Title: Misunderstood

Disclaimer: I am Ghilliekitten, I own nothing


"You have been whining like a little snitch. All week." Tony had to fight the urge to laugh at that. He was acting like that on purpose so that he wouldn't have to explain how he felt to anyone. He knew how they would take, at the very least his explanations, if not his feelings, particularly Gibbs. He wished, though that he could tell Gibbs how he felt – how his leaving had ripped a hole in his heart, and how glad he was when he came back. He knew, however, that his sentiments would be taken the wrong way even those came among the closest that words could to describing feelings. Another cliché that came close was to say that Gibbs was like a father to him but was an understatement. He felt like his entire childhood had been spent without a father, and that Gibbs was the only real father he had ever known. But, such sentiments were always misunderstood, and that was why Tony would never give voice to them, and try to keep people from figuring out how he felt. Speaking of …

"The term is bitch."

"I know, I was being polite."