How to Save a Life

A/N: Hey Guys! I've missed you! As you all know this is the sequel to Dad?, that has been long awaited. I just have to let you know to disregard the fact that Dani didn't have a sibling and that the person who she thought was her dad wasn't. This just picks up about four years after the original story. Here Dani has a fifteen year-old brother named James and a secret admirer. Who could it be? Anyway here is what life might have been like if Rob had never existed. I decided to do this because I found the perfect guy to be Dani's brother. He pretty much would look like Jonathan Taylor Thomas. If you don't know what he looks like I suggest you look him up on Google image or whatever your favorite search engine is. He is very handsome! A special thanks to my Marvelously Brilliant wonderful BETA FradyCat AKA Olivia! Anyway, here it is. What you've all been waiting for, How to Save a Lifeā€¦

P.S. This chapter is just a short bit of family life drabble.

"Ding, Brrrrring, Ding!" went the alarm clock by Dani's bed. "Ugh, eight already?" Dani asked herself. She rubbed her eyes and got off her bed. "Hmm, wonder if James is up yet?" she thought to her self. She washed her face and brushed her teeth and headed over to her brothers room. The door was slightly open so she went in. Her brother was still asleep. "Sweet!" she whispered. She walked closer to the bed and prepared herself to yell. She took a big breath and yelled "Wake up Jamsie!" "Ahhhhh!" James yelled. Dani fell to the ground laughing. James was surprised and had a slightly dazed look. Dani was rolling on the floor.

"Not funny" James said. "To me it is!" Dani said. Then their brilliant green eyes met and the both started laughing. Then Hermione walked in the room. "What are you two doing?" she asked looking at them suspiciously. "Nothing" they said in unison. Dani smiled sweetly. "Alright, well shower up" Hermione said. "Remember we've got your birthday party at the burrow today" Hermione said to Dani. Dani had a feeling that that would be very promising.

After showering and changing Dani headed down to the kitchen to grab some breakfast. She found her father in the breakfast nook sipping coffee, and reading the Daily Prophet. "Morning Daddy" Dani said to her father and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Harry looked up from the paper and smiled. "Morning princess" Harry said. She popped some bread in the toaster. "I heard you wake up your brother in a very interesting manner," Harry said. Dani gave him her signature smile. He gave her what was called "the look". The look was not something you wanted to get in the Potter household. (A/N: You also don't want to get it from my dad! It's scary because you know you did something wrong) Dani took the toast out of the toaster and spread jelly on it. She then took the toast to her room. She then looked at her window only to find her owl pecking at her window. "Ugh, wiggy, why so soon?" she asked the bird. She then took the letter from the bird. It was addressed to her. All week long she had been getting love notes from someone who signed off as "the key to your heart." It was getting slightly annoying, even though she loved the attention. This particular letter read:

Dear Dani,

I miss seeing you face, you gorgeous eyes. I miss your talent from school; you always are the shining star of Defense Against the Dark Arts. I hope to see you soon.

Forever Yours,

The key to your heart

Dani smiled and put the letter in her desk drawer. She loved the way the person would flatter her. Then she thought about what the person had said: I hope to see you soon. Summer had barely started, what did he mean? She shook her head and went to her night stand. That was where she had left her book. She planned to pack it for the overnight stay at the burrow. She took her Gryffindor colored duffel bag and opened the zipper. She put in her blue cloud pajamas and she packed another pair of jeans, with a cute aqua blue halter top that had glitter on it. She packed her black sequenced flats and her extra pair of Vans. She took her seeker gloves from her school trunk. She threw in her red Coke-a-Cola top and yet another pair of jeans. She secretly wanted to impress Matthew, Neville and Luna's son, who was her age. (Even if she did have a boyfriend who was the world to her.) She even hoped that maybe he was the one behind the letters. She packed her other necessities and zipped up her bag. She then grabbed her purse and made sure she had her cell phone, iPod and lip gloss. She even put her wand in there. "Just incase" Dani thought. She made sure she had everything and took her bag down stairs. She then went to James' room to make sure he didn't need help packing. "Hey!" she said. He jumped. He was closing the zipper on his bag. "I see your done packing" she said. He nodded. "Can I borrow your broom at the burrow" he said "Ha!" Dani sarcastically laughed "After what happened last year I don't think so" she replied.


"Hey Dani, can I borrow your broom?" said James. Dani nodded. She then picked up her book and continued to read. A few minutes later there was screaming coming from outside. She bolted down the stairs and outside with her wand in her hand. (A/N: Hogwarts now allows magic outside of school!) Her brother was lying on the ground beside the broken remains of her broom. Carilly her cousin was by her brother's side and then Matthew came outside. Dani shook her head. James got up. "Are you okay?" He nodded and looked at her boom. Dani was turning red. "James, I trusted you!" She yelled. James gave her a weak smile. Tears filled Dani's eyes. She shook her head. She knelt down next to her broom. She then reduced the size of the pieces and made them disappear. She then let the tears roll down her cheeks. With one last glare at him she ran off. "Dani wait!" Matthew called after her. He then ran to catch up with her.

End of Flashback

She laughed at the memory. "Take your broom" she told him. He nodded. "Yours is faster though" he muttered. They both had brooms because they were on the Gryffindor Quidditch team. Dani was the seeker and James was a Chaser. However because of last year's "little" incident Dani had a newer broom.

"Are you kids ready?" Hermione yelled from downstairs. "Yeah" they answered and headed down stairs. Dani grabbed her broom and her bags and headed towards the fireplace. James was right behind her. They each grabbed a handful of floo powder and stepped into the fireplace. At the same time they said "To the burrow".

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