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Will saw them leaving, his heart aching to go with them, with his friends, back home, back to the place he knew, the village where he was born and the people he had defended for so long. He knew he was going to feel like this when he took the decision to stay with Djaq in her magic palace, with the birds and the smells of a foreign land surrounding it all. His arm draw her nearer, with more intensity, a greater need and he felt better, happier. He had made the right choice, he was doing what he should. He loved her, he had loved her since the very moment he had discovered she was not a Saracen boy but an amazing and brave woman, disguised as a man in order to fight and survive in a world that had no great respect for women. He had loved her in silence and secret, looking at her when nobody else could notice, helping her with the daily chores, walking always by her side, in part to be close to her but also as a way of protection, although he knew she was perfectly capable of fighting for herself, sometimes she was a better fighter than himself. With time they had shared a friendship that he had cherished so much that he had been unable and unwilling to confess his true feelings, because losing her friendship would have destroyed him so he had not risk it. Everything had been fine until Allan had confessed he liked her. That had been a tragic moment. He was fond of Allan, a man that was funny and the best of friends. He knew that Allan was more than able to make a woman fall head over heels for him, and he feared the day Allan gathered the courage to tell Djaq about his intentions. But that day had never happened. Will had to thank God or Allah, or whoever it was that had helped him on that.

Then Dan Scarlett came to visit the outlaws and his love was again in danger. His father wanted him to go with his family, start a normal life, be a normal carpenter and, of course, met a normal girl and had a family. How could he explain to his father that he had all he wanted right there in the forest, with his friends, his camp and Djaq? He had wanted so badly to tell Dan all about his feelings but he had not said a word. He was scared that if he said anything and in the end nothing happened he would look like a fool for confessing his love to his father, so he had remained silent. After Dan´s death all thoughts of his previous life in the forest disappeared, broken by the pain of the unfair death and of the burden of all the things he never told his father. He had been so angry that he had pushed Djaq into a room, with no care, no regard for her and then he had locked her in. He had ignored her calls, he had just walked away, not caring what would become of her if the Sheriff´s men were to find her there. No, he had been selfish and stupid. After he realised he had to help save the Sheriff, he had felt such shame for his behaviour, that merely looking at her was hard and painful. He was sure that he had ended all his options once and for all that same day.

But life had been more or less the same, she had been just as pleasant and he had been quite happy, well, until Allan betrayed them and the problems started all over again. He trusted Robin and wanted his leader to trust him as well so when Robin asked him to play along while they buried the corpse, he had done it, but he had never expected the pain and surprise in Djaq´s face when Robin announced that he was the traitor. He had roamed the forest longing to go back to the camp, to be with them, with her, and explained the truth. The same longing he was feeling now as Robin left the house of Bassa. He could remember with perfect clarity how he had waited in the forest, in silence, praying for the hours to move quickly. Then Robin had called his name and he had run to see them. He had been anxious about how she would react, but she had left him breathless, again. She went to his side, showing that she had always trusted him and placed her hand softly on his cheek. He felt so happy and touched that he knew his face was about to betray his real feelings, so he lower her hand, holding her fingers for a brief second before letting go. He loved her so much in that instant that he thought he could start shouting it aloud. But the situation was bad enough, so he was able to control his heart again.

Losing Allan offered him a chance to get closer to her without anyone else interested in the Saracen beauty. Nevertheless, her tenderness towards Allan made the monster of jealousy raise his ugly head more than once. He was so angry with Allan, his best friend had lied to him, betrayed them all, but still she cared for him and that was just too much. But she was all his now, and they spent entire afternoons collecting honey, or walking around the villages. She would smile at him and tell him stories, while he remained silent but always interested in all she was doing.

Legrand came and he admired the qualities of Djaq. "What a woman!" He had said. Will had been so proud, although a bit worried, but not for long, as Djaq had shown absolutely no interest in the big man. The adventures they had shared and their friendship was a much stronger bond than a few words of praise and he knew it.

The barn had changed it all. He had never thought a moment like that was going to happen. He was sitting there, with the others, worrying about death. He wasn´t ready to die, not just yet, he was too young, he had Luke to think about and her as well. He hated the idea of dying without tasting her lips. After all his dreams, the times he had looked at them, he was going to die without knowing how it was to kiss her. He was there, sitting, defeated, looking at his feet, when he heard her voice saying she loved one of them more than the others and his heart had started pumping again. He couldn´t believe his ears, she was clearly saying she loved him, for his strength and his character, and he let it all out, he told her how he loved her, how she amazed him everytime, how he didn´t mind the sound of his voice, in fact, he loved it too. She was so happy, smiling, funny. He was overwhelmed by the moment, but Much broke the magic. Much was angry, feeling excluded and bored. He looked at her, they would have to wait a little longer. He wanted to hold her, kiss her lips but that was not the time. He just prayed they could find a moment alone before their end.

They have never been alone so she had risked it and had kissed him in front of the rest of the gang. At first, he couldn´t believe she was going to do it, but the touch of her lips had been more he had dreamed of. It was the best feeling ever, soft, tender, warm and sweet. He wanted more, and he knew he couldn´t have it, so he closed his eyes to enjoy the sensation and keep them closed to make the feeling last a little longer. The taste of her lingering in his mouth. Then he looked at her and felt more love than he had ever felt. He was not going to die, he was sure of it, because he had to live and she had to survive so he could kiss her again. Anything else was not an option. Allan made that possible, and for that he decided to forget the past and welcome his old friend back in the gang.

Fighting the mercenaries he had realised for the first time that they were together, that she was with him, a new feeling, a great moment and a new door opening to a world of opportunities.

The trip to the Holy Land had been long and tiring. Robin had been nervous about Marian´s situation and the rest were simply exhausted but he had never felt stronger. During the day he learned things about boats and vessels, he lend a hand here and there and enjoyed the sea. During the night, he learned new things, oceans of passion and tenderness. It had all happened little by little, first it was a kiss, then a caress and then she was his and he was hers and that was perfect.

That is why he knew he would never be able to part from her, whatever happened, he belonged with her. She had talked to him about the birds that night they had arrived to Bassa´s house. After the dinner, she had opened her room and had let him in. They had shared secrets that night. She had told him more about her childhood and her dreams and he had told her all the things he had never told anyone else.

That night he had known she wanted to stay there. He had seen it in her eyes, in her smile, the way she moved. She was at home, where she could be a woman and no longer pretend to be anything else. He loved that, her confidence and her sensuality.

But he was not ready to make a decision like that. He was a part of Robin´s gang, he loved being a part of the gang, he had Luke to think about and his parent´s graves. He was an Englishman in a foreign land, in a country where his people were the enemy. He had to think about it. He was sure that she would not stay without him, well, at least, he hoped she would not.

When Marian died, in the arms of her husband, a young bride, killed in a brutal and sudden way, he had to reconsider. Losing Djaq would kill him. Maybe he would still be alive, but his soul would have left him, he knew he couldn´t go on without her, she was all he wanted, all he needed. He had thought about it all night. Djaq was trying to help Robin. John and Allan were with him, sitting there in the King´s tent, looking at the dessert at night. Much had been crying for hours and had finally fallen asleep.

Will had looked at her, sitting there, by Robin, and he had known that he was ready to do anything for her. Luke was a crafty carpenter, away from Nothingham. Their auntie and their uncle could take good care of him. He was sure Luke was safe and well. He loved the gang but he loved her even more. She deserved peace, a home, a family. Life in the forest was fun but it was not the place to start a family. Maybe she was already with child, and there was no way they could raise a baby living like outlaws in England. The king was not returning with them, it could take months or even years for Richard to return home, and, honestly, his regard for the king had decreased considerably after the dessert incident. He had to look after his family.

He could learn to adapt himself to this life, to their customs. He could help with the birds, live a lovely home, warm, safe, protected. He could see his children grow up, no more death, no more poverty or suffering. It was a nice idea. He knew she would be happy.

Nevertheless, seeing them leave the house was painful. He hold her in his arms, trying to stop the tears he could feel in his eyes. She looked at him and cried.

-Why are you crying, my love?

-I know how you feel, Will, I feel the same way -She said- Don´t you want to reconsider this?

- No, this is the right thing to do -He was sure of it.

- One day we will return to them, I know we will.

- Yes, I know that.


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