The Glory of Our Damnation

By: Sunset A.K.A. Niiro Yuuyake

Disclaimer: Niiro doesn't own Naruto nor its characters, so sorry!

Warnings: Yaoi, Minors, M/M, Angst, OOCness, Shounen-ai, drug-use, violence, abuse, death, criminal activity, AU, Language

Summary: After hooking up with the wrong kind of guy, Sasuke unintentionally pulls his best friend, Naruto, down a path of drugs, sex, and maybe even murder. GaaSasu, NaruSasu, slight ItaSasu, AU, OOCness

A.N.- Hey again! Just to let you guys know, there's some major OOCness, here. Violence, drug use and abuse. I made Gaara into a bad-influence and a meany! He's kinda like the druggy boyfriend. lol, anyhow, I don't suggest any Gaara fans to read this. Some Uchihacest (touching and stuff) but also tons of NaruSasu and implied drug use. Anyhow, enjoy!


With his index and middle finger, he tapped the inside of his arm harshly, before sighing heavily and leaning back to relax in the passenger's seat of the moving vehicle.

"I told Naruto I'd meet him today. Can you swerve by the ramen stand and give us a lift back to my place?"

He could feel the powder start to take effect, and unlatched the belt from around his arm. He tossed it in the back seat, looking over at the driver as he did so. "Did you hear me?"

The driver glared at the road then shot a glance in his direction before looking straight ahead again. "I told you not to shoot that shit up in my car. You'll get it all over the floor!"

The passenger, a raven-haired youth groaned, annoyed. "Are you gonna pick Naruto up or not, Gaara? 'Cause I can call my brother . . . "

Gaara, the redhead driver sighed in annoyance, "I don't like that kid. You're always with him, like he's your boyfriend, not me."

Sasuke sighed, "You're so jealous . . . Naruto's not even my type, so you don't have to worry about that. Just go by Ichiraku's. I've ditched Naruto all week to hang around with you and your loser friends, this is the least you could do."

Gaara stopped the car at a red-light, "Why don't you let him hang around with us? You're always alone with him, or ditch me for him. You can't blame me if I get suspicious every once in a while . . . "

Sasuke huffed, "Suspicious of what!? I'm not some slut, Gaara! Naruto's only my friend, I told you that before we even started dating; I won't stop being his friend 'cause you're jealous."

The red head sped off as the light turned green, "Whatever. I'm just saying it would be better for you if we were able to all hang around together. Besides, you're wasting my fucking gas . . . I want $15 to cover this trip."

Sasuke snorted softly. His reflexes were slowing a bit as the drug he injected earlier started to take a deeper effect. "Hm . . . I'll see what Naruto says about that, if he's okay with being the third-wheel then it's whatever."

Gaara was quiet for a while before suddenly pulling the car to a stop, "Blond, spiky-haired kid, with bright colors, right?"

Sasuke mumbled 'yes', before reclining his seat back and closing his eyes.

Gaara got out of the car, heading inside the teen-popular Ramen stand.

Sasuke could feel his world spinning, even with his eyes closed. It was an intoxicating feeling, like the feeling of coming down from an orgasm, except it wasn't as tiring. He always got the feeling he was floating on a cloud, even if he was sitting on a hard, tile floor in Gaara's bathroom.

Admittedly, he was completely high. Gaara always got the best stuff, and seemed more than happy enough to share it with his boyfriend, Sasuke; seeing as he probably got the money from Sasuke to pay for them, that day, anyway . . .

Despite being Sasuke's boyfriend, Gaara wasn't allowed anywhere near the Uchiha estate. The main reason? Uchiha Itachi.

The man was the most protective brother Gaara has ever encountered, a little too clingy too. And his glares and attitude toward anyone but Sasuke could easily be mistaken as possessiveness.

Sasuke knew his brother didn't like Gaara, at all, and wasn't too fond of Naruto, but he allowed Naruto over to their house.

There were times when Itachi would answer the phone, and Sasuke would hear Gaara's voice, but his brother would only say 'stop calling here' or some other rude thing, then hang up. He'd even gone as far enough as to hang up on Naruto on occasions.

Sasuke knew his brother went a bit far at times. Itachi would come to his bed sometimes, and just cuddle and sleep there, like a scared child, but half the time, he was either too tired or wasted to care. Those times, he would wake up the next day, half-dressed, or even in Itachi's room. He never cared much to question his brother, or mention it to his parents, it wasn't like he could remember if anything had happened anyhow.

He started at the sound of the driver door opening.

Gaara got back behind the steering wheel, and second later, the back door opened. Naruto got in, glancing over at Sasuke as he closed the door.

"He's high, again, huh?"

Gaara nodded, not really caring if the blond could see his head movements or not.

"Sasuke!" Naruto tapped the raven's head, "You fucking loser, why'd you pick me up if your just gonna pass out as soon as we get to your place!?" He mumbled as he tapped Sasuke's head a few more times, "That queer of a brother of your's always kicks me out as soon as your eyes shut!"

Sasuke mumbled, opening his eyes slightly, "Stop tapping my fucking head, Naruto. Im not out." He looked over at the blond leaning toward him, "Long time no see."

Naruto rolled his crystalline blue eyes, "How many of 'me' do you see, exactly?"

Sasuke only smirked, "There can be only one of 'you', Fox . . . " He narrowed his eyes slightly, causing him to look more seductively at the blond, "Gonna sleep over?"

Gaara glared from where he sat, but Sasuke seemed oblivious, and Naruto only snorted and sat back.

"You know, Gaara. You get him completely high like this, and drop him home with me for his brother to yell and bite my head off! Why can't he sleep this off at your house?"

Gaara reached over to slide a CD into the radio. "My sister would molest him in his sleep."

Naruto couldn't tell if the redhead was joking or not, because, even he, Naruto, was tempted to molest Sasuke when he passed out.

"Why can't he go to your place, then?" Gaara mumbled over the low-playing music.

Naruto snorted, "Hell no! My dad's home! He'd flip if Sasuke came over on drugs!"

Sasuke huffed and hit the car door, "Shut the hell up! Jeez, just take me home, fuck Itachi! If you don't want to come over Naruto, then Gaara will take you home, otherwise, let it go!"

Gaara smirked.

Naruto laughed, "Sasuke, you're a mean druggy!" he leaned forward and tapped the raven's head again, "Of course, Im coming over!"

Sasuke grinned, "Wanna hang with Gaara and me, tomorrow?"

Gaara glanced over at Sasuke, who had his back to the redhead, then quickly back at the blond, before looking at the road again.

Naruto was momentarily confused, before nodded enthusiastically, "Yea! ...But we're still gonna chill today, right?"

Sasuke nodded, "Yea." He reached back and grabbed Naruto's darker hand and laid it over his head, "Gaara thinks I'm doing you, so he's too jealous to leave us alone, any more."

Naruto grinned, rubbing the Uchiha's hair, "He doesn't need to worry," He looked over at the driving redhead, "Im not gay, Gaara."

Gaara pretended to ignore them, reaching over to turn up the music, so it was blaring loud. He didn't want to hear what they said, and now, they couldn't even hear each other. So Naruto sat back, and Sasuke enjoyed his high as Gaara sped down the suburb street toward the upper-class part of town.


A.N.-This was quite a while in writing! I wrote two prologues, and went with the second one, and edited it a bit. There was a lot more cussing involved then I had intended so, I have to add 'language' to the warnings' list. And Uchihacest, cause I had only intended to mention it, but it's like an addiction. Just mentioning it isn't enough! So there's gonna be some incestual lime and implied stuff or whatever, just be warned. Anyhow, happy holidays. Enjoy and review please!