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A groan escaped his lips as the boy regained consciousness. The first thing he noticed was the lingering feeling of the two sharp piercings he received the last time he had been conscious; the second being that where he lay was definitely not where he had been that night, as it was much too comfy to be that.

He shifted slightly; pleased with the softness he could feel. He felt the corners of his mouth raise ever so slightly in a grin.

"So you're awake…" the boy's eyes immediately flew open at the sound of the unknown voice, but he immediately regretted it as the sheer brightness of the room blinded, making him shut his eyes again. He opened his eyes again ever so slowly to get use to the blinding light.

With his sight regained, he looked around and immediately knew where he was; the hospital. He groaned again.

He tensed when he remembered that there was someone else in the room.

He looked around frantically until his azure eyes landed on who he imagine owned the voice he had heard only moments ago. It was a boy, though a tall one at that. He was standing in the corner, leaning against the wall elegantly, if that were possible, with his arms crossed over his chest. He had long dark hair, which flowed flawlessly down, ending in the crook of his neck. His eyes were enchanting, the deep brown, half lidded, though it looked like that was what they normally looked like. He had pale flawless skin, even more beautiful then an Uchiha. He looked about 12, maybe 13.

However, his outfit was the strangest thing he had ever seen, it looked like nothing like what everyone else wore, it didn't even look like anything from this era, or the last one at that.

He wore a pair of black pants with a cuff at the bottom with a width of about 5 inches. He had a pure white shirt which was buttoned all the way up, the collar quite a bit higher then a normal shirt would have it. There was a blood red necktie as well present. He had a pair of plain black shoes which had a large silver buckle on. And lastly, he had a black formal jacket on which reached down to about mid thigh area, also black. It's collar was high and it's cuffs were about 5 inches as well. There was an elegant light grey coloured line detailing around the colour, cuffs and any other area where there was stitching, along with the pockets. If you looked closely, then you would notice that all of the buttons were all silver roses. Pure silver. (if confused, then look at the bottom of the page and there'll be a link to a sight to show you an example, though it isn't a complete match)

"Wha… what happened?..." The blond boy suddenly said as he sat up groggily in his bed, sitting crosslegged facing the other occupant of the room.

That earned him a response as the brunette pushed himself graciously off of the wall and walked towards him, sitting down on a chair which was next to the bed.

There was silence until he spoke.

"You've only been out for a night…"

"Oh…" The blond's hand unconsciously reached up and touched where he had been bitten the, now discovered, previous night.

"Do you know what happened?"

"… I was attacked again… but I passed out before I knew what had happened. I think he stabbed me right here." He said whilst pointing to a plaster in the crook of his neck.


The blond looked at the brunette with a very confused expression, his eyebrow raised.

"He didn't stab you… he bit you."

"He BIT me?"

"Yes…" He then seemed to ponder for a moment. "Tell me, do you know what he was?"

"Um… a shinobi?"

The brunette smiled slightly, though it quickly disappeared. "No, he was a vampire."

"Oh…" He said monotonously as he gazed out the window, seemingly unaffected by the recent discovery.

"Does that not scare you?"

"…No… I guess it doesn't."

"You're an interesting one Uzumaki Naruto…"

Immediately, Naruto turned his eyes towards the brunette. "H-how do you know my n-name?"

Again, he smiled for a second before he spoke. "There is no need to fret, I'm not here to hurt you, in fact… you could call me a friend…" As he spoke, his voice barely chanced notes." … My name is Kuran Kaname, and I'm here to help you…"

"Help me?... with what?!"

"The vampire who attacked you, he wasn't a normal vampire; he was a pureblooded vampire…" He finished as he hoped that Naruto would understand what he meant. Alas, is was not meant to be as Naruto just raised an eyebrow. He sighed before he continued. "When a pureblooded vampire bites someone, two things can happen… they either die or they turn into a vampire themselves."

Understanding reached Naruto's eyes as he guessed what had happened, with him not being dead and all. He reached his hand up to his mouth to see if he had fangs or not.

He did.

He felt them up and down, not sure of what he was feeling, though he was mostly intrigued. He ran his fingers gently from the top to the bottom. He accidently pricked his finger in the point of one of his fangs. He quickly withdrew his hand and studied the small wound, a small trickle of blood already emerging. He stared at it with unknown fascination, completely ignoring everything going on around him.

Meanwhile, Kaname was staring at him in fascination to see what he would do, to determine what he would do with him.

Naruto just kept on staring, though his pupil dilated slightly, which Kaname noticed. Kaname expected Naruto to place his finger into his mouth in order to suck the blood, but that never happened. Instead, steam rose from the wound and it was gone, leaving only one of two drops of blood.

Kaname was fascinated, though he didn't show it. He knew that Naruto was a jinchuuriki, but he still thought that the blond would turn out like any other human, or ex-humans would, but he didn't, he ignored the urge for blood, quite a feat, and just sat there like nothing happened.

Naruto then turned his head towards Kaname expectantly or maybe curiously. Kaname noticed that Naruto's lips were moving around, showing that Naruto was examining his newly acquired fangs with his tongue.

Kaname stood up and left the room, leaving Naruto to himself to get use to the idea of him being a vampire.

Outside the room…

Sarutobi had been waiting outside so that he could hear from Kaname what he though of Naruto. He had heard them talking, though he made sure not to eavesdrop on them.

He heard a click and the door opened to reveal Kaname, looking as indifferent as usual, though he knew that looks were deceiving and that Kaname always looked like that.

"So, what do you think of him?" The Sandaime questioned eagerly, hoping that it had gone well, and that they wouldn't have to… put him down so to speak, which was very often the case when a human had been turned into a vampire. They would often begin to loose their mind or have a severe increase in bloodlust and go on a rampage in order to get what they want.

"He's very different compared to any other I have met…"

"In a good way or a bad way?" Sarutobi severely hoped that it was the former.

Kaname turned to face Sarutobi. "I'll come by tomorrow to collect him." He then turned and began to walk away leisurely.

The Hokage let out a long sigh of relief. "So you'll be going to arrange for someone to take him in, I presume."

Kaname stopped and turned his head around to look at the Sandaime in the eye. "No… I'll be taking him in…" and he was gone, leaving a wide eyed Hokage standing. He's going to take him in?... He must have really seen something in Naruto for someone as prestigious as him to take him in… He smiled to himself. Naruto… you'll be just fine…

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