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Dean was pretty sure that he had had this dream before. The dream of what hell might be like. All fire and brimstone and all that other stuff that they talk about on movies.

He came up slowly from it and opened his eyes. For a second, all he saw was darkness and that shouldn't be a surprise, should it? He had been in darkness before.

It was a moment later when he realized that he could see vague outlines in the darkness, and that he wasn't blind, that the lights were just off.

He sat up and looked around the room, actually looked. He almost cried in relief when he realized that he could actually see.

Looking to his side, he found his brother sprawled out on the bed next to him. He frowned, trying to remember what had happened before he had blacked out.

His eyes widened slightly in surprise when he realized that he recognized this room and it wasn't the motel that he and Sam had been staying at when this had all begun.

He got up carefully, trying not to disturb Sam, and walked into the next room, closing the door softly on his way out. He wasn't surprised to see Bobby sitting at the table in the next room. Bobby's head snapped up at his entrance and he smiled at Dean.

"How're you feelin', kid?" He asked. Dean shrugged.

"I feel fine." He said, sitting across from Bobby. "What the hell happened?" Bobby smiled wider.

"Well, we figured out that this demon would be coming back for you and set up a trap."

"Why would it come back for me?" Dean asked. "From what Sam said, I was already dieing."

"Well, according to some documents that I found, this demon basically sucks the life out of people. But Sam interrupted it and apparently that is just as bad for the demon. It opened it's power up to take you, and when it was interrupted, well, I'm not totally sure how it works, but it was basically killing the thing slowly along with you. Sort of like an infection."

"Huh." Dean said, sitting back. Bobby regarded him for a moment.

"Your damn lucky, kid." He said, and Dean nodded, giving a small smile. Bobby patted him on the shoulder on the way to his backyard.

Dean sat there for a moment before getting back up and going back into the other room. He stood there, watching Sam sleep for a minute.

He may not have been able to remember the fight, or been much help, but he did remember what Sam had did for him through all this.

He knew, without Bobby having to tell him that Sam hadn't left him, even when his own life was in danger too.

Dean hesitated for a moment before settling back down on the bed next to Sam. It didn't take long before he started to drift off, the familiar and comforting presence of his brother at his side. Hell, it wasn't a big deal, Sam wouldn't even know that he had woken up.


Sam shifted slightly when he felt the bed dip again and Dean get back in. He knew that Dean would deny ever even waking up again if he brought it up, so he wouldn't.

A small smile came to his face as he thought about what this meant, even with that knowledge, though. At least he had helped Dean somewhat through all this.

He let out a sigh, and drifted off again, the familiar and comforting weight of his brother by his side.

Note: I know, short and kind of sappy. I like the sappiness though.