Ok so this is a multi chapter of couples who I think don't belong together if you don't like the couples I put together then don't read it because its going to be harsh or as harsh as I can make it. And there are things that obviously mean the person I'm bashing on don't belong together.

Chapter 1: could you love anyone but me?

Couple implied: Ichigo and Rukia

Character bashing: Orihime


"Inoue get away from me! Stop blushing at everything I do!!" Ichigo said frustrated with Orihime staring at his every move and blushing.

"But Kurosaki-kun I...I l-love you." Orihime said shyly

"Inoue I knew you were a little ditzy but COME ON!"

"But yesterday when I was at the movies you smiled at me..." Inoue said feeling a little hurt and thinking he sent her mixed signals.

"Rukia was standing right behind you we were meeting there to go on a date. We were trying to keep it discrete; well I guess that dream is crushed." Ichigo said annoyed by Inoue's hopeless attempts.

"But you don't understand Kurosaki-kun I've been in love with you since middle school, just give me a chance." Inoue said pleading

"Inoue were not even on first name basis and you say your in love with me… you have a CRUSH on me and its time to get over it! I DON'T LOVE YOU! I LOVE RUKIA! Do I have to spell it for you?"

"But kuros-"Ichigo cut her off mid formality.

"And you have to be really ditzy to not notice the stares and blushes Ishida gives you, why don't you love him?"

"Because he's not you! And what does Rukia have that I don't?"

"A personality and compassion; not to mention we actually had a few conversations unlike you and me." Ichigo said a little annoyed.

"But, I feel like I know you, I can relate to you…." She said sadly.

"HOW? You got all your info on me from TATSUKI! You don't know me at all!" he yelled.

"But, I chose you to be the last one I saw before I was taken away!" she pleaded.

"Yeah, I found out about that too! Karin told me!"

"I thought no one could see me?" Inoue thought to herself looking confused.

"She woke up and saw my hand moving by itself. She told me about it later. I just recently figured it out. If you try something like that again its not me you'll have to deal with, but Rukia. Your little fairies won't be able to protect you from her if she finds out." Ichigo said harshly as he pictured having to hold Rukia back.

Inoue couldn't take anymore. She ran away crying, running towards Tatsuki's house.

Ichigo watched her run away. He sighed. Rukia emerged from the shadows.

"Wow, Ichigo that was very cruel." Rukia said feeling sorry for Inoue.

Ichigo turned to face Rukia fully. Rukia gasped, she could see the reason he wasn't being himself.

"I didn't want to be so harsh, but damn it, these fuckin' girls keep falling for me when I scratch my damn head. Then just cause they know I scratch counter-clock wise or some shit, they "know me".

"Ichigo get a hold of yourself. This isn't you! How did you come back? And with out the mask?"

"Aww, so ya got me. Was it the eyes that gave it away?" Hichigo said smirking.

"Yes," Rukia replied coldly staring at the hint of yellow in his eyes she knew all too well.

"Why do you sound so sad Ms. Kuchiki? We did this for you. I just did what good ol' Ichigo didn't have the balls to say! Just ask him yourself." he said proudly as he let Ichigo regain control over his body.


"Ichigo, why would you do that?"

"I don't know what came over me. I was afraid that she may have caused me to…lose you. I didn't mean to be so cruel."

"You fool! So careless, letting your hollow-"

"I had control. I just didn't want to hurt Inoue, I didn't want it to be me, even though, that is how I felt."


"I will apologize to her…"

"No, don't. Though, I don't like your methods, she heard what she needed. I don't think she'll hate you for that."

Suddenly Rukia looked up and smiled evilly. Ichigo looked at her nervously.

"What's that look for?" he asked not really wanted to know the answer.

"So, everything the hollow said, on some subconscious level in your being its true?'

Ichigo looked at her blankly for a moment. "Yeah, so what's your point?"

"So you love me?"


Ichigo began blushing furiously. How the hell did she catch that? He turned to see Rukia smiling victoriously as she turned and skipped away.

"I'll meet you at your house later." She said as she continued skipping.

"That bitch….."Ichigo mumbled as he headed for his house.


Ichigo took the cynic route home but still arrived in a good time. He entered his home and went straight to his room to see if a certain raven haired shinigami was already there.

Upon opening the door, his wish was granted and there stood a short petite raven haired girl in a blue and white dress.

"I can't believe you beat me here. Well at least now I can tell you everything that happened." he said as he kissed her lightly.

"What, I didn't catch everything?" she replied.

"No, you just got the end. You missed when Inoue confessed her 'love' to me". he said inserting the air quotes.

"You know Renji did the same thing to me… is it "confess your love day"?" Rukia said sarcastically.

"Yeah, I guess so." Ichigo said sarcastically and slightly blushing as he remembered their last conversation. Rukia shook her head and laughed at him.

"Wait, Your hollow didn't tell her what I would do to her if she ever tried to kiss you again?" Rukia asked cringing at the thought.

"Yea, she ran to Tatsuki's house when I said it. And you said you have a heart…" Ichigo said making Rukia smile.

"I WAS JOKING!!" Rukia said laughing

"Sure you were. Are you sure your not the one with a jealous hollow inside your soul?" Ichigo said taunting her.

She was about to hit him, but instead Rukia sat on the bed and Ichigo joined her, but he lay down. She looked at him innocently, before she got enough courage to ask him a question.

"Hey Ichigo…"


"Why don't you like Inoue? I mean seriously, besides the stuff your hollow said. I mean, every other man in you class does."

Ichigo was shocked at her question. Then he smiled gently and answered her.

"I needed someone strong…." He said grinning.

"Strong? Strong?" she yelled in disbelief, "That's it, I'm not cuter, or smarter, or easier to talk to or SOMETHING OTHER THAN STRONG?"

Ichigo just smiled. "I needed someone strong enough to stop the rain from pouring into my heart. Inoue couldn't do that, I never got that vibe from her. You being cute, smart and a midget is a bonus…OW!"

Ichigo rubbed his stomach. "What was that for?"

"Making me think I wasn't cute. I was about to run back to Renji and let you have Inoue…"

Then they laughed harder than they ever laughed before. Them being with someone other than each other… NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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