Author's note: This is subject to change if I deem it necessary and my new beta reader points anything out.

This is a second generation story, IE: Ed and Al's kids. It's also based firmly off of the Anime and not the Manga.

Pairings: Original Character pairings out of necessity, later on a little hinting at EdxWinry, also RoyxHawkeye



He ran.

He didn't pay attention to the loud thumps his boots made against the worn wood, or how hard his breaths came, or how quickly his hart thumped against his rib-cage (he could have sworn it was threatening to break bones). He'd never lost his ability to focus (obsession with focusing although he wouldn't admit it) for close to twenty years on this world.

"You check down here," he yelled to the figure behind him, and then took the steep stairs two at a time (which was not easy on his still smallish frame) without even looking behind him to see if the other acknowledged him, and sprinted across the short landing.

He burst through the door with barely a pause as his golden-brown eyes almost desperately scanned the room. A boy's room, fairly young by the looks of the few toys and articles of clothing scattered around. It seemed particularly bare for the age of the children that usually occupied this part of the house, but the war had been hard on everyone and few things were there to be thrown about, even home-made.

That's why it stood out on the bed. A very thick journal that looked as if it had been used and abused throughout the ages, despite the fact that he'd been there when his younger brother had bought it only fifteen or sixteen years ago.

"No," he whispered and rushed over to the bed, picking up the book as if he'd been hoping for an illusion. His eyes scanned the front, and then he opened the pages, looking through them, his distress increasing with every clump of pages he almost ripped out with the energy he turned them. The neat writing stood out on the page, fully illustrated with notes and everything. All the essentials, and a few that weren't lay within this book. "No!" he hissed again and turned to dash out of the room. It all made sense now: the distancing, the strange behavior...and now the disappearance.

"AL!" he yelled as he ran out of the room, and practically flew down the stairs. Before he'd reached the bottom, his younger brother was there, looking up with a worried expression. Al rarely got worried, usually being the calm and more thoughtful of the two men. Seeing that look on his brother's face did very little to calm Edward Elric's nerves.

"Nii-san," he said, almost hopefully. "What's w--" he stopped and looked at the book his older brother held out in front of him. His eyes widened in surprise, and the worried expression deepened into one of outright horror. "Where...?" he started to ask.

Eward Elric shook his head, "On his bed." He watched as Al's face paled several shades.

"No..." he repeated what the first man had said only seconds before.

Ed opened his mouth to respond, but the front door flying open drew both of their attentions. A small, thin woman stood in the door, silhouetted against the fading daylight outside. Normally, this woman wouldn't have the strength to do much more than hurt a fly...and yet she looked menacing enough this time that both men took a step back.

"Edward," she said, her voice dangerously quiet. He'd never heard her talk in that tone. She began advancing towards them, not even bothering to take off her shoes by the door as she normally would have, her fierce look planted on the blond-haired man.

"Honey," Al walked slowly up to the woman. Apparently he knew when to handle things with care. "Honey, listen--" she turned her gaze to him, and froze instantly in his tracks.

"Oh, I listen," the normally sweet-mannered woman said through gritted teeth and a heavy accent. "I love explanation," she held up a piece of paper clutched in her hand. With that, her glare returned to Edward, and she continued to walk forward. "Tell," she growled and thumbed to her chest, indicating she wanted them to inform her, "Where. My. CHILDREN?!"

Edward looked down at the book in his hands, and then up to one of the few people they'd found in their travels who hadn't grown to be taller than him, and winced, muttering a few choice words under his breath. Then he looked to Al for support, but he looked rather helpless at this point.

"Nii-san..." he said softly.

"Yeah, Al," Edward sighed, the wince never leaving his face. "I know. Let's just get this over with." With that he edged past the woman, and gestured to the living room. This was not going to be pretty.