A/N: Happy New year everyone!

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New Years on Earl

So I spent my new years running around the campus in search of some list Shizuru had given me earlier that day as I saw the remaining students leave for their homes. This woman keeps such a clean expression that no one else in all of Earl can read, but me. She drives me to such highs at the most inappropriate of times and yet I must remain composed.

So I passed the gardens on the campus at first, but something told me to follow my instincts and took the paper in hand and tore it in half and tossed it to the ground and stormed ahead to the garden. The network of mazes that had been added in by suggestion of Queen Mashiro was something I never wished to agree on, but she is the queen after all. I have this feel Arika helped her design this maze. This is so insufferable they had to make the maze out of holly bushes. I wonder what is pulling me to this spot in the garden. I remember when I was just a coral me and the damn woman would come here all the time. She always stressed over her precious brother ad his condition. Of course now I know Mai is a princess, what lucky circumstances those are.

I've finally breached the maze and once inside I was greeted by a vibrant array of gorgeous flowers in full bloom. The full moon illuminated the garden perfectly and I was at loss of my sense as I took in each sight. Shizuru knows me too well and even though she knew I had other plans. I had wanted to spend New Years in the comfort of my bedroom in my mansion far from the school, but other things had kept me here. My job as a column never ceases to amaze me. Earl is not under as much threat as it was all the major issues have been taken care of.

I walked closer to the middle of the garden to see torch light and I quietly trod over only to see a blanket laid out on the green grass and Shizuru patiently sitting there in her Column robes while I still was adorned in my Gakuenchou garb. We are busy people and even on a festive day as this we were kept busy.

"Ara, Natsuki…you made it…I had just laid out the blanket and everything. I haven't even laid everything else out." Shizuru said looking up at me as I walked closer. I had a slight blush on my face. This woman can control me with just a look; so amazing.

"Oh, well, I was just following…." I can't say I was following my instincts. Shizuru loves to poke fun at my ability to track other people. She calls me a wolf.

"Natsuki was being a wolf again." Shizuru said looking back at the vacant spot beside her. I looked around and realized she had nothing else with her. I gulped just ever so slightly. Our relationship had reached new levels since Shizuru was encased in stone. It wasn't so long ago Shizuru had me pinned beneath her while atop my desk. My face is probably bright red.

"Shizuru!" I griped. She is toying with me as I feel the uncontrollable urge to sit beside her. So it's like I am always walking into her plans. Such a sly Wickedly Evil Amethyst, third Column and aid to the Gakuenchou of Garderobe. The air is not so cold in Windbloom at this time of the year. The climate always seems just so right. My heart is fluttering so much. I swear I could do this all the time if I had no responsibilities. Just me and Shizuru doing whatever we please.

"Natsuki…" Shizuru is whispering my name. I remain still staring into the as I hear her shift over and sit right beside me. Shizuru's hot breath is against my neck as I gasp feeling her lips gently kiss along it until I guide to my lips. The kiss is long and wonderful.

"Shizuru…" That's all I can say. It's the New Years on Earl, and somehow I can manage to spend it with her. Thank god the year is over and we can start anew.

Happy New Year.