"How did your test go Mayura?" Loki asked, lowering his paper on the desk as she came in.

"Oh! Don't even ask!" She sat down by Arashiko who had been reading on the couch. "Narugami told me you got struck by lightning! Wow! Maybe you'll get special powers now!"

"I can go back to work next week." Arashiko interrupted, letting Mayura look at her bandaged hands.

"Thank god!" Loki muttered, back to his paper.

"Is that the necklace your dad gave you?"

"Arashiko held the amulet out so Mayura could inspect it.

"Yeah." She answered. "It is."

Was that a mischievous tone? Loki peeked out from behind the paper.

"It's beautiful! That reminds me Loki! I'm so angry with you!" Mayura burst out, getting up and standing in front of Loki's desk, arms crossed. "We totally missed the Celtic exhibit! It's gone!"

Loki retreated back behind his paper.

"Yamino! Tea now please!"