How to Save a Life

Chapter Nine: Freedom is Sweet

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The next two days went by for Dani at the speed of a second needle going around a clock. Apparently Bill had agreed with Harry's idea and suggested they be forced to be in the same room with each other at all times, which meant that now Victoire was sleeping Dani's room with her. Dani didn't sleep the first night, she was much too angry. The second day Jasper managed to somehow get Anne's cell phone number and texted her with a plan to 'break Dani out of prison'. Anne was tight lipped about it; all she said was that by Friday Dani would be out of 'Prison'.

"Oh, Dani!" Anne called

"Yeah?" Dani replied

"Just got the okay for Friday." Anne said coming into Dani's room. Dani was tossing a rubber band ball from hand to hand and Victoire was sitting on the floor flipping through a glossy fashion magazine.

The two girls were beyond ready to be released. It was like being on house arrest. No going out, no phone privileges, no TV….nothing.

"Great." Dani sighed.

"What's Friday?" asked Victoire sitting up. After so much 'together-ness' Dani and Victoire were on better speaking terms. Dani cleared it up for her that if she wanted Matthew she could go right ahead. Dani wasn't very interested; she was busy with Jasper anyway. Victoire finally understood it.

"Jasper's going to try and break us out of this house arrest." Dani replied

"All of us?"

"Yes." Anne said. Dani was surprised, but if Anne had explained what had happened with her and Victoire within the last two days to Jasper and he had totally understood it then it was all good.

"Okay…" Dani said. Then Carilly ran into the room.

"Oh my gosh, you will never guess who just invited me to a huge party." Carilly blurted out

"Who?" Dani, Anne and Victoire said together

"Shawn Hunter." Carilly said referring to one of the most popular Hufflepuffs at Hogwarts. He was 16 and rich as heck. He was also extremely good looking and part of one of the wizarding world's most prestigious Pureblood families.

"You're kidding right?" Anne said. Carilly shook her head.

"No, I met him at St. Mungo's. He's been trying really hard to get my attention for some reason. He can be a bit of a jerk sometimes, though. But anyway, he invited me to a party at his house tomorrow." Carilly said

"Oh, well then I guess Carilly just spilled tomorrow's plans out on the table." Anne said

"Wait, we're going to Shawn Hunter's party tomorrow?" Victoire asked. Anne nodded.

"I knew my boyfriend had connections!" Dani twirled a piece of hair around her finger as if deep in thought.

"Don't you two go to all of the big parties together?" asked Carilly.

"We got to all but the Christmas parties." Dani replied staring out her window.

"Why not the Christmas parties?" Victoire inquired

"Our anniversary falls right around the time when everyone throws Christmas parties, so we don't go." Dani answered going over to her closet. "It's a waste of time really. We just want to spend time with each other."

"Oh, but I didn't bring anything for a party." Victoire said, sadness coloring her tone.

Dani turned around to look at her. She sized her up with her eyes.

"I have a walk in closet don't I? There's bound to be something that'll fit you." Dani shrugged.

"Really? You'd let me look through your closet?" Victoire asked her eyes wide in surprise.

"Sure, I guess." Dani replied. Then Harry walked in and motioned for Dani to follow him.

"You've completed your sentence." Harry said in a professional tone.

"Yay!" Dani hugged him. "Thank you, Daddy."

"You're welcome." Harry said handing her back her things. "But you have to promise to try and keep up your renewed relationship with Victoire."

"Oh, I will Daddy. Thank you, thank you, thank you!" Dani said and then she ran back to her room to tell everyone that their sentence was over.

"They grow up so fast." Hermione sighed from behind Harry.

"Sometimes I just want the ability to press a pause button and savor the moment a bit longer." Harry agreed.

"We can't keep them here forever." Hermione wrapped her arms around him.

"Unfortunately," Harry kissed her on the forehead. "My love, you are very right."

"Aren't I always?" She teased him playfully.

"Not always…" Harry played along.


"Sometimes you are off, slightly."

"I'll show you 'off slightly'!" Hermione slapped him in a childish way.

"No!" Harry feigned agony. He took off running down the hallway.

"I don't seem to recall you ever running from me, Mr. Potter!" She ran after him.

----------------------------------------------The next morning------------------------------------------------------------

"MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!" The sound of a bull horn awoke all of the girls that had fallen asleep on Dani's bed.

"What the…" Dani jumped up ready to attack in a high-level karate pose. "James!"

James and the other boys were on the ground laughing. Dani hopped off of the bed and dragged James by his arms.

"You all are in big trouble." Anne grumbled smacking Ryan.

"OWW!" Ryan complained.

"That was awesome!" James coughed out in between laughs.

"SO not funny." Carilly rubbed the sleep out of her eyes.

"Priceless!" Eric choked.

Dani grabbed James by his shirt and shoved him out the door.

"Whoa—what are you doing?!" He screeched.

"Kicking you out. Along with any other male creature in my bedroom!" She turned to the rest of the boys.

"You wouldn't kick Jasper out…" James muttered and turned to leave. He was closely followed by the rest of the boys.

"We're going to have to get them back." Anne sighed.

"Right you are." Dani nodded.

"Uh-oh, Dani, what have you got planned?" Carilly looked uncertain.

"Oh, nothing just yet, but I will have something soon enough."

The girls then proceeded to prepare for the day ahead of them.

"Do you have plans with Jasper today?" Anne asked Dani at the breakfast table.

"No, not that I'm aware of. I think I'll give dear old Jasper a bit of break from me until Friday. I wouldn't want him to get tired of me." Dani shrugged and poured herself a glass of orange juice.

"Oh, as if Jasper could tire of you." Carilly waved her hand with a wink. Dani smiled.

"I tire of her." James piped from inside the fridge. "A-ha!"

"What did you find now?" his sister asked.

"Pop up waffles." He grinned gleefully.

"I'm SO sorry I dropped you on your head when you were a baby." She muttered quietly.

"I want a waffle!" Eric joined James at the toaster.

"Boy, am I glad I don't have a brother." Anne shook her head.

"You lucky duck, Annie! You're an only child, like me!" Adam agreed with her cheerfully.

Breakfast ran smoothly that morning. Only a few murmurs and the quiet chewing sounds were heard.

"Where are Mum and Dad?" Dani nudged James.

"No clue. You think they're still asleep?"

"That's odd. They're usually up by now."

James shrugged.

"Good morning kids!" Hermione entered the kitchen in a slightly disheveled state.

"Morning Mum!" James greeted her.

"Morning!" Harry walked in, a dreamy look on his face.

Something was going on…..however, it was probably better that the kids stay out of it….for the sake of their sanities.

"You two are up later than usual…" Dani said.

"Uh, late night…" Harry didn't take his eyes off of Hermione.

"Tell you what; it looks like it'll be a warm day, why don't you go in the pool today?" Hermione suggested looking up from the newspaper she was removing from the owl to look at Harry with a mischievous smile.

"Sure Mum, sounds like a good idea." James nudged Dani.

After breakfast they just lounged around until around noon.

"I'm hot!" James complained.

"Really, last time I checked you were kinda freaky looking." Dani teased him.

James glared at her.

"Eeeh, that totally proves my point." Dani feigned a shiver.

"C'mon let's go in the pool!" He poked her.

"Oh, well, let's see….Anne, Carilly, Vick, do you guys want to go in the pool?"

"Eh….I worked too hard on my hair this morning." Anne made a face.

"No you didn't! You just put those stupid chopsticks in it! I watched you do it!" James complained.

"Exactly. Any effort is too much in my book." Anne sighed and giggled.

"AWWW! Please?" He begged.

"Oh, alright, quit your whining!" Dani smiled.

Harry had to go remove the charm on the pool, and then he hurried back to whatever he and his wife had been doing.

"Boy they're acting strange today." James commented.

"Eh, they're old people, who cares." His sister shrugged.

The rest of the day was spent in a carefree way, splashing around in the pool, throwing people into the pool, just plain having fun and looking forward to the prospect of getting out on Friday.

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