This idea struck me and I just had to write it! It's rare to think of Naruto as anything other than a prankster and a ninja you'd want watching your back. I've set him and Hinata up to have a little 'adult time' with each other. I'm hoping you'll like it and get a laugh and a smile for your trouble.

The Jutsu of Love?

Hinata hurried through the woods. She was running late because their ninja mission had lasted longer than expected. Yesterday she'd finally gotten up the courage to ask Naruto to help her with her training.

Her heart had been beating so loud and because she could hardly look at him, she'd almost missed his answer. He'd said yes! Hinata had just seen his smiling laugh and she wondered about it. Had her behavior been that amusing? Damn, she was really trying to get over her nerves around him but so far…

Hinata shook her head, she couldn't worry about that. It was just after noon and she hoped Naruto had waited for her. They were supposed to meet at nine and Naruto could be long gone but she thought not. Many times over the years, she had watched Naruto and knew for a fact that he trained for hours and hours until he was exhausted. She didn't want to miss her chance to be with him even if it was only for training.

Coming upon the tree where they'd agreed to meet, Hinata's heart plummeted. He wasn't there. Hinata flung her hands in disappointment. She could tell he'd been there – his footprints in the soft ground but she didn't see Naruto anywhere. Heaving a great sigh and with tears in her eyes, Hinata was turning to go back to the village when she noticed something dangling from the tree.

Gasping she hurried to pluck the scroll from the tree limb. With trembling fingers, Hinata unrolled the paper. Hey! I'm not planning on leaving until dinner time so just take a look around. I'm here somewhere. Naruto. Hinata clutched the paper in her hands and brought it to her chest. Her smile was so bright it rivaled the sunshine. She took a moment to calm down then carefully rolled the paper up again and placed it in her pocket. It didn't matter that it wasn't a love letter – she would keep it forever because Naruto had written it for her.

Smiling with happiness Hinata looked around for Naruto but neither did she see him or sense his presence. The forest was huge but he should be in the vicinity since he'd left her the note. She walked around for a few minutes before deciding to use her kekkei genkai. Veins formed around her eyes and her seemingly clear pupils got even larger. "Byakugan!"

Unbelievable clarity and super sharp focus was hers in an instance. Turning slowly in a circle, Hinata searched the forest for the blond-haired boy she'd loved secretly for years. Miles and miles flashed by in an instant. She turned seeing trees, birds and other small animals but no Naruto. She didn't give up. If she had to, Hinata would go up into the trees to get a better look. When she'd turned almost a full circle, she saw a hint of blue and knew the river was near by. Just as she was about to leap up onto a limb, she saw a flash of orange. Naruto was by the river.

Hinata used her ninja abilities to travel through the trees to get to him. It took several minutes but when she could hear and smell water, Hinata dropped to the ground. She took a moment to straighten her hair and dust off her clothes. When she thought she looked okay, Hinata used her Byakugan once again to find exactly where Naruto was.

"Ah-!" Hinata covered her mouth and squatted. Her mouth was a large O and Hinata wasn't sure if she should be amazed, scared, ashamed or…turned on. Naruto was undressing just a few feet from her.

"Huh?" Naruto looked over his shoulder but he didn't see anything. At first he wondered if Hinata had finally shown up but there wa no sign of her. He'd just stripped off his shirt and headband. If it was Hinata, Naruto wouldn't strip nude like he'd planned. All morning long he'd worked hard and now he was hot and wet with sweat. A swim would cool him down some as he waited.

Naruto sat and pulled off his shoes then in pants alone, stood and walked around some. "Hey! Anybody there? Hinata? Is that you?" Hands on hips, Naruto waited but received no answer. He waited a minute or two then shrugged thinking it must have been some squirrels. He didn't sense any evil intent and he really wanted that swim.

Standing by the water's edge, Naruto shucked off his pants and tossed them on top of his shirt and jacket. He stood there wearing only his boxers. Up went his arms as he stretched and breathed deeply of the fresh air. With a sudden movement, fingers slid beneath the elastic waist and the boxers dropped to the ground. Naruto bent down picked them up and folded them carefully and put them with his other clothes. He walked to the water's edge and dove into the inviting blue water.

Hinata after squatting down out of sight immediately jumped up into the tree behind her. On a huge limb shielded by leaves, she watched Naruto turn around. When he called her name, her nerves jumped but she remained silent. After Naruto couldn't find anyone she leaned forward and this time managed to be silent when his pants hit the ground.

He'd grown so! She'd always watched Naruto but until now she hadn't really noticed that he was just a boy anymore. Shoulders, back and legs had such definition. All the training he'd been doing could be clearly seen now that he was almost naked.

Hinata was still using her Byakugan so it was almost as if she could reach out and touch Naruto. That skin – she wanted to see if it was warm to the touch, if the skin was smooth or rough. Just how did a boy's skin feel? Naruto stretched and she sighed gently. Watching him this way was different than all the other times. She'd learned to like him by watching his determination, had come to care for him when others treated him badly but now…now was so different! Now she felt – something…something like desire.

Hinata wanted to laugh at herself but didn't dare make a sound. She was happy and excited. Her heart beat quickly and warmth was spreading throughout her body and she vaguely wondered if it was moving along her veins with her chakra. Again she had to stifle a laugh. Just then Naruto moved and she thought he'd was about to go into the water but…but…butt!

She could see his butt!! Naruto was naked!!!

Her mouth hung open as she stared. Stared at the firm buttocks. She couldn't breathe at all when he bent over and she could see his…balls! She was looking at Naruto's balls! Again it was like he was directly in front of her and her hands curled into fists because she wanted to touch him!

Before she knew it, Naruto was diving. He slipped into to the water with very little slash and disappeared beneath the surface. Hinata scooted forward for a clearer view and her excellent eyesight found him under the blue water. She watched him swim – arms and legs cutting the water. Watched his tight ass flex then release, flex and release. Hinata was sweating and all she was doing was watching. In a moment, Naruto started up and shortly his head broke the surface of the water.

He was smiling. His blond hair was now a darker color and his wet eyelashes framed his bright blue eyes. Hinata leaned evermore forward and sighed with pleasure.

Naruto loved to swim but he missed having someone to play with. Upon occasion he'd actually been allowed to play with others in the water and he was by far the better swimmer. So he would win those water games and often lose his playmates. Sometimes he wished he could forget those painful moments. Naruto shook his wet head and focused on the now. After that dive he stroked hard against the current managing a workout while he was in the water.

The sun shone down on his back warming him as the rest of his body was treated to the cooling waters of the river. As he swam he wondered what happened to Hinata. "That mission must be difficult if they haven't come back yet." He muttered to himself.

Although Hinata was doing much better, he knew that Shino and Kiba carried the responsibility of finishing their missions successfully. It must bother her which was why he'd agreed to train with Hinata. In a lot of ways they were alike. They both had something to prove and Hinata in her own strange way had always supported him. So, if he could return the favor by helping her train, then he would. "Besides if I spend more time with her, maybe she'll stop acting so scared around me all the time!" Naruto laughed then stopped swimming to tread water.

It was lunch time or maybe long after but he wouldn't leave. Even if she showed up as night was about to fall, he would wait for her. He yawned and let his feet rise to the surface. Hands behind his head, Naruto relaxed his body and floated…that is until he heard a large crash and something hit the ground!

He didn't think. It could be an attack or someone fell and was hurt. Naruto swam to the edge and propelled himself out of the water. He stopped briefly by his things and got a kunai knife then looked for whatever had made the noise.

Nothing along the shore, so quietly all senses alert, Naruto moved forward. His nerves were tense as he tried to determine whether or not he was in danger. Just inside the tree line he heard a groan and he ran forward quickly. If it was an enemy – he'd catch them off guard. There! Someone was trying to sit up. It was…Hinata! Naruto paused because he was naked but she was moving so slowly that he worried that she'd been hurt. Still looking for enemies, Naruto went to her.

Hinata saw stars literally. Her gaze was directed up. Tree limbs, clouds, atmosphere and then the stars in the heavens. Why was she staring at the stars? Just moments ago she'd been watching…Naruto! He'd floated to the surface on his back and she'd leaned forward…and now she was on the ground. "Oh no! Did he hear me?!" The whispered words left her lips just as a shadow fell over her.

"Hinata! You okay? Did someone attack you?" Naruto spoke in a hushed voice as he knelt next to her. His eyes scanned the trees and flitted back to her every few seconds.

"Na-naru-to?" She squeaked. Hesitantly Hinata glanced at him then back up at the sky. He was still naked!

"Did someone attack you? Hinata is there someone out there?!" Naruto felt self-conscious being nude beside a girl but he was more worried about being attacked. He needed to know what happened.

Hinata threw an arm over her eyes because she knew if she didn't – she would look. "Umm, no. No attack. We-we're a-alone." She shook her head back and forth in disbelief. She'd fallen out of the tree so she could get a better look at Naruto and now he was beside her gloriously naked.

Naruto frowned and the hand holding the knife fell to his thigh. "So you just fell?" He could see nothing around to trip her and wondered if she was really that clumsy.

She groaned wondering how to explain why she was lying on the ground and why she hadn't called out to him when suddenly she felt water on her forehead. Hinata lifted her arm a few inches to see blue eyes staring down at her. "Wh-at?"

"You groaned. Did you hit your head? Do I need to carry you back to the village?" Naruto placed a hand against her cheek then slid it under her head feeling for a bump.

He was trying to care for her. Hinata couldn't breathe as Naruto placed his hands on her shoulders checking that she hadn't broken anything. Her raised hand fell to his bare bicep and clutched it.

"Talk to me Hinata! I'm no good a medical stuff!" Naruto was beginning to really worry about her but then her touch changed. It was light – gentle. Hinata's hand stroked his arm lightly. It curved around the tense muscle in his arm. He shivered from her touch.

"I'm fine Naruto. Just fine." She didn't know what she was doing but she wasn't going to stop either. Hinata watched as her hand slid up his arm and onto his shoulder. She squeezed lightly then moved down to trace Naruto's collar bone. He trembled beneath her touch. His skin was warm and cool at the same time and it was surprisingly soft. Wide lavender eyes locked onto a puckered nipple and curiosity made her take it between thumb and forefinger. She rolled it.

"Hi-Hina-ta!" It was a whisper. Naruto saw her – really saw her. She wasn't just the shy, awkward girl who stared at him anymore. She was a female with dark shiny hair, wide knowing eyes, and soft moist lips. Hinata – whose breasts, yes breasts! rose and fell rapidly and like his own, her nipples were tight little nubs. She was…touching him like a woman who wanted a man.

"Naruto." A whisper from her lips. She came up on one elbow and stroked a fingertip over wet eyebrows, down the strong jaw and over his lips. A nervous giggle escaped her as his lips automatically parted for her.

Hands grabbed her shoulders and no thoughts but making contact with Hinata entered his mind. Naruto dipped his head and just barely brushed his mouth against hers. Both of them sighed, then moving together, brought their lips closer.

Lips – one pair soft the other more firm. Both were wet and warm to the touch. Hinata gasped and suddenly one of hers was between his and he sucked on it. She returned the favor.

Naruto held her tighter and wanted a deeper taste. His tongue traced her bottom lip and when her mouth opened even more, he filled the space with his tongue. It was new. It was exciting. It was sexy. Naruto kissed her.

Hinata couldn't breathe, all her air was now in Naruto's lungs but she wanted more. She pushed her body closer and her hand, the one that first began all this, reached out and made contact with Naruto's naked hip.

Naruto let her go and scooted back until he was in a crouch facing away from her. Hinata also scrambled backwards and held her hand carefully. She could still feel him.

Nothing was said as they sat breathing hard. Suddenly the forest seemed too loud. Birds sang and flew, squirrels chattered and scampered and the river splashed on its way through the village. Each note, beat and drip echoed for them.

"I'm sorry." Hinata finally whispered and flinched when Naruto's head turned sharply. Blue eyes stared her down until she couldn't meet his gaze.

"You – you didn't…like it?" Naruto asked causing her to look up quickly.

She wasn't using her Byakugan but she could tell he wanted a positive answer. Hinata curled her legs to one side, brought her hand up over her heart then looked him up and down. "I really liked it."

Naruto blushed and suddenly realized he was still naked – not only that but that he was really hard. He bent over trying to hide his erection then realized he was showing her his butt and froze.

Hinata laughed. She was surprised at how sexy it sounded. "You've got a really nice body Naruto. You've filled out…wonderfully."

The blush stayed with him but at the same time he felt some male pride. He'd worked hard to better his taijutsu but now he was doubly glad for all that hard work if Hinata liked what she saw. But dammit he was still naked and hard.

"Let me…let me see…it." Her words were quiet. "I just got a glimpse…before I fell." It was her turn to blush now that she admitted she'd been watching him. "You're the first, the only one I want to see like this. Show it to me…Naruto…"

It was wrong. They shouldn't be doing…What the hell were they doing? Nothing…really. Just looking or rather Hinata was looking… Naruto shook his head in bewilderment. He couldn't believe how this day of supposed training was turning out.

She watched him closely as he threw up his hands and tossed his wet head around but then he slowly stood up out of his crouch. Hinata had seen him like this a few minutes ago but he was so much closer to her now. If she got up and moved forward a few paces – she could touch him again.

"I – I don't know what the hell is going on here today. I have no idea why I'm about to turn around so that you can…look at me. Hinata," Naruto looked over his shoulder at her. "Something's…changed between us today. I like the way you look at me!" He spoke hurriedly. "And certain thoughts are running through my mind right now like…kissing and touching you. I…" Naruto didn't finish but spun around on his heel until he was facing her.

"Oh!" Hinata raised her hands to cover her mouth as she stared. Muscled chest, rippled abs, taunt thighs and a trembling erection. It stood out from the blond curls at his groin and as she watched it rose higher.

"Hinata!" Naruto stepped back as she stood and walked towards him. "Don't! I don't-! You can't!" He watched as her hand hovered over him and just as that soft hand lowered, he turned and fled.

"Naruto…" She watched his ass as he ran and like a moth to a flame, she followed it. He dove into the water. Hinata made herself comfortable beside his clothes, even picked up his shirt and held it close to her as watched and waited for him to come out. The shame was gone and she used the Byakugan without reservation to watch his body in the water.

She was different. It was just as Naruto had said – they had changed. No longer was she a very timid girl but a budding woman with feelings for a certain man – for Naruto. He liked Sakura, everybody knew that but he'd kissed her! What did it mean? And just now, his flesh – that hard flesh had grown as she'd looked at it. It had trembled as she'd reached out for it. Had anything this intimate happened between him and Sakura? No, it hadn't. Hinata didn't know why she was so sure but wouldn't Sakura be nicer or meaner to Naruto if it had. They need to talk.

Naruto swam hard against the current. He needed to exhaust himself and cool down his blood. Being in the cold river was working and he slowed down. Hinata. He didn't doubt she wanted him. Not just liked him but wanted him. Those eyes gave her away. Some never saw past the almost pupil-less eyes but Naruto could read hers. It was as if he was a dessert she couldn't wait to eat. He shivered imagining that look.

And he wanted to touch her! Naruto was amazed at that thought. She had breasts – when had that happened? He noticed those round orbs with their tight nipples and he wanted to feel them, tweak them. What did a breast feel like? Were they firm? He bet they were. Hinata had seen him completely nude and now he wondered what she looked like. He tried to picture her but quickly thought of something else because the heat and heaviness of his penis was returning. Naruto blanked his mind and swam.

Out of breath, Naruto wearily swam to shore. He was just about to climb out when Hinata held out a hand. "Hinata, you can't. I just exhausted myself so it would go back to normal! If you look at me or touch me again – I'll loose it!" Her delighted laughter surprised him almost as much as her bending down to place a kiss on his cheek.

"I'll turn around but I'm not leaving. You promised to spend the day with me but I don't think we'll get any training done." Her smile was huge as she backed away a few feet then turned so that she was facing the trees.

Naruto stayed in the water another five minutes wondering where shy Hinata had gone but seeing that she wasn't looking, pulled himself up out of the water. He shook himself, ran hands down his limbs trying to rid his body of water then hastily dressed. He felt slightly better when he had his underwear and pants on again and sighed. "It's okay now."

"I know." Hinata turned around. The veins about her eyes stood out and she grinned as they disappeared. "Never knew watching a guy undress and dress was so much fun." Her smile was full of naughty delight.

"HINATA!" He dropped to the ground in shock. "YOU WATCHED ME GET DRESSED?!" Naruto just looked on in amazement as she nodded then sat right next to him. "What's going on?" Naruto put his palms behind him, eyes to the sky as he asked the question.

Hinata could feel his warmth even though he'd just gotten out of the river. Her own body was warm and in that place she was wet. She linked their arms. "Sakura doesn't like you the way you like her." She said quietly.

That made Naruto sit up and look at her. "...I know. Now…I don't like her the way… I like you." Their eyes stayed locked on each other for moment before Naruto looked down at her hand on his arm. He reached for it. "It hasn't been an hour has it? Or if it has, not much more than that. …I never knew feelings could change so quickly and completely or maybe what I felt for Sakura was nothing real to begin with. What's happening between us Hinata?"

Hinata saw his confusion and shared it but at the same time knew that whatever had happened - was happening felt right. She squeezed his hand. "Does it bother you? What's happened? Did I…ask too much?" She meant when she asked to see all him.

Naruto held on to her hand. "No, not really. I mean, I'm surprised but not upset. It's just so…new. They way you looked at me – your touch on my arm." He shivered. "I liked it. Huh?" Hinata had hid her face against his bare arm. He could feel her breath and the warmth of her face. Naruto used his other hand to raise her chin. Her cheeks were pink and she blinked shyly at him. He had to laugh - now she was shy!

She smiled at that laugh and placed her hand over his on her face. They drew together and kissed. This one was sweeter and more innocent than the first but just as powerful. Forehead to forehead they sat absorbing the feelings that kiss had caused.

Hinata pulled away first. "There's a breeze, you should put your shirt on." He was still damp from his swim and she didn't want him catching a cold. She handed it to him and watched him disappear for a moment.

"So umm, do you still want to do some training?" Naruto had no idea what to say or what exactly they should be doing.

"Not really. Do you?" She'd wrapped her arms around her raised legs.

Naruto had put on one shoe when she'd answered. He paused then put on the other one. "No. Okay then, Hinata tell me about you. I know about your family from Neji but I don't really know a lot about you." He blinked when she sat up looking pleased.

"You want to know about me?" When he nodded she happily scooted closer to him and talked of herself.

They talked, really talked for the very first time. He never knew how hard things had been for her and while she'd watched him for years, it was different to learn of his life from his own lips. Sometimes they got up and walked around, tentatively holding hands and other times the lay on the ground facing each other sharing secrets.

It wasn't until Naruto's stomach growled that they noticed the passage of time. The sun had moved casting long shadows on the ground from the surrounding trees. They sat up and looked at each other neither ready to leave the other.

"Wanna go get some ramen with me? My treat?" Naruto asked suddenly then realized that it would be like a date. Wow, a date with Hinata! Nervously he waited for her answer.

Hinata realized the same thing as Naruto and was so happy. "Yes, I'd love some ramen." Her words were quiet but excitement showed in her face.

"Great!" He smiled with her then picked up his jacket and put it on. It was then that he noticed he wasn't wearing his headband. It was rare that he forgot to put it back on. Just as he was about to pick it up, Hinata reached it first. He watched as she knee-walked to him.

"Let me." Hinata brushed his hair loving the feel of it under her hand then on impulse leaned down and kissed his forehead. She giggled then straightened and tied on the headband.

She was wearing something – a scent. It was like flowers but more. Naruto inhaled her scent. When she tied on his headband, her breasts were there before him. His hands rose and captured her curvy hips. Hinata was so warm. He leaned forward and rested his face between those breasts. Arms encircled her tiny waist and held on.

Hinata gasped. Naruto's face pressed against her. Automatically she held on to his shoulders. One hand came up to capture his head and she rested her own in his blond locks. It should scare her to feel his lips against one breast but it only felt right.

Naruto turned his head felt the firmness of her. Curious he rubbed his head against her and dared to press his lips there. He held her tightly then forced himself to let her go. Both of them seemed lost in what was happening to them and he feared they could take things too far too fast if they weren't careful. "Ready for some ramen?"

Hinata's breathing had increased but when she saw that Naruto was trying to control himself she felt a little better. His lips on her had caused those feeling to come back again. She nodded and when he slid back away from her then held out hand to help her up, she felt cared for.

Naruto zipped up his jacket and held out his hand for Hinata. Just because he didn't want to rush all these new feelings, didn't mean he didn't want her close to him.

Hinata trustingly put her hand in his. They stood for a moment staring at each other before heading for the village. As she walked she saw some wild flowers and stopped to pick them. "I want to remember this day and this place." She held the flowers next to her heart. Later she would press and dry them to keep.

Naruto looked over his shoulder at the river, the grass and trees. It had just been a place to train but now it was their spot. "We'll come back." He let go of her hand and took out a kunai knife and made the sign of village with his and her initials under it. He knew he wouldn't forget this place but wanted to mark it in some way. "There. Now this place is ours. Hey! Why are you crying? Did I do something wrong?" He shakily patted her back as tears wet his shirt.

"I'm happy. Just very happy!" Hinata blinked up at him, gave him the quickest of kisses then wiped her face. Once the tears were gone she took his hand again. "Let's go eat some ramen."

Naruto shook his head then shrugged. He guessed there were a lot of things he'd never understand about girls. Linking his fingers with hers, they walked side by side into the village.

They entered the village just as the sun was setting. No one paid them much attention, well not the average villager but the ninjas noticed them. Naruto's orange clothes always stood out but what really caught their attention was that he wasn't alone! He was with the Hyuga heir! Eyes followed them and the word was spread by people who found it hard to believe that a nice girl like her was with him.

The couple noticed only that the world was less cold and hard when they were next to someone who cared. Naruto with red cheeks introduced Hinata to the couple at his favorite ramen place. The two were surprised to see him with a girl but so pleased for him.

Because Naruto had a big appetite, they were there for a while eating and talking. Finally darkness approached and they left the shop.

"Guess I should head home." Hinata said with reluctance. It had been the best day in her life.

"Yeah, guess I should too. Kakashi-sensei told us we had a mission first thing tomorrow but knowing him, he won't show up until noon." Naruto groused causing Hinata to laugh. Smiling he looked over at her. "Want me to walk you home?"

"Yes!" She answered quickly. It would give them a bit more time together. Again she took his hand and with very slow steps, headed to her place.

"So do actually want to try training tomorrow? We didn't get anything at all done today." Naruto said, his thumb stroking the back of her hand.

"We got a lot done Naruto." At his confused look, she laughed lightly. "We learned things we didn't know before. I feel I know you so much better now." Suddenly her smile turned mischievous. "And I learned what a nice, tight body you've got!"

"Hinata!" Naruto looked around to see if anyone had heard her. "I still can't believe that happened! You used your Byakuagan to watch me naked!" He whispered the word naked.

Hinata couldn't seem to stop her laughter. She leaned against him as they walked. It surprised her too because it had never occurred to her to use it like that.

"Hey, you're not going to that again are you?" It suddenly occurred to him that she could use her power to see beneath his clothes anytime she wanted to. "Come on Hinata, tell me you're not going to spy on me like that?!" He turned and held her by the arms. He was serious about her not doing it but seeing her look so happy and carefree captured his heart.

Hinata's laughing eased and tilted her head to one side. "But I like your body Naruto." Another laugh at his blush. "I promise not to do it when we're working or with other people but I won't promise not to ever look again. Byuakugan!" She looked down below his waist and smiled hugely. "No Naruto I can't promise to never look!"

"Geez!" Naruto hurriedly slipped an arm around her waist and got her walking again. This way she couldn't see his hardening flesh. "I never knew girls could be perverts too!" He squeezed her hip and tried not to smile.

"Only with you Naruto." Hinata said and let her own arm surround him. When she looked around she noticed some curious looks aimed their way and felt a moment of shame and guilty for acting so out of character but it was quickly gone. They were doing nothing wrong. She stood up straighter and held on to him tighter. "We're here." She sighed.

"Yeah? Okay." They stopped and stared at her home. Neither wanted this time to end. "You'll meet me tomorrow? Our place?" Naruto turned to face her and seeing her normal eyes, sighed with relief. He traced a dark eyebrow. "I want to…spend more time with you."

"I want that too Naruto. I'll be waiting for you there - at our place. You'll be careful tomorrow?" There was a flash of fear as she thought of him going on a dangerous mission. Strange that now that they were closer, she worried for him.

Naruto smiled. Again, he was aware of how much she really cared for him. "I'll be careful Hinata and I'll come as soon as I can. Okay?" She captured the hand that rested on her jaw and held it between hers next to her heart.

"Kiss me goodnight?" She dared to ask.

He hesitated for a second then tilted his head towards hers. Their lips met and shared the new feelings they'd discovered earlier today. It wasn't deep or sexy but soft and sweet. Naruto lifted his head. Blue eyes on lavender ones.

"Sleep well Hinata." He finally said. Naruto wanted to say more yet didn't know what to say. He knew he should leave but only wanted to follow her inside and spend the rest of the night talking and being close to her.

"You too Naruto." Hinata shared his thoughts and she held on for on moment longer before gently letting go of his hand. Slowly she backed away. "Tomorrow – I'll be waiting."

"I'll be there. Goodnight Hinata." Naruto stuffed his hands in his pockets to keep from reaching out to touch her again. After another minute of them just staring at each other, he turned abruptly and started walking home.

"Night Naruto!" She called and smiled when he just raised a hand and kept walking. Hinata ran inside sure she'd never sleep tonight and if she did it would be to dream of Naruto. Someday she would have to thank her father for the gift of the Byakugan. She giggled. "Who knew these eyes of mine could see and bring me what I always wanted!"

Naruto returned home and cut on the lights. It was the same place but if felt different. He guessed it was because he was different. He sat in the window and looked out at the stars. He didn't know what kind of relationship or future he had with Hinata but for the first time in his life, he had something he wanted almost as much as he wanted to be Hokage.

"Those eyes Hinata, those eyes." Naruto laughed feeling very happy and excited. "That Byakugan sure is a powerful jutsu!"

The two of them were thinking of the same things as stars shown down on the Leaf Village. It appeared that something special was going to happen with them and neither they nor the village could wait to find out what!