The two had slept for almost three hours under the warm sunshine cuddled against each other. Birds thought them curious and hopped down to look at and sing to them. Both had gone through a lot of emotions plus all that physical activity had laid them out. They awoke feeling refreshed and in love. Happy with the world, they stretched, kissed and decided it was time for lunch. Holding hands they walked back to the village and headed towards the marketplace.

"Is this it?" Naruto asked Hinata. She needed to make a stop before they satisfied their hunger. They were at a stand selling herbs, vegetables and flowers. She had wanted some particular herbs to use in a new cream she was trying out. It all looked like weeds to him but he didn't mind since her creams were little miracles. "Will it make you smell good 'cause I like the stuff you got on now." He leaned down to sniff her neck making her giggle.

"Yes! This is the place." Hinata had to push him away because now he was using his fingers to tickle her. "Wait right here, it won't take a minute and then we can go eat."

"Yeah okay." He relented smiling after her as she walked away. Naruto looked around and noticed some people were watching him and frowning. It was nothing new, nothing he hadn't had to endure since the day he noticed that people generally smiled at little kids - all kids but him that is. He returned their stares until each and every one of them got scared and turned away from him. Naruto laughed softly as he tightened the arms of his jacket around his waist. He was a teenager, one boy. If they were so scared of him – they could have gotten rid of him long ago. He wondered not for the first time, why they had let him live? Shrugging he looked around determined not to let those old feelings ruin his day with Hinata.

"Oink, oink!" He turned around at the sound knowing it could only be Tonton. Yep, the little pig was crossing the street now and soon toddled up to him. "Oink!"

"Hey Tonton, you looking for me?" Naruto bent down to pet the pig.

"We are. Hello Naruto." Lady Tsunade had been watching them for some minutes. She'd seen the two of them holding hands and the way they couldn't seem to be apart from each other for very long. They had the look of new lovers and that worried her. But that wasn't all, she had seen some villagers killing Naruto with their eyes and it hurt her. When he was a child, they all had cause to worry but he'd grown up with no hint of the fox controlling him. He was just Uzumaki Naruto but all they continued to see was the Nine-Tailed Fox. It was a bit amusing to see them back down when he steadily returned their looks but still, knowing everyday of his life was like this was just damned sad. Somehow I'll find a way to help you change this village Naruto. After all you will be Hokage someday. Promise made to herself she joined him and Tonton.

"Oh, are you hurt?" Tsunade walked up to him smiling then proceeded to push aside his shirt and undue the bandage on his shoulder.

"It's fine Grandma Tsunade. Hinata took care of it." But he just smiled as she checked the wound herself. "Just a little scratch, it happened during training."

There wasn't a wound. The fox's chakra had already healed it completely leaving no trace. Only his torn and bloody shirt told her that he'd been hurt. "She did a good job. So what are you doing here? This isn't where I thought I'd find you." It was a fact that Naruto rarely ate fresh vegetables and she thought it unlikely that he was buying flowers. Tsunade ran her hand over his hair mussing it.

"I'm here with Hinata. She needed some herbs or something then we're going to get some lunch. So what did you want with me?" Naruto looked at her face but she was still smiling so he figured she didn't have any bad news.

"Hello Lady Tsunade." Hinata walked up to them smiling. When she'd turned around to see the Hokage, Hinata had paused. Now she understood Naruto's fear about her father noticing that something had happened between them. Lady Tsunade didn't have the Byakugan but her eyes didn't miss much and Hinata was nervous that the lady wouldn't like her being with Naruto or sexually corrupting him. A nervous laugh escaped her as she made her way over to them and prayed Lady Tsunade wouldn't somehow know what they'd done. Hinata also hoped that the lady would approve of her being with Naruto. The Fifth Hokage had one hand on Naruto's shoulder fondly and Naruto seemed to beam from her attention – like a son with his mother.

Tsunade noticed Hinata's blush and shy manner as she approached them and tried to put the girl at ease. "Well good afternoon Hinata! I understand you're going to have lunch with my boy today. Please tell me it's something other than ramen!" She laughed.

"Oh yes, he's letting me pick where we're going today." Hinata took a deep breath then, "Guess girlfriends get special treatment." She said quietly and waited.

Naruto looked at her in surprise then back at Lady Tsunade with an embarrassed grin. "Yeah, she definitely deserves special treatment. I worked her hard during training today and well, she's my girl. Gotta treat her special don't I?" His hand reached for Hinata's as he stepped closer to her side.

Tsunade blinked as her hand fell away from Naruto. She hadn't expected them to come out and admit it to her even though she'd already known they were dating and from Hinata no less! The girl was supposed to be super shy.

"Well now, you're dating then? Congratulations!" She held out a hand to Hinata and gripped the girl's damp hand. "And he's training you too? Don't let him be to rough on you!"

"No, I'm the rough one! I did that to him!" Hinata blushed even more as she pointed to his shoulder. "But Naruto's a good trainer, he works me hard but I've improved, right?" She looked up at her boyfriend.

"Absolutely. You couldn't keep up with me just a week ago, now she runs by my side and her other skills have improved too. She's doing great!" Naruto enthusiastically praised her.

The two were looking at each other so they didn't see Tsunade's shrewd look. It was obvious to her that the two had moved way beyond kissing but how far?

After hearing Kakashi's and Iruka's report she had physically hit them both - twice! Both supported lumps on their heads. Kakashi had also gotten a fist to the stomach for telling Iruka to have her arrested for spousal abuse! She'd sent them from her sight and had gone looking for Naruto the first free moment she'd gotten. If possible she wanted to correct what they'd done but from how intimate these two were with each other, she thought she may be too late.

"Really? Well Naruto I might have to consider you as a substitute sensei for Iruka when he's unable to teach his class." She teased.

Naruto's head snapped up. "What?! Oh no Grandma Tsunade – not that!" He shivered at the thought of being left to the mercy of those kids. "Come on, I haven't done anything to deserve punishment like that! What? I'm serious!" He said loudly as the women in his life laughed at him.

"Oink, oink, oink!" Tonton interrupted them.

"Oh yes, thank you Tonton. I'll have to get back soon. Naruto, can you come by my office later? I don't want to keep you two from your lunch and Shizune's probably looking for me. Anytime today okay?"

Naruto stared at her wondering what was up. He looked to Hinata then back at Lady Tsunade. "…Yeah, sure. There's something I wanna talk to you about too. I'll be there."

Tsunade blinked wondering what he wanted to talk about. Maybe he had questions – he had to have questions after listening to those idiots! "Right, I'll look for you later then. Enjoy your lunch and try to get him to eat something other than ramen Hinata! I think you're the only one who could!" Impulsively she leaned forward noticing that she didn't have to bend down because he'd grown taller and pecked Naruto on the cheek then turned and headed back towards her office.

Heads quickly turned away or bowed to her in respect but Lady Tsunade wasn't fooled. Curiosity had gotten the better of the villagers as they'd watched her with Naruto. She'd been aware of the looks and if she could feel them, then Naruto could as well. The boy had put up with a lot in his young life and she thanked God that despite the hardships he'd turned out so healthy and strong. It was up to her, Iruka and she guessed Hinata to make sure he stayed that way.

"She's really nice. This was the first time I'd ever really talked her. I was so nervous, could you tell?" Hinata asked squeezing his hand.

"Why? She's not mean or anything, although she's damned strong! But you didn't have anything to worry about, she likes you." Naruto said as they left the stand.

"I'm glad since you two are so close, I'd hate it if she didn't like me." Hinata clutched her small bag and wondered if Lady Tsunade had decided to be a sort of foster mother for Naruto. After thinking about it, she hoped so. He needed someone powerful on his side and she mothered him, it was cute.

"It's just Grandma Tsunade, no reason to get worked up. So where do you want to eat?" Naruto craved ramen but he wouldn't say so.

"Naruto!" Sakura called out. She'd seen them walking her way and was determined to be friendly and not nosy.

He froze. Sakura. Naruto felt stiff as he looked at the pink haired girl. He didn't nod or acknowledge that he'd even heard her. He tried to sound up beat as he directed Hinata in the opposite direction from Sakura. "I'm starved. I'll eat anything! Where to?"

Hinata didn't say a word but followed after Naruto. She couldn't blame him for acting this way after Sakura's treatment of him but she did feel for the girl when Sakura stared after them in shock, tears in her eyes. Hinata placed a kiss on his bare arm. "How about - ?"

"Hey Naruto!" Shikamaru and Choij appeared from around a corner and called out to him. Just then Neji, Tenten and Lee were also heading their way.

"Hinata!" Kiba called as Akamaru and Shino came up behind them. Soon a little crowd was gathered around the couple.

"Well hey everybody." Naruto said bemused. Somehow they'd all shown up at the same time, on the same street. "What's up?"

Sakura watched him. The cold look left his face and he relaxed as he talked to his friends. Naruto stood tall - when had he gotten so tall and strong? She could see his muscles as his shirt was pressed against him because of a brisk breeze. Naruto's really good looking! Had he always been or had he grown into his looks? Sakura thought about what had just happened. He'd ignored her purposely and had walked away from her and…it hurt. She supposed this was just a small taste of what she'd put him through. Never had she meant to cause this kind of pain but she had.

"Jealous?" Came Sasuke's soft voice in her ear. Just out of sight of everyone, he'd witnessed all that happened since Lady Tsunade arrived. He'd seen Naruto's gaze bounce off her as if she were a blank wall. "He treats her as someone precious. Not once has Naruto let go of her hand. No shame and no embarrassment between them and not one of his friends have questioned them. Or is it that you're angry that he walked away from you? Maybe you think you don't deserve such harsh treatment?" Sasuke didn't look at her as he spoke but at the group of people around Naruto. "You should know that for now, this is the way he's going to treat you. Not to be mean but because he just doesn't want to have to deal with you right now. Hinata's by his side and he'd much rather spend his time with her I bet." Finally he glanced her way.

Sakura's gaze was sharp as she looked from him to Naruto. "You've talked to him?" She frowned when he nodded and fully turned his dark gaze on her. "Since when do you two exchange confidences?"

"Don't know much do you Sakura? Naruto and I talk sometimes, we don't always fight." He noticed the group leaving together and smirked. "Looks like it's time for lunch. Think I'll go join them. See ya around Sakura." Sasuke left her side and actually jogged so he could catch up to the group.

Sakura watched with her mouth open as Sasuke went right to Naruto's side and the two smiled at each other. How had life turned upside-down? Those two were acting like best buddies! Or was Sasuke trying to make her feel worse than she already did by supporting Naruto and if so why? What would he gain by hurting her like this? A moment later Ino ran by her. "Ino!"

Ino skidded to a stop. "Hey Sakura! I was just meeting the guys for lunch. Sorry no time to talk, I'm late!" She waved and ran off.

Sakura sighed and headed home. Ino would be ecstatic to find Sasuke there. She would have him all to herself. She would go too but Sakura knew she'd ruin their fun for Naruto would ignore her and she was sure Sasuke and Hinata would too. She would only make things awkward for everyone. No, she would try and talk to them tomorrow. They had a mission and hopefully she would make things right with her team again. If she couldn't, would Squad Seven have to break up? That thought sent Sakura home with tears in her eyes.

"Hey! Now okay?" Naruto asked popping his head into Lady Tsunade's office. It was early evening now. The group had hung out all afternoon and he'd just walked Hinata home. "Sorry I'm late." Of course there was another reason he'd been late.

It was because he'd been looking for advice. He'd talked to Sasuke, Shikamaru and Neji about how the up coming dinner. He wanted to know how to act, how to dress and what in the hell he could talk about with Hinata's father.

They'd laughed at him but he could tell that they each felt for his predicament. Meeting your girlfriend's father was something none of them looked forward to. Sasuke hadn't much advice other than to not laugh like an idiot. Shikamaru thought maybe he should dress differently, something less orange – a nice kimono maybe and learn some basic manners, especially table manners. Neij told him to be himself. Yes, show the proper respect for a man of Lord Hiashi's rank and stature in the village but for him to just be Naruto because that's the person Lord Hiashi wanted to get to know.

Hinata had suspected that's what he was talking about when he'd gotten the guys alone after eating. Walking home she'd offered her own words on the matter.

"It's okay to wear something different and maybe you'll want to not eat so…enthusiastically but Neji is right. Be Naruto, be the guy that I love and Father will accept you." She looked up at him but he was staring down at his feet thinking. She wished he wouldn't worry so but knew she would act the same if the situation was reversed.

Naruto took a deep breath then looked up into the sky. "Yeah, I'll try. I really will try Hinata." Finally he'd looked at her. "I'm glad at least I've got a little time before the big day. I need to find something to wear and practice eating…hey what are we going to eat anyway? No never mind, that's not important. I'll try to embarrass you Hinata but it is me we're talking about." They had reached her home.

Hinata didn't like him feeling that he wasn't good enough for her. Uncaring of watching eyes or their decision not to kiss in public, Hinata captured his face and place a soft loving kiss on his lips. "You're perfect for me – just right. If my father's eyes can't see that then his jutsu isn't as good as mine! Okay Naruto?"

Naruto grinned then laughed. "His jutsu isn't good at all huh? I like that! Yeah okay, I'll do my best to not to stress over the next two days. I've got a mission, then you, then the dinner." He took her hips and pulled her close for a hug. They stayed that way, just holding on for a while before finally pushing back to give her a quick kiss. "I gotta go; Grandma Tsunade's waiting on me. Love you." His eyes seemed to draw in all the available light for the blue shone brightly as he tested out the new words.

Hinata gasped softly. Still so new but it brought so much pleasure. "I love you too. Mmwah!" She gave him a big kiss on his nose then pushed him away. "Go on before we get carried away! Tell Lady Tsunade what you ate for lunch – she'll be pleased!" Hinata laughed at his grimace but then he nodded and ran off.

The woman before him looked up from the papers in front of her to smile at him. Naruto smiled back. She was happy to see him – an adult happy to see him. His world was getting better all the time.

"You're not late, come on in." Tsunade put her pen down gratefully having looked at enough paperwork for one day. She picked up the phone and called for tea. "Nice timing, my eyes were starting to see double." Let's sit over here." She got up and moved to a couch where a table sat in front of it and patted the place next to her.

Naruto noticed she looked a little tired. "You know, a Hokage has the right to delegate work. I know I plan to!" He thumped his chest importantly.

Tsunade's laughter filled the room and she leaned closer to wrap an arm around his shoulders. "It's not that easy Naruto; there are some things only the Hokage can take of. Better remember that since you want this job so badly." She ran a hand through his blond locks.

Naruto grinned. "We'll see." And couldn't help but laugh with her. In a moment the door opened and two officers brought in a tray of tea and two bowls of ramen. "Hey thanks!" Excitedly Naruto took the offered bowl and dug in.

"Thank you, that's all for now." Tsunade thanked the men then followed Naruto's example and started eating. It was just the sounds of slurping for a short while then finally Naruto sighed deeply, put his bowl down then patted his stomach.

"Good? Since you let Hinata choose where to eat, I figured you'd be craving this." Tsunade spoke just as she was finishing her own bowl.

"Oh yeah, I was." He laughed. "She said to tell you that I had a salad with my pork ribs. We ended up eating at Choji's favorite place and hanging out with some of our friends." Naruto leaned forward, picked up his tea then turned to Tsunade. "That was great, thanks. So what's up?"

Lady Tsunade was reluctant to mess up his good mood but – "Naruto, do you have any questions you'd like to ask about the advice Iruka and Kakashi gave you last night?"

Naruto's tea went down the wrong way and he started coughing uncontrollably. He pounded on his chest and bent forward trying to breathe. Grandma Tsunade scooted closer and hit him several times on the back trying to help. His eyes watered as he wondered just how much she knew about that talk. Her hand on his back was soothing and he took the opportunity to try and come up with an answer that wouldn't totally embarrass him. "Umm, what do you mean? What advice?"

Tsunade stifled a laugh. Naruto still wouldn't look at her but she stayed next to him and anchored him in place with a hand on his shoulder. "The sex talk Naruto. I ordered them to talk to you then report back to me. I know every word that was said."

"Oh God." He whispered and tried to inch away but she wouldn't let him. "Everything?" Naruto covered his face.

"Everything. That Kakashi has a lot of sexual knowledge but not only that, he showed you one of Jiraiya's porno books too! He's going to pay for that one, showing such trash to a teenager!" Tsunade had taken away Kakashi's book for the time being.

"I think I should go now!" Naruto tried to stand and actually made it to his feet but ended back on his butt when she knocked his feet out from under him. "Let me go Grandma Tsunade! I DO NOT WANT TO TALK ABOUT THIS AGAIN!" He yelled as his wild blue eyes turned to her.

"Tough! I thought sending both of them that you'd get a balanced idea of what happens between men and women and what shouldn't happen between two teenagers but those idiots were so…tactless it boggles the mind!" Tsunade looked at his red embarrassed face. "It turned you on didn't it?"

"OH COME ON! HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO TALK ABOUT THIS WITH YOU! AWOMAN?! YOUR LIKE MY MOTHER HOW CAN I SIT HERE AND TELL YOU I GOT TURNED ON - !" Naruto yelled in frustration when he realized that he'd said too much then fell over sideways away from her hiding his face. He muttered under his breath. "They're trying to drive me insane! Yeah that's it; they want to lock me up in the nut house talking to me about all this stuff!"

She was stunned. Tsunade watched Naruto pound his fists on the couch then bang his head against it talking nonsense. It wasn't that he'd admitted to being turned on but the other. He said I'm like his mother! His mother! She couldn't believe how good those words made her feel and she basked in that feeling for a few minutes as Naruto lamented his situation. Finally she had to laugh, she supposed this was a bit much all at one time but things had been said and she wanted to protect the Naruto and Hinata from making any mistakes.

Naruto felt himself being pulled up by his jacket. Next thing he knew, his face was resting on two large breasts and hands were patting him on the back. If anything he was more embarrassed now. "Grandma Tsunade?"

"Naruto that was a sweet thing say. Your mother, I think she would approve of my watching over you, do you mind?" She lifted his head.

It was Naruto's turn to blink. She would watch over him as a mother would? When would these changes stop coming so fast?! He nodded and buried his head in that soft flesh.

Tsunade laughed softly and held him as tears wet her chest. This wasn't what she'd expected to happen but it felt good nevertheless. "Okay now," She cleared her throat. "Do you have questions?" His head popped up in surprise. "Yes, we're still going to talk! Your father figure – Iruka obviously handled things badly so now I've got to try and help."

"Geez. I understood everything they said all right! Got it, no misunderstandings!" Naruto flopped back onto the couch not looking at the woman.

"So nothing's happened between you and Hinata? You didn't do some of the things Kakashi told you about?" Tsunade leaned forward studying Naruto's face as she softly asked the question.

Naruto crossed one arm over his chest, lifted the other hand to hide his face. "We didn't have intercourse, okay? Iruka-sensei did explain intercourse and we did not do that. Just some touching. Can we stop this now please?" He begged but his eyes never left his palm.

She nodded; she'd hoped that had been all they'd done. Still it was more than she wanted to happen between them but that wasn't something she could really control. She'd give him the knowledge he'd need to act sensibly and her trust to not act solely on lust but she thought there was a lot more going on between he and Hinata than sex – a lot more.

"Listen to me Naruto. You don't want to become a teenaged-father do you?"

"No! Where's this coming from? We've only been together a short while! What's all this about kids?!" He got up to pace.

"If you and Hinata don't take care, that's what you'll be – a father. You need to protect her and yourself from that happening and I'm going to tell you how." She watched as he threw up his hands then dropped his head in defeat. "Good now come here and listen well."

Lady Tsunade took only a half hour to explain things to Naruto. To his surprise he was only slightly embarrassed this time around and he learned a few important facts and got suggestions on how to keep things from getting out of control with Hinata – at least until they were ready for that step.

"Okay, okay. I got it, thanks Grandma Tsunade." Naruto said breathing easier as they shared a smile. He was mentally going over all she said and how much sense it made. Still he had all the sexy stuff Kakashi and Iruka-sensei had told him running around in his mind too. All of it was good stuff!

"Good and you're welcome." She looked for more tea and was disappointed to find it gone.

"I'll go get it." Naruto said quickly and left the room anxious to do something to show he was grateful for the talk.

Lady Tsunade got up to stretch her legs and went to look out at the village lights. He'd listened and asked the right questions. She wouldn't worry – overly but she thought he and his new girlfriend would be okay now. As he came back carefully carrying a tray she remembered that he also wanted to talk about something.

"So what did you want to talk to me about since I know it wasn't about sex?" She laughed and took her cup.

Naruto looked confused for a second then, "Oh yeah! On Friday I'm going to Hinata's to have dinner with her father, Lord Hiashi. I…need some help. I talked to some of the guys and they said I needed to mind my manners or learn some manners and maybe something new to wear. Also I haven't the faintest idea what to talk to him about." Naruto was still standing on the other side of her desk. He reached for a pen and began playing with it. "You know Lord Hiashi; think you can help me impress him?" He asked shyly.

Lady Tsunade shook her head. Things were definitely moving fast between them if he'd been invited to the house already. She frowned trying to recall Lord Hiashi's feelings about the Nine-Tailed Fox. Looking at the teen she saw his nerves as he played with the pen. This was extremely important to him. "Of course I will." His excited face gave her determination to see that he succeeded. "Let's have a seat and I'll teach you a few basic things tonight. We've got two days for you to learn how to knock Hiashi out of his sandals!"

"You're the best Grandma Tsunade!" Naruto surprised himself by giving her a huge hug.

Iruka woke up out of a light sleep and looked around. The TV was on but that wasn't what woke him. He straightened up the lesson plans he'd been sleeping on and checked them for saliva – not this time, he grinned. Startled he looked towards his door when a knock sounded. Who would come to him at this time of night? It's…after midnight! Could something be wrong?

He jumped up wearing only some loose PJ bottoms and hurried to answer the door. "What is it?! Umm, Lady Tsunade?" Iruka blinked then rubbed the sleep from his eyes then looked again. She was still there.

Lady Tsunade was leaning on the doorjamb, one hand on her hip, breasts thrust forward. She licked her lips and said seductively. "Honey I'm home…"

Iruka's mouth dropped open and as a man, he stared at the female flesh before him. He stumbled back in fear when she placed a hand on his chest and circled his nipple. Her touch sent chills up and down his spine. Despite himself, he was becoming aroused.

"I'm going to show you a night like you won't believe!" Tsunade laughed deeply as she ran her hands over the muscles of Iruka's chest and shoulders.

"Ah-oh-oh-my!" Was all the stunned man could say as she slid the door shut with one long, shapely leg and he waited with unwilling anticipation for what was going to come next!