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The boys are younger in this fic, pre-Season One, Sam is 17 and Dean 21.

Of Fire and Ice

Chapter 1

"You really should take better care of your young" Anna smiled, raising her arm and pointing at the lake beyond him.

John doesn't want to look, doesn't want to lose eye contact, doesn't want to give her the chance to get the drop on him. But those are his boys she's dangling in front of him, his babies she's taunting him with so he turns slowly and stares through the trees. He can just make out the glimmering lake in the darkness, frozen over, moonlight making the ice sparkle. By the edge of the lake there's a body and John feels his mouth dry out as he realises it's Dean laying there not moving. John's eyes quickly scan the lake for Sam and then he spots his youngest, surrounded and being forced away from Dean. John watches, his mouth dropping open as he realises that Sam is scrambling backwards onto the frozen lake as the vampires close in around him.

John doesn't hesitate, he takes off running though the trees towards the lake, Anna's mocking laugh ringing in his ears. He's shouting, not actual words but loud angry screams, anything to cause a distraction. The group pause and their attention is turned away from Sam, who's now pretty much standing in the centre of the frozen lake defenceless. Two of the group head back towards land, towards John and attack. John's lightening fast, his urge to protect his children making him sharp and accurate. He decapitates the first attacker with one strong blow, knocking the body to one side. The second loses his head just as quickly, his body dropping to the ground with arms still flailing as blood spurts forth staining the crisp white snow. The remaining three are enraged now and yelling threats filled with biting fury. The tall white haired man, whom John recognises as their leader, makes a grab for Sam, taking his son by the hair. He pulls Sam forward and puts a strong arm round Sam's neck, holding him against his chest. John's still stood on the bank but he can clearly see Sam grasping frantically at the arm, struggling to breathe as it presses in on his windpipe. John drops his axe deliberately and slowly holds his hands up in surrender. The white haired man's thin lips open in a small smile revealing the sharp fangs beneath but he doesn't release Sam. Instead he stamps a booted foot on the ice below his feet, cracking it and the frozen lake begins to groan and shift.

"Dean!" Sam's desperate whisper travels across the lake. John looks over at Dean realising with a sudden crushing sense of utter relief that his oldest wasn't dead just unconscious. Dean is sat up now, staring wide eyed at his brother out on the ice. The left side of Dean's face is slick with blood but he still manages to climb shakily to his feet.

"Dad? Do something" Dean begs.

John's response is drowned out as a loud crack echoes around them and they realise that the ice beneath Sam's feet has begun to break. The white haired man laughs and pushes Sam so that he stumbles forward falling heavily on his knees. Dean takes a breath and holds it as he watches Sam struggle on the ice, trying to get to his feet, before the ice finally gives way and Sam disappears with a gut wrenching yell into the freezing water beneath.

The vampires are moving fast, supernaturally fast, across the breaking ice towards the land. John grabs for his axe knowing he's got to protect his injured son but Dean is already running away from him, scrambling onto the ice, screaming Sam's name.

"Son, down on your belly" John yells at Dean, raising his axe, ready to face the vampires' attack.

Dean lays flat, trying to spread his weight and pulls himself forward across the ice towards the spot where Sam had been standing. Dean's trying to concentrate on getting to Sam without falling through the ice himself but he can't stop his brain from working like crazy. He can't stop himself from trying to figure how long Sam's been under the water, under the freezing water.

He's finally at the hole where Sam slipped through the ice and still laying on his front, Dean reaches his arms into the water, the icy cold causing pain which stabs into his forearms like a hundred small daggers. Frantically he grasps for something, praying his fingers will find Sam's arm or his coat, anything which will mean he can pull his brother out of the water. But his fingers are quickly going numb and there's nothing down there. Dean doesn't look up but knows John's by his side. He can hear his dad's breath hitching in his chest as he pants. He feels a strong hand on his shoulder, squeezing "he's gone Dean, let him go" his dad whispers, his voice quiet and broken.

Dean looks up and see's fresh blood splattered on John's face, he knows his dad dispatched those vampires as fast as he possibly could. "No" he replies stubbornly, his body trembling with the cold. Dean starts pulling off his boots and before John can grab him he's in the water. Dean gasps in pain before taking a deep breath and disappearing under the surface.

John rubs a hand over his chin, trying to keep his panic at bay as it threatens to overwhelm him. He reaches into the water. His sons are down there, his sons. Finally his fingers meet with an arm and he pulls it up towards the surface. Dean's head appears rising up out of the water and he takes in a huge lungful of air, "Dad, help me" he gasps and John is dazed as he realises Dean is holding Sam.

John goes into overdrive. He grabs Sam and pulls him from the water, Sam's face is a pale shade of blue and his body is completely limp. He grabs Sam's collar and begins dragging him towards the bank. Dean slowly hauls himself from the water and follows. Once Sam is laid out on the bank, John puts a shaking hand to Sam's neck and checks for a pulse, there's nothing. Dean collapses weakly to his knees, helplessly watching his dad. "Dean gets those clothes off or you'll get hypothermia" John commands throwing his own coat at Dean as he tilts Sam's head back and begins CPR.

Dean takes off his jacket but his body doesn't seem to want to respond to what his brain is telling it to do. His movements are slow and sluggish and he's too transfixed on his brother's still face as his dad's hands begin pumping on Sam's chest. He slips on John's coat and shivers, Dean's teeth are chattering so hard he feels like they might break. "He's gone into cardiac arrest..." John mutters looking up, "Dean, my phone, get an ambulance here now!" John shouts before pinching Sam's nose and breathing twice into his son's mouth.