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"This can't be right," Edward said, puzzled. He stared down at his map and then back at the barren wasteland spread out in front of him. The ground was a bland mix of light gray and brown dirt, which stirred at the slightest gust of wind into the air. Huge mountains were all around them at distance, about the size of a toonie from where they were standing. The sky wasn't visible, it was scattered with light gray clouds. In the distance behind one set of mountains, the colors of the clouds darkened to black and purple. The temperature had been dropping, no doubt a storm was on the way.

His map had been accurate for the most part, except that it was missing the town they were supposed to visit. It should have been visible from where they were standing, it was about an hour walk from the train station. They had done the walking, but there was no town. Edward frowned.

"Damn it, the Colonel had better not have messed this up," he muttered while dissecting his envelope. It only contained a few papers; the map they had, a paper explaining his assignment and some information on the town they were headed for; Parastora. Edward sighed, than glanced in the direction of the oncoming storm.

"Fine time for it to be messed up too," he grumbled. He stuffed the papers back inside his envelope and continued walking. Alphonse followed.

"Maybe we should turn back..." Alphonse said sounding worried. Edward kept his steady pace, "Back to that train station? Are you kidding me? That area was a ghost town. Who would even build something out here?" He said while waving his hand across the empty wasteland.

"But maybe..." Alphonse began, concerned for his brother. Edward cut him off, "Look, we'll find something to take cover from that storm. Even if there was anything back at that place, what makes you think we'd make it back before the storm hit? I'd say we have another half an hour or so before it makes it out here."

"What makes you think we'll be able to find something out here though?" Alphonse exclaimed, getting annoyed. "At least back there you could be sheltered by an old building or shack." Edward stopped walking and turned to face Alphonse.

"That town needs to be around here somewhere, if Mustang did in fact get the right map..." he began, his voice growing colder when he mentioned Mustang. "We've covered a fair amount of ground, it would be a waste to turn back now."


Edward clapped his hands together, lowering down to the dirt floor. A bright flash appeared moments later, followed by vibrations in the ground. Around the two of them, the ground raised into a small stone structure, exactly like a half circle, facing the opposite direction of where the storm was coming from. The flashing lights stopped and all was silent besides the wind blowing around the structure. Edward kicked their suitcase to the back of the shelter and sat down, leaning against the back of the wall.

"Like I said, we'd find something." He said tiredly, resting his head against the back of the wall and closing his eyes. Alphonse sighed, "I'll go walk around here for a few more minutes, if the town is close enough, maybe we'll find an actual place to sleep tonight."

Edward shrugged, "Sure, just come back soon, there's no way I want to have to out in a storm to look for you," he said.

The wind began to howl even more violently, the clouds above rumbling and growing darker as Alphonse began to walk. Rain began to softly fall on top of their resting place, making a slight patting noise that turned to a thunderous growl as the rain increased. Edward had curled up against the back of the wall, huddled in his red jacket, seeming oblivious to the noise from the rain except for the occasional groan.

Alphonse glanced back to find the shelter Edward had created was about the size of a quarter. He had been walking for about twenty minutes now, and there was still nothing in site. Alphonse groaned and began to turn back. But something caught his eye at the last second.

He turned around, focusing his vision on a small burning light coming from ahead. If he listened carefully, it almost sounded like there was a man shouting, but it was easy to mistake the sound of a human voice with the sound of the pounding rain all around him. A dark figure began to appear behind the light that was becoming closer to Alphonse.

"Hello?" Alphonse called out awkwardly. There was a reply.

Edward moved positions, turning his back towards the wall so he was facing outwards. The temperature began to drop and he shivered furiously. He wrapped his jacket around him as tight as he could, but his thin red piece of fabric did nothing to protect him against the cold.

He sat up, shivering more as wind ran through the shelter. His eyes ran across the ground floor finding a few dry pieces of wood. He piled them together and clapped his hands to the wood. Moments later, small flickering flames sprung from beneath the logs. Edward moved closer to the fire, placing his hands close the flames. The heat was welcoming.

The sound of moving armor came from behind. "Al must be back," he said out loud, staying close to the fire. Moments later, Alphonse appeared in front of the shelter.

"Hey A..." Edward began, but stopped part way through his sentence. There was another man with him.

"Good news brother," Alphonse said happily, "I found a place for us to stay."

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