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PS- the beginning of this story is the same as the last chapter in "The Talk", but told from EPOV instead of BPOV.

Ch1 New Rules


Moonlight streaming from the window behind me touched Bella's hair, making it shine. She's so beautiful, I thought. I still couldn't believe I had every thought her plain or ordinary. How could I not have seen how amazing she is the first time I saw her? I could feel the heat of her body as she lay against me. Soon she would be my wife. Mere weeks now separated me from claiming her as mine for all of forever. Mere weeks.

As beautiful as her hair looked in the moonlight, I knew her pale skin would look even better. I gently pulled her hair away from her neck. I was right. It gleamed, looking and smelling delicious. I couldn't refrain from leaning down to kiss it. Bella sighed, leaning her head back, exposing even more of her porcelain skin. I smiled at her pleasure, tasting the length of her neck with my tongue. Mere weeks, I repeated to myself.

I began to kiss my way back toward her ear. Her skin was still calling to me. I softly traced the delicate bones just below her neck.. As I drew my finger to and fro, I felt her shiver. I smiled again.

"Edward," she whispered.

"Bella," I breathed into her ear. It too, was tempting me. I gently touched it with my tongue.

Bella took a deep breath, "I've been thinking."

"Really?" I asked, apparently I wasn't as distracting as I thought I was.

She smiled, "Well actually, no, not in the past few minutes."

I smiled in return, and began to kiss just under her jaw line. "Good, I was afraid I had lost my touch."

She pressed closer to me, the warmth of her body igniting a flame in mine.

"Not possible," she laughed. "But you are reminding me of something I was thinking about earlier."

"Oh?" I asked. What was she thinking of, that my doing this would remind her? I wondered as I continued to softly trace her collarbones. Bella shivered again, sending chills through me as well.

"Since that day in the meadow, you seem more," she paused, "relaxed about your rules."

I smiled at the memory she was referring to. That day in the meadow had changed everything. I whispered softly in her ear, "That's because they're not my rules anymore, they're yours."

Bella's heart began to dance. How I loved the sound of her excitement!

"And since I promised to 'communicate', you seem," again, she paused, "more confident."

"Do I?" I breathed into her ear. Then I began kissing just beneath it, moving my hand down her side onto her smooth stomach. I began rubbing small circles. She's so soft! The fire ignited earlier began to spread.

Bella, nearly gasping, stilled my hand with her own. "Please, Edward, I'm trying to have an important conversation and you're not helping."

"Alright, Love, I'm listening," I said. Not willing to relinquish her nearness, I slid my hand around to her hip and continued to hold her tight. "And I'll try very hard to behave myself."

Bella was silent, save for the sound of her breathing. Her scent filled the air around us and I nuzzled behind her ear to get an even stronger smell of it.

"I thought you were going to behave!" she laughed.

If she only knew what she does to me! I thought. "Oh, believe me, this is behaving." I said aloud, smiling.

"Seriously, what is with you? Lately you're," she paused, "incorrigible! I thought that was supposed to be my job!"

I smiled again. She had a point. I had recently found behaving like a gentleman increasingly difficult. I tried to explain myself.

"That day in the meadow, when I turned responsibility for your happiness over to you," I paused, how do I say it? Since I had let down the wall between us physically I had found it hard to get it up again. No, not like that. I was glad my brain worked fast enough that I could usually edit what I said. I decided to phrase it a little differently.

"Well, let's just say once I let go of my inhibitions, I've had trouble getting them back." I said, filling my nose with her scent once again. After that day only one fear had kept me in line. Then we had our talk about communicating, and even that was gone.

"As for my 'confidence'," I continued, "that's really confidence in you. You promised me you'd tell me if I hurt you, I know you'll keep it." I truly had no doubt of her. I tightened my hold on her to emphasize my point.

"I think we should practice." Bella said simply.

My brain went into overdrive. Practice? Did she mean. . . Right here and now?

I spun her around so I could clearly see her face. There could be no misunderstanding.

"Explain 'practice'." I was barely able to speak, my desire threatening to overcome me.

"W-well, you have confidence in me, and I have confidence in you." Bella said, "I thought we should practice our self-control, to build confidence in ourselves?"

I needed more clarification. I held perfectly still, afraid if I moved I would brush against her skin and lose control. What exactly was she asking? As much as I want her am I ready? My breath stopped in anticipation "Practice how?" I whispered.

"By. . .bending the rules, loosening them, really," she explained. "Pushing ourselves a little further each time so we learn how we both react."

Disappointment washed over me, but was beat out, by a small margin, by relief. I wasn't ready. I relaxed, finally letting my breath out.

"That way, when we finally don't have to control ourselves anymore, we can still control ourselves," Bella continued. "Did that make any sense?"

"Yes, Love, it did," I smiled. I wasn't ready, yet. But I would be. "And I must say, I think it a brilliant idea."

"Really?" she asked, sounding surprised. Had she thought I would actually disagree with this idea?

"Really," I answered, expecting her to go on. After a moment I prompted, "So?"

"So what?" she asked.

"So, what are the new rules?" I asked, truly excited about the possibilities.

"Oh, well, I hadn't really thought that far," Bella admitted, "What do you think they should be?"

I wasn't about to let her off the hook. In the meadow, she had taken responsibility. She would keep it. "This was your idea, Bella, and they're your rules." I said, smiling again. "You tell me."

Bella was silent for a long while. I watched her face, unbearably curious as to where she would take us.

Well," she finally spoke, "First of all, I think we should still be fairly careful, when we're not 'officially' practicing. If we tried to push ourselves all the time, we'd either slip up," she paused, "or die of spontaneous combustion."

I laughed thinking, Am I that transparent? Out loud I answered, "I agree, next rule?"

"I also think we should only practice with one rule at a time." She seemed to be gaining confidence, "If we try too many things at once, it will have the same results as if we were tying it all the time."

I have a feeling I'm going to enjoy this, "Agreed," I laughed aloud, "Next?"

"A 'safe' word?" she suggested.

"Brilliant," I said, impressed she was incorporating her promise to tell me if I got to rough. "What's the word?" I asked.

"Combustion?" She said.

I laughed at the euphemism. Apparently she hadn't been thinking of her promise, but we should. "That's perfect for the self control part of our practicing, but what about my not hurting you part?" I questioned.

"Ummm," she thought, and came up with, "Ouch?"

Classic Bella. "Fine," I said, trying desperately not to laugh, I knew I would embarrass her. "But you better use it, if you need to," I finished.

"Hey," she protested, "I promised, didn't I?"

"Yes," I said softly. Knowing she would truly gave me confidence, "you did." We lay together in silence for a moment. The possibilities began swirling around in my mind. I was eager to attempt this brilliant idea of hers.

"When would you like to schedule our first 'practice session'?" I asked, my voice smooth and low with longing. Bella's heart began to race again.

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