to write it then. This is set in season three.

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Sam stepped around the table and sighed. Another morgue. Another dead body as a result of what happened. He pulled back the sheet and looked over the young man before him.

They had come here when he had found reports in this town of a string of deaths without an apparent cause. Although he did find a connection to a small bar on the outskirts of town. Dean was actually checking that out now, and he had gotten stuck on morgue duty.

He wasn't sure why he was here, anyway. He had read the autopsy report. The guy had nothing wrong with him. He had just dropped dead. But he was here, examining a dead body anyway.

It wasn't until he opened the guys eyes that he noticed anything odd. They were faded out, almost completely white. Sam frowned, but it didn't really tell him much. He still needed to find out how this thing killed.

He sighed and stood up straight. He should go talk to Dean. His brother was in the place this thing frequents and alone. Even though he and Dean had split to investigate a lot of times before, it still made him nervous. Things tended to happen more often when they weren't together.


Dean looked around the tiny bar before focusing his attention back on the pretty bar tender that was looking at him. He gave her a smile. She had been talking to him for a while now.

"You know," she leaned forward, "I get off in fifteen minutes." He grinned at her, and nodded, leaning back to take a drink.

Fifteen minutes later, they were out of the door. Dean waited until they turned down a deserted alley before he reached around and pulled out the colt.

"You know I don't get it." He said, and she turned to him, smile still in place. "You guys always seem to think I'm some sort of idiot that'll follow a pretty girl anywhere." He raised the colt, but her smile didn't falter.

"You know, the last demon chick who thought that about me? Dead." Her smile grew. Dean smiled back at her. "Will you still be smiling when I send you to hell for good?"

"Will you?" Dean grunted and cursed when someone tackled him from the side. The gun went flying and Dean landed hard on the ground. He cursed again when he looked up to meet the black eyes of another one of these things. He cursed again. Okay, so apparently I am an idiot. He rolled his eyes.

He cursed again when he felt a force dragging him to his feet, and the girl was standing in front of him.

"Should have just shot me, huh?" And then she leaned in and kissed him. And then there was fire. Fire burning down to his insides. His vision whited out and an agony invaded his body that was almost unbearable.

He wasn't sure how long it lasted. Probably just a few seconds, but it seemed a whole hell of a lot longer to him. He was dieing. This was how he was going to die.

But, just when the pain was peaking, she broke the kiss and pulled away. Before he could even stumble to the ground, she screamed and threw her head back and the demon left the girls body.

Dean blinked, his vision a little hazy, and looked around. The other demon was dead, a bullet hole in it's head, and Sam was standing a few feet away, holding the colt.

"Dean, you okay?" Sam asked, coming over to him. Dean opened his mouth to say something, but nothing came out. He looked up at Sam. His head was pounding, he felt like he had been run over by a truck.

He opened his mouth one more time, looking at Sam, before he collapsed backwards on the pavement.


Sam finished laying the salt lines before going back over to check on Dean, who was still unconscious in one of the beds.

He seemed fine, just unconscious. Sam was just grateful that he got there when he did. These demons were literally sucking the life out of people. The one that had gotten away was probably pretty pissed at them, too.

"You'd think I'd get used to it." Sam said to his unconscious brother. Dean attracted near death experiences and crazy demon chicks like a magnet.

This demon was going to be hard to find now too. Unless of course it came after them, which Sam needed to stop from happening. At least until Dean was conscious.

Sam checked his brothers pulse and breathing one more time before he settled back on the bed next to him to watch over him. He definitely would not be sleeping until he was sure that Dean was okay.

He had to make sure that what she did to his brother hadn't caused any major damage. Sam may have stopped Dean from dying, but who knows what damage the chick could have done before he had stopped it.

Sam shifted on the bed to get more comfortable and settled down to wait.


It wasn't until several hours later when Dean shifted in his sleep and brought his hands up to his head. Sam sat up.

"Dean, thank god. Are you okay?" Dean held up a finger, asking for a minute. He sat up himself after several and looked around the room.

"You alright?" Sam asked again. Dean looked over at him and opened his mouth to answer, and nothing came out. Dean frowned and opened his mouth again, forming words, but not saying anything.

He jumped from the bed, looking slightly panicked now. He met Sam's eyes and Sam could see the panic there when he opened his mouth once again. Sam got the message and stood up himself.

"This isn't a joke, right?" Dean shook his head, a flash of anger crossing his eyes before panic settled there again. Sam stared at his brother for several seconds, dumfounded.

"Oh, shit."