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Chapter 9.

Elliot and the others ran in, up above they saw Richard dangling form the balcony. "Olivia!" Elliot yelled running up the stairs, the others all followed. Except Cragen, he took out his cell to call for a bus and backup.

"Elliot I'm slipping." Olivia yelled as he ran up the stairs towards her. He ran behind her and held onto her, holding her arm that Richard held too.

"John please check on Isabelle she's in that room behind us." Olivia pleaded, she just placed her on some bed and feared even at a moment like this that she could roll off and hurt herself.

Fin leaned over the balcony and tried to grab Richard he was just out of reach. "Pass me your hand White." He yelled.

"I'm going and I'm taking her with me." Richard spat at them all.

"Argh…" Olivia cried out in pain he was tugging hard on her arm and she was sure she heard a pop.

"Come on Olivia, it's just me and you now, we're exactly the same, lets go out the same." Richard said.

"Damn-it White just give me your hand, it doesn't have to end like this." Fin yelled at him.

"Fuck you!" Richard yelled back.

"Hey Richard…" Olivia said as she felt his grip slipping down her arm. "Say hi to your mom for me." He looked at her confused, she pulled on her arm along with help from Elliot and Richard slipped off and fell.

"Argh!!!" He landed with a thud, sooner than any of them had expected.

Cragen ran up to him and checked for a pulse, he looked up at the others and shook his head.

Fin looked over the edge at him. Munch cradled Isabelle in his arms. She had been crying but had stopped when he picked her up. She was now playing with the collar on his shirt.

Olivia looked at Richard a crimson pool was forming around his head. He was out of her life now. She looked at Elliot she held his face in her hands and just stared at him for a second, part of her thought she may never see his crystal blue eyes again.

He pulled her into him and held her tight. "Its okay baby, we gotcha, we're taking you home. He'll never hurt you again." He said kissing her on the head.

- - - - - - -

Olivia sat on a hospital bed. The Doctors had put stitches in her head, wrapped her ribs up tight, put bandages on her ankle and cleaned up other cuts as well as cleaned up her burn.

She asked one of the nurses for a hair tie and she had been kind enough to give her one, she'd scrapped her hair back and it was now in a ponytail on the back of her head.

She was on morphine for the pain and it felt great. They had given her some other drug to flush out whatever crap it was that Lila had injected her with. They were gonna run tests to try and work out what it was.

There was a knock on the door and she could see the whole gang, including Casey and Huang outside. She smiled and nodded and they all came in.

"Hey!" She said addressing them all. They all huddled around. Elliot walked up to her holding Isabelle he immediately passed her to Olivia.

She held her tight, kissing her head, then she held her up in front of her, she was smiling and laughing again, she had a good feeling she was going to be alright even after all of this. She brought her to her face and kissed her on the cheek.

"What a cute couple." Munch stated.

"Hey!" Elliot protested before he kissed Olivia on the head.

"Oh excuse me, what a cute trio." He corrected himself.

"How are you feeling?" Elliot almost whispered to her.

"Better now." She told him, gazing into his eyes.

They all looked at them. "Okay guys, that's enough excitement for one day I think. Olivia we'll leave you alone, I need you rested and well again, so you can get back and help me keep control over this lot." Cragen said encouragingly.

"Ha, yea right, a drill sergeant couldn't keep you lot under control." Casey said, laughing. She walked up to Olivia and gave her a hug before she left. Munch hugged her next and followed after Casey asking her about her last statement.

Fin walked up to Olivia and he hugged her. "Glad your back baby girl."

"Thanks Fin." She said returning the hug.

He followed the others out. Cragen walked up to her. "I'm glad you're back too. I don't know what the SVU would have done without you and besides I have a great birthday present lined up for my god daughter on her first birthday. "He said stroking Issy's head who was now fast asleep against Olivia's chest.

He squeezed Olivia's shoulder lightly and smiled at Elliot before he followed the others.

Elliot looked at her. He leaned behind her head and gently pulled the hair tie out and fixed her hair around her face. She held her breath and bit her lip. "I like it, it looks the way it did the first time I ever saw you. I came in to work, knowing that it was the day I was getting my knew partner, but Cragen had only told me your name was Benson."

She started to smile, remembering the day. "All the guys in the room where talking and going on about this gorgeous woman who was in Cragen's office. Then he walked out with you behind him and said…."

"Detective Elliot Stabler meet your new partner Detective Olivia Benson…" They both said at the same time.

She grabbed his hand and held it tight, she had no idea now why she had been so embarrassed about him seeing her hair, she should have known straight away that he wouldn't care it was long, short or if she were bald.

"I was so scared back there I thought that was it, I thought I was dead and I would never see you again and that you would never hold me again, I though that Isabelle was going to have to grow up with that psycho." Olivia rambled.

"I'd off searched for you the rest of my life." Elliot stated kissing her head.

He wanted to say a million things to her, ask her a million questions but she looked exhausted and it wasn't fair to bombard her tonight. He just stared at her. There was one thing however he needed to tell her.

She stared at him. She wondered what he was thinking. He was just staring at her, she must have looked like she'd jumped in front of a bus as well as had a fight with a pair of scissors and lost.

"Olivia there's something I need to tell you. The Doctor informed me that you are pregnant." Elliot said.

"Wow I didn't even think they could tell that quick." Olivia said alarms bells ringing in her head. She was referring to being raped again by Richard.

"What? No Liv… not to White…" She looked at him. "To me, we're having a baby Liv." He finished he was trying to hold in a huge grin, he wasn't sure how Olivia felt about it.

She started to smile and he immediately let his grin show. "What, I had no idea. I thought we we're being careful." She said still smiling.

"Yea well I guess it was just meant to be." He carried on grinning for a moment then saw in her eyes that it was okay for him to kiss her. He did what her eyes said and kissed her passionately but gently, she returned the kiss completely.

They pulled away. "I love you Liv. I always have and I always will. Olivia Benson will you marry me?" He wasn't on one knee but it was perfect for her.

"Yes." She said without any hesitation.

"Really?" Elliot asked laughing.

"Really…" Olivia said laughing as well.

They kissed again. Each time they looked at each other they both laughed, they were like two school kids. They were in love.

- - - - - -

(Two months later)

Elliot walked out of the bathroom, he had just brushed his teeth, it was midnight and he and Olivia had decided to call it a night. She was already on the bed, lying on her side with one hand resting on her pillow, under her head, the other was protectively resting on her small bump.

He walked over to the bed and got on, it was a hot night and she was sleeping on top of the bedding. She shifted in her sleep a little and her hand lifted her shirt slightly. Elliot smiled as he saw the bump that was his growing child. He placed his hand on her stomach. "Hi." He said to the bump.

He rubbed the her stomach, his thumb brushed against something. He moved it and lost his smile by what he saw. It was a scar. One that was an evil face, with evil eyes and sharp horns, it had shrunk some since it had healed. She had told him what Richard and Lila had done to her.

He was glad they were both dead because it saved them from what he wanted to do to them. "Puts an end to my bikini days…" Olivia said, startling him as she spoke.

He moved his hands away as she opened her eyes to look at him. He looked into her eyes. He could get so lost in them. "Olivia if you wore a bikini, people would not be looking at your stomach, they would be looking here, at your eyes." He said pointing to her chocolate eyes.

She was beautiful. To him no one could be more beautiful. Her hair had grown again and was one length and curly, he loved twirling the curls around his fingers at night while she slept.

She moved on the bed and was kissing him, it shocked him a bit, she had been a little distant in that department, but he didn't mind, just having her next to him was enough, he'd come so close to loosing her that it was enough just to hold her for the rest of his life.

She moved again and was sat on top of him, her legs either side of his hips. She leant forward and kissed him. "Olivia you don't have to do this if you're not ready." He said wanting her to know she had complete control of the situation.

"I want to Elliot. I love you, I trust you. You are the only one that I want in my head right now." She said. He looked at her for a moment then their lips met and the kissed.

That night as they made love, Olivia didn't see Richard in her head. She saw Elliot and only Elliot. Afterwards they lay next to each other holding one another close. For the first night in such a long time Olivia was able to sleep dreaming about what her life could be like, not like what it had been like what seemed like her whole life.

Her life now was Elliot, Isabelle and the baby that would be here in five months. She also had a wedding to plan.

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