My bestfriend, the player.

Summary: AU: All human. Bella is used to seeing her bestfriend, Edward hook up with a lot of girls; she never minds though. What if Edward starts having feelings for Bella? Will she fall head over heels too or will she just want to stay friends?

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"Edward...Edward!" I screamed loudly. I was trying to get Edward Mason to stop making out with Lauren, the bee-yoch cheerleader. I wasn't surprised to find Edward doing this on a teacher's desk during passing periods. He was always with a different girl everyday, hooking up with girls was his hobby; a hobby that I found disgusting and vile.

He finally realized I was right next to them, watching the whole thing. He smirked and let go of Laurens waist and stepped back from her. I sighed impatiently; I needed to get to class already!

"Sorry Lauren, we need to jet," his velvet voice said giving her a wink and a spank on the butt. She giggled uncontrollably, sounding like a demented hyena.

"Okay, bye Eddie," she said smirking. She looked at me and gave me a death glare, then left the classroom. I just rolled my eyes and ignored her. I was used to girls hating me because Edward was my best friend and only my friend. I was probably the only girl in the entire school who didn't have a crush on him. It's shocking, but still true.

I stared at him skeptically. "Lauren? Don't you have a little more class than that Edward? She's the dumbest blond on the face of the earth," I exclaimed harshly.

"Eh, I don't mind. She is a great kisser," he replied grinning, a grin that would make any girl weak in the knees, except me. I winced, I hated when Edward would use girls like this; only for pleasure. It made me sick to the stomach.

"We need to get to class before Mr. Basso bits our heads off," I said wining. I hated when Edward made me late to class because I had to inform him class was about to start; It was a daily bases for me. I would search for Edward, only to find him making out with a girl. It was either on a teacher's desk, closet, or in the halls somewhere.

We made our way to class on time, thank god. If I got another late slip I would have to kill Edward, then all of his girls would attack me. Eh, not such a good plan after all.
Edward and I sat next to each other in this class. He wasn't too smart in biology, so I had to help him. If he failed this class then he couldn't be on the soccer team anymore.

How did he get his perfect body? Simple, he was on the soccer team. He has practice ever other day after school and he would drop me home right after he was done with practice, since I have yearbook committee.

We live right next to each other. That's how we met, were neighbors. We have known each other since elementary school. If it weren't for us being neighbors, we probably would not be friends. I hated guys like Edward, the players, but he was my bestfriend. We had a lot in common, like music and movies and stuff. So that's why I'm always around him, and that's why all the girls in school hated me.

Our relationship was nothing more than friendship. I didn't like him more than a friend, and he knew that. I was the only girl in the school who hasn't made a move toward him. If girls knew Edward the way I knew him, then they would only like him as a friend also, but they don't.

They don't really bother to see him for what he really is. All they see is his gorgeous looks and how white his teeth are. To me, Edward is my best guy friend. He can always make me laugh; I can always make him laugh. We have been through everything together. Our families know each other very well, since we are neighbors, and a bunch of girls won't stop us from being friends; ever.

To me, Edward is the same little kid who would eat paste when the teacher was not looking. He was the same goofy kid who would make farting noises in my face and then I would punch him in the face.

Edward wasn't my only friend though. I had a lot of other friends beside him. Like Jessica, or Angela. They were really good friends of mine, but they were still girls and they obviously had feelings toward Edward; they didn't hate me like the girls in the school did.

Jessica always talks about Edward; it's her favorite topic to talk about. She always tells me how she loves the way his green eyes sparkle in the light and how his smile makes her heart beat so fast. I on the other hand always get sick from hearing this, I know he is drop dead gorgeous, but I had no feelings toward Edward; at all.

And it was going to stay that way.

After my yearbook committee ending, I waited for Edward outside the boy's locker room like always. He came out with his hair all wet from his shower and in sweats and a sweater. When he saw me waiting his face brightened up.

"Hey," his musical voice said tossing his gym bag over his a back.

"Hi," I replied back. We started walking outside toward his silver Volvo his dad got him for his sixteenth birthday. I got in the passenger's seat and tossed my backpack in the backseat. Edward did the same with his gym bag. He got in the driver's seat and was about to turn the ignition on when his phone started ringing.

He pulled it out of his pocket and looked at the caller ID. He smirked when he saw that Lauren was calling. I sighed and looked out the window while Edward talked to Lauren.

The whole ride back to his house he was talking to Lauren. He parked the car in his driveway, still talking to Lauren.

I was about to get out when he grabbed my arm.

"Yeah, that's great news Lauren; but I have to go now I just got home. I'll call you later, okay?" he said. He snapped his phone shut and let go of my arm. "Don't you want to come in?" he asked.

"Not today, I have a lot of homework to finish up, and since you don't do homework I can't do it with you," I replied sternly. He smiled crookedly, showing of his white sparkling teeth.

"I was going to ask you something, but I never got a chance to since Lauren did call," he said.


"Okay, you're going to the game right on Friday?" he asked.

"I always go to your games," I exclaimed. Since Edward was on the soccer team he did have games, and I always went to them to cheer him on.

"I'm going to have a party at my house after the game. You're coming right?" he asked.

"No! Remember what happened at the last party I went to of yours? I'm not going Edward!" I said practically yelling. He knows I hated going to his parties. Last time at his party I thought I was drinking punch, when really it was beer. I drank so much of it that I got drunk and Edward had to carry me back home. I winced thinking about that horrible night.

"Yeah I know, but don't drink beer this time. Please Bella, you're my bestfriend and I need you to be there! Please, come for me," he asked wining.

"You won't get bored without me," I said.

"I might." I sighed, I can already tell who was about to win this fight.

"I really don't want to go Edward, please don't make me," I said pleading.

"You're coming and that is final!" he said harshly. I didn't reply, I just got out of the car with my backpack and walked to my house, still very upset. I heard him following be behind.

"Bella don't be upset! I just really want you to be there!" he said loudly. I spun around to face him.

"I never go to your other parties, why is this one so special?" I asked.

"There's going to be great games, awesome food, a lot of people are coming. I just want you to come!" he said exhausted. I crossed my arms over my chest, still thinking if I should go or not.

"Fine, but I'm not staying long," I exclaimed. Edward smiled, and ran up to me to give me a huge bear hug.

"Can't breathe!" I squealed. He laughed and let go of me, still smiling widely.

"Thank you so much Bella! Believe me you won't regret this, we are going to have so much fun," he said enthusiastically.

"I'm already regretting it," I muttered softly; he didn't hear me. He kept smiling and we said our 'goodbyes' and I went home.

Hopefully nothing will happen at his party like last time.

Hopefully, nothing will happen.

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