A post game Colloyd one shot set during their journey to collect up all of the exspheres. Plotless fluffyness as usual.

Dedication: happy new year to my "Lloyd".

Disclaimer: I don't own Tales of Symphonia. I believe that it belongs to Namco.

It was a beautiful summer day, one too gloriously perfect to spend in any other way than by relaxing by the sea. Besides, Lloyd thought, he and Colette deserved a bit of a rest after all the travelling they had done. The little village they had stopped at was just right for making the most of the day as it was right beside a pebbly beach.

Lloyd closed his eyes and smiled as he thought back to earlier that afternoon when they'd enjoyed an ice cream cone each, including a particularly large one for Noishe who had, despite the size of his portion, still managed to snap it up in just a few gulps.

The large dog-like creature was settled beside them, occasionally flicking an ear or his tail contentedly. Colette was dozing peacefully with her head resting on Lloyd's chest, simply enjoying the peace and warmth of the afternoon. Lloyd smiled as he gently stroked her hair, happy as he listened to the sounds of the gentle waves and Colette's slow, steady breathing.

The swordsman blinked dozily as Colette yawned then stretched.

"It's so hot today," she murmured, rolling over and tipping her straw hat down to keep the sun out of her eyes.

"Mmm," Lloyd replied, wriggling his toes in a gesture of contentment.

"I think I'm gonna go cool down a little," Colette said, tucking her hat underneath her bag before heading, not in the direction of the shop for ice cream as Lloyd had expected her to, but towards the sea.

He grinned as he watched her hitch up her skirt then walk into the water, smiling blissfully as she felt the coolness of it on her feet. A gentle breeze lifted some strands of her hair playfully and Lloyd found himself thinking that she looked so beautiful that he could happily watch her like this all day.

She called out to him, letting him know that the water was lovely, and she waved to suggest that he might like to join her. As he moved to get up Lloyd paused, his laughter mixing with hers as Noishe bounded towards her, barking happily as his tail wagged frantically behind him. Colette leant forward slightly and patted her knees to encourage Noishe then yelped as the large dog-like creature splashed into the water, causing lots of drops to fly in her direction. She grinned and splashed him back, giggling as a playful water fight began.

Lloyd began to chuckle at the amusing scene in front of him then looked away as he heard a surprised shout then a dog's name being called loudly along with commands for it to return as a medium sized dog that was being walked on the beach dashed towards the sea to join in.

Ignoring the people who were shaking their heads, no doubt thinking that the game was childish or some such other anti-fun sentiment, Lloyd decided to join in. He wore a wide smile on his face as he threw off his sandals and light shirt, rolled up his trouser legs then ran eagerly to the sea to join Colette, her contented laughter encouraging him to run even faster.