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Full Metal Alchemist (c) Hiromu Arakara

The florescent lights hummed silently in the hallway at Central. A perfectly shaped square box with a golden arrow on it sat in the middle of the busy hall. Beside the arrow were imprinted the words "Kernel Roy Mustang," while the arrow pointed towards a large, closed door that lead to Mustang's office. Wooden benches were placed directly beneath the sign a few feet away from the door. Besides the buzzing lights and the soft chatter at the end of the hall, there was an impatient ticking noise coming from the bench. Alphonse Elric.

Alphonse tapped his metal foot against the ground impatiently, looking around for a clock. It was nearly eleven a.m. He sighed, glancing at Roy's door.

"He was supposed to see us an hour ago," he muttered quietly. There was a slight rousing next to him; he looked down quickly, staring at his older brother, Edward Elric. His giant golden eyes were halfway open, embedded beneath were deep purple circles that seemed like they might never go away. His jacket crumpled up in a bundle near the top, his hood acting like a pillow as he laid against Alphonse's metal leg. His next words were slurred.

"What was that Al?" He asked quietly, his voice crackling slightly. Al turned back, "Nothing brother, just go back to sleep." But Al knew that Ed wasn't going to fall back into sleep. Ed sat in a slump next to the giant suit of Armour, stretching out both arms and rubbing his eyes. There was a squeak next to the two and a ray of light, Alphonse turned quickly over towards it.

Standing in the doorway was Roy Mustang, wearing his usual blue uniform, a slight smirk on his face. He folded his arms over his chest, leaning against the doorframe. Another soldier passed him hastily from his office, saluting to Roy quickly before continuing down the hall. Roy saluted back momentarily and was back at ease.

"Hello boys," he said coolly. "Sorry to keep you waiting." He glanced over at Ed, humor crossed his eyes for a moment of the sight of Edward, messy, tired, as if he had just got out of bed.

"No your not," Edward hissed, straightening out his jacket. Alphonse sighed, "He's defiantly waking up," he thought to himself, "he already has enough energy to argue with the kernel."

"In any case, at least it let you catch up on some sleep," Roy said, his voice mixed with sarcasm and humor. Ed glared at him. "Another late night at the library?" Roy asked casually. Edward walked towards him and his office, Alphonse quickly walking behind. "You have no idea."

Edward and Alphonse took the closest seat they found in the room, two chairs pulled up along Mustang's desk. The door closed quietly behind them while Roy made his way for his desk

"An hour late," Ed said bitterly. He crossed his arms against his chest. Al sighed, "Brother, please try to cooperate." Ed turned away to face the brightly painted wall.

Mustang ignored the two, calmly pulling a large, orange envelope from his desk. He sifted through the papers inside for a moment before pulling out four pieces of paper and placing them on the desk in front of the two.

"Up north, in the small town of "Caster hollow," there's a library filled with books and scrolls on Alchemy. I've had a few of alchemist's under my command go up there before in the past to do some research. This," he said, touching one of the papers, "is their report of some of the things they found up there."

Curious, Edward took the slip of paper and began grazing through, occasionally stumbling across words such as "…philosophers stone…" "…Advanced transmutation…" "…Human transmutation…" before Mustang spook again.

"While they were up there, they discovered several books on the philosophers stone and human transmutation, written by an alchemist from the area. They're highly advanced, giving many of our alchemist's here a better insight of the stone and transmutation. I believe this is just what you boys need, am I correct?" He said, pulling the paper from Ed's hands and slipping it back inside the envelope.

"The town is quite far north, but there are some methods of transportation available to get you up there. You can leave on the one o'clock train today and stay there for at the most, a week and report directly back to me what information you find."

Alphonse straightened up, "Sure, that's great! Isn't it brother?" Al looked eagerly at his older brother. The look that crossed Ed's face gave told him that he wasn't as enthused as he was.

"That's all huh?" Ed began saying calmly, "But I have a feeling there's a catch to this. Why would you send us away for a week to a nearly empty town far up north when you can just import these books? There's something else that you want us to do, isn't there?" His brows crossed together while his mouth pulled into a frown.

"There is one thing I'm also expecting you boys to do while your up there, true," He began, Mustang's voice stiffening. "Lately, there have been several brawls up there. Were not sure who's starting them, but were getting several reports of gun shootings and bombings in the area. They've asked us to send some someone to help control the situation before it gets out of hand."

"And you think we can help," Ed stated. It wasn't a question.

Mustang chuckled. "All I want you to do is find out who's starting these fights. Once you find out, report back to me so we know what were dealing with."

Edward closed his eyes, placing a hand on his head. A few moments passed in silence. He grinned from beneath his hand. He looked up at Mustang and Al, "So, what are we still doing here?"

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