AN ---So guess who got a fanfic100 claim?! That's right, me. And since everything I was interested in was already taken... I'm Chuck/Sarah. And the first Chuck claim, too! So, here we go... The beginning of a hopefully epic bunch of one-shots, haha. R & R and make my day!

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Chuck had always thought of Sarah as a person somewhat akin to Wonder-Woman or a one-dimensional, supporting television character. Perfect in every way; gorgeous, spunky, lethal and generally hell on wheels. So it was with fascinating and yet horrifying that such a fearless warrior could be brought to her knees by something as harmless as a little rock-and-roll, courtesy of the sky. You know; angels crying, God bowling and all that. Panic immediately flooded him as she cowered, glaring at the ceiling. What if it started raining during a mission? Would she react like she had now? Would she totally shut down, leaving him (and possibly Casey, if he was lucky) to battle the evil forces of the moment alone?

But all fears were left immediately in the dust as Sarah instinctively wrapped her arms around his waist and buried her face in his chest, muttering something that wasn't meant for little ears. Suddenly, Chuck didn't care if he did get left defenseless, standing in the rain, as long as this moment lasted just an instant longer. Besides, it was nice to be the man in the relationship (fake as it may be) for once.