This is the third instalment in the stories 'A Night To Remember' and 'If You Go Down To The Woods Today'. For those of you who didn't read them but have decided to read this one here's a quick recap.

A Night To Remember: Olivia was held captive by Richard White in her apartment, where he tortured and raped her, Elliot eventually freed her from her nightmare, but the night of hell left her pregnant.

If You Go Down To The Woods Today: Elliot and Olivia where held hostage by two serial killer rapists who were killing women in Central park, the reason being the ring leader wanting to get his revenge on Elliot. Olivia was heavily pregnant and went into labour, as they were rescued Elliot delivered her baby, a little girl that Olivia chose to name Isabelle.

Summary: Olivia and Elliot are both finally happy they've adjusted well to living as a little family, Olivia, Elliot and baby Isabelle. Suddenly their happiness is shattered as Isabelle is kidnapped, however Olivia has to make a deal with the 'devil' to get her back.

(Not the real devil, just a figure of speech, just to clarify).

Disclaimer: They're not mine, well I guess Isabelle is but if anyone else wants to use the character then they can, I don't mind, just don't claim her. D

Chapter 1

It was a sunny day and the sun shinning in through her window onto her bed made Olivia smile as she stretched, as her arms spread across the bed, she suddenly realised something was missing, more precisely someone was missing.

As she sprung up in bed she suddenly got the scent of hot coffee and eggs and bacon. It smelt like heaven and she wanted a piece of it. She climbed out of the bed putting her robe on over her pyjamas that consisted of black sweat pants and a white tank top.

Elliot was stood in front of the cooker just finishing off cooking the eggs. He was singing along with the radio, she had to hold in her laughter.

"Like a virgin, touched for the very first time, like a virrrginn, our hearts beat both in time…" She couldn't hold it in any longer he sounded hilarious as he tried to hit the notes but sounded like he was being strangled.

Elliot turned to see her and blushed slightly. "Are you laughing at my beautiful singing voice Miss Benson?" He asked removing the pan from the heat.

Olivia was stood next to Isabelle's high chair she was almost 10 months old and was absolutely blossoming. She had the same dark hair as Olivia and chocolate eyes that where equally as mesmerizing and the cutest little nose you could ever see.

Olivia pulled her out of her chair still laughing at Elliot. "No Mr Stabler, I wouldn't laugh at you." She said still laughing, Isabelle had started too.

"Great why is it that women always seem to out number me?" Elliot exclaimed placing the eggs onto their plates. He walked over to the table and placed the plates down, he'd already put two sets of knifes and forks out and as well as two steaming mugs of coffee there was also two glasses filled with orange juice.

Olivia walked over to the chair Elliot had pulled out for her still holding onto Isabelle. As she sat down he sat down next to her. "Morning." He said as he kissed her warmly on the lips, he loved to kiss her first thing in the morning it was his way of showing his gratitude for just being able to wake up next to her.

"Morning." She said back as their lips parted. Isabelle sat looking at Elliot, a huge smile across her face, just like every other morning. "Good morning to you too Isabelle." He took hold of her and held her up in the air and started blowing raspberries on her stomach, she chuckled with delight, they both laughed along with her.

"When she wets herself laughing your changing the nappy." Olivia said between laughs.

Elliot lowered her down and Olivia took her back and placed her on her knee and started to tuck into the breakfast Elliot had cooked. "This is great El." She said as she emptied her mouth, quickly filling it again.

"So what are you two ladies doing today?" Elliot asked before shovelling another fork full of food into his mouth.

"We are going food shopping because we are all out."

"We are now." Elliot said with a smile referring to the empty egg carton and empty bacon wrapper.

"Where are you taking the twins today?" She asked, it was his main day with them and she was more than happy for him to spend the day with them while she had a girly day with Isabelle.

"We're going to a game. Are you sure you don't want to come, I mean it's about time Isabelle went to her first game." Elliot said.

"No… are you kidding me she watches enough of them on TV with you." She was kind of serious but couldn't help smiling.

"What's the matter you want her to be a ballerina?"

"She can be whatever she wants to be so long as she's happy." Olivia said as she gently placed a kiss on Isabelle's head, taking in the scent of her coconut oil shampoo.

Elliot smiled at both his girls, he had been happy with Kathy and the kids but he had to admit it felt more natural with Olivia and Isabelle.

- - - - - -

Olivia pushed the trolley round the store, swaying it slightly much to Isabelle's delight, she was laughing whole heartedly and it made her laugh too. She was putting all the usual items into the basket, bread, milk, chips, a six pack of beers, diapers and baby food for Isabelle as well as other food items and snacks.

As she wandered around the store loving the looks that she and Isabelle were getting, because hell they were a cute couple, she had no idea that one person in particular was watching them, closely following their every move.

- - - - - -

Olivia pushed the trolley right up to her car. She placed the few brown paper bags she had into the trunk. She closed the door down and locked it. She pulled Isabelle out of the trolley as she put it back with the others, as she looked over her shoulder she saw someone watching them.

For a moment she was worried, she didn't recognise the man. He must have noticed she was watching him because he sunk down into a car. She was freaked out to say the least but figured it was nothing and went back to her car and strapped Isabelle into her seat on the right side of the back seat then walked round to the driver's side and got in.

As she put the keys in she turned the rear view mirror and had a quick glance to see if the guy was watching but she relaxed as she realised his car was gone. Isabelle started to coo.

"I know sweetie Momma's paranoid." Isabelle started to laugh, not that she had understood what she had said but just because laughing and smiling made up her personality, she hardly ever cried. "Hey you you're not supposed to laugh at me." Olivia said playfully tickling her foot, Isabelle squealed in delight.

- - - - - -

As she drove along she looked in the rear view mirror, the car behind hers had took the last three turns she had, it wasn't the same one from the car park, but she was still nervous about it. She decided to take the next turn to see if it followed. As she did it carried on and didn't follow. She watched in the mirror as it kept driving.

Suddenly there was a loud smash and crunch, and her car was spun around at least three times before skidding then finally stopping. Without so much as a second passing by she spun around, Isabelle was screaming crying in her chair thankfully she didn't look hurt in any way just a bit shaken up.

Olivia tired to unclip her belt but it wasn't budging, she pounded at her airbag until it deflated. Suddenly the back door flew open next to Isabelle. It was the guy from the car park. He started to un-strap Isabelle who was still screaming.

"What are you doing, no stop please leave her alone." She tried desperately to pull the belt off her but it was jammed tight. She couldn't move enough to get anywhere near her. "Stop please…" She was in tears she was so scarred she couldn't budge an inch and someone was taking her child. "Come on, please move…" She was pleading with the seat belt, violently tugging at it.

She fell into panic mode as she heard Isabelle's chair click as he pulled it out. "No, no… Stop, please someone help." She tried slamming into her door trying to get it to open but even that was jammed, the person was now running away from her car.

She could only watch as he jumped into a car and it sped off. "No…Bring my baby back, no…" She kept trying to get out but all her efforts where in vain. She searched for her phone…

- - - - - -

Elliot was in his car, Dickie and Lizzie both had big foam fingers from the game and was hitting each other playfully with them. Elliot was laughing as his phone rang. He saw Liv and answered it straight away. "Hey Liv…"

Hi smile suddenly faded as he heard her sobbing into the phone. She was talking so loud even Dickie and Lizzie could hear her. "El someone just took Isabelle, I'm trapped in the car… El they took her someone took her…"

An ambulance suddenly sped past him, sirens blazing. As he looked he saw a crumpled car in the middle of the road. He immediately recognised it as Olivia's car. "Liv I'm right behind you hold on." Elliot hung up the phone. "Stay here both of you, lock the doors when I get out and don't open it for anyone." He jumped out and straight away Dickie climbed into the front and pushed the lock down.

Elliot ran over to Olivia's car there was a paramedic trying to assess her head injury but she kept swatting him away. "Liv, sweetheart are you okay?" She suddenly burst into tears as she saw him.

"Elliot someone took her, they took her, I need to find her…" Elliot ran round and climbed into the front, he hammered at the belt buckle as hard as he could, the second it snapped open Olivia practically threw herself out of her shattered window.

Elliot got out and ran after her, slightly confused as to where exactly she was going she was obviously dizzy as she was walking in zig-zags. "Liv, where are you going? You need to see a paramedic you've got a head injury, you could be badly hurt."

"I have to find her El…She might be…hu..rt…" She stood on the spot, clutching her head.

"Olivia…" Elliot held his arms out and she fell into them unconscious. "Liv, Olivia, talk to me…" He got no response. "Help me please I need help!" He ran her over to the ambulance. "Please she's unconscious." He climbed in and put her down onto the stretcher.

"We're gonna get her straight to a hospital, you coming?" The medic asked Elliot.

"My kids are in the car I'll follow you in." Elliot said running back to his car as they closed the door. As he got to his car Dickie opened it up. "Dad is Olivia okay?"
Dickie asked sounding worried.

"Where's Isabelle?" Lizzie asked crying slightly.

"I don't know baby, I don't know…" He said feeling nothing but fear and dread.


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