Title: Lies and Love

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"Ever lie to someone you love, Ziva?" he asked, holding the letter in his hand.

"Yes" Ziva said simply "Yes, I lied, and I have no choice but to continue lying. The one thing I can do, though is to stop lying to myself."

"Did they ever forgive you?" Tony asked, a little too dejectedly to be curious.

"He never found out." She said simply, grateful that he seemed not to want to ask her any more questions. "And you won't know … not yet anyway. Maybe not ever, especially since you love her. You love her. And if she makes you happy …

"well, he said she would come back when she calmed down. I guess he was wrong."

You wanted her to be here. Ziva realized. If she's the one you want, then I will do everything in my power to find her for you.

"We'll put out a BOLO … we will find her"