Written for iyissekiwa's ties theme, originally posted to livejournal on 13 December.


Time passes as if in slow motion – a moment held in space for an eternity before it slips away. Her hair flies free for that moment, long strands floating as she turns, framing that beautiful face while her expression slowly shifts from confusion to anger.

Smiling, he holds up the hair tie for her to see. She'd barely noticed him grab it, but now that she knows it doesn't take her long to respond.

She is suddenly close to him. One hand seizes the tail of hair, bound at the nape of his neck, and yanks – hard. The other deftly swipes her hair tie from his loosened grip. All this in the space of an instant. A single, glorious instant. She manipulates him beautifully.

"That's mine, pervert." Her voice is angry but her expression says otherwise. She stalks away, hair tie in hand. He stares and has no words.

She looks better with her hair unbound.