Disclaimer: I own nothing, unfortunately. The boys belong to Kripke and the CW.

AN: Ok so I said the last thing I wrote was the first thing I wrote, but that's not entirely true. This was the first thing I wrote, and it just so happens to be a short drabble in response to the Weekly Drabble Challenge! The prompt word was 'clown,' it's not much, but here it is…


Sammy was running. He had nowhere to hide. All he could hear were their evil laughs. All he saw were their red noses, their brightly painted faces, and he didn't like it.

He was running. Then he was shaking. Someone was shaking him, telling him to "wake up!" Then one minute he's running, and the next he's sitting straight up in bed. He can still hear them laughing, but this time it's his big brother's concerned eyes that he sees.

And before long, he's not hearing those evil laughs anymore. His big brother's there, and he'll keep the clowns away.