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There was a scream. But Glorfindel did not do anything about it until he had finished reading his report. As usual, the mischievous twin sons of Lord Elrond where up to no good. The rascals had returned form their trip with the Rangers in the North. Glorfindel sighed, deeply, pushing away the papers in front of him. Ever since Aragorn had married Arwen, the twins seemed to have finally gotten over their cheeky streak. Apparently not.

Putting on a dark navy robe, he headed outside, where all seemed fair. The sky looked blue, and the air was fresh and crisp. In the small courtyard, two elves were covered with feathers. Glorfindel remembered when the twins first found out that there were feathers in a pillow. He smiled at the thought..

Elladan and Elrohir looked up at Glorfindel with innocent, huge blue elven eyes.

"What were you two doing?"

"Trying to see what exactly Erestor hides underneath those robes, " Elrohir, who was slightly taller than Elladan, said.

Glorfindel tried to hide a smile, imaging that in his head.

"Where is he?"

"The library." Both twins answered. At the same time. Freaky.

Glorfindel nodded, making a mental note to tell Elrond about this, and headed off towards the library.


The library was his sanctuary. Erestor sighed, plunging his hands, which where always cold, deep into his pockets. For a library it was unusually quiet. Erestor headed out of his chambers, towards the library.

He knew with definite certainty that he was walking straight into a death trap. Ice flowed through his veins, his heart beating faster and faster. He took one more step towards my doom, thinking, here goes nothing. Out of the shadows, came two smaller elves, who were black-haired, grins printed on their faces.

"Hello Erestor," said one, who was taller.

"Good morning...Elladan," Erestor answered politely.

"We were wondering, if you could help us." Erestor smiled hopefully. The twins had finally come to learn!

"Of course."

Elladan smiled, and pushed his brother forward. They put their arms around him, unfastening the heavy robe around him. That was when Erestor unleashed the might of pillows.


Glorfindel found Erestor, covered in feathers, in a corner of the library, a heavy black coat lay beside the dark haired elf.

"Erestor?" he asked, touching Erestor's shoulder lightly. Erestor turned his head, is ponytail coming lose. He looked quiet beautiful.

"Yes," said Erestor.

"Are you alright?"

"I think," he said, getting up. Underneath the heavy robe he normally wore was a light purple tunic, paired with dark pants. He looked frail and vulnerable. Glorfindel just wanted to hold him in his strong arms. Erestor faltered, and Glorfindel caught him.

"I think not, Erestor.," Glorfindel said, brushing a strand of black hair from Erestor's beautiful face. Erestor blushed, pink brightening his cheeks.

"Would you care for a walk, Erestor?"

"If I am able, " Erestor said, trying to pull Glorfindel arm's off him. Glorfindel held on tight t Erestor's frail body in his arms.

"No need. I will carry you there." And before Erestor could complain, Glorfindel whisked him away to the gardens.