A Dream Worth Keeping


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It was the last week of school for Tory Blake. He had passed all his finals and completed the necessary paperwork in order for him to successfully enter his junior year. All that remained was to say his goodbyes to his friends for the summer. More like his one friend, Mandy, and his own boyfriend, Colin.

Yes, Tory and Colin had been secretly going out for a while now. What had started as a mere mutual attraction had quickly blossomed into an innocent and secret love which they enjoyed very much. But Colin traveled a lot, and that was during the school year. Tory couldn't imagine the amount of time that Colin would be traveling when it wouldn't hurt his grades. Tory knew he probably wasn't going to spend that much time with Coin over summer break, and he hadn't even told Colin how he truly felt about him. Sure, they had said "I like you," but Tory was sure his feelings far surpassed those of mere liking. And he wanted Colin to know that.

The last week of school was breezy and simple; it consisted mostly of students cleaning out their lockers and in lieu of class time, watching movies. As if Tory wasn't bored enough in school, now they weren't even doing schoolwork. In Physics class, they were scheduled to watch October Sky, since that movie at least had a little to do with science. Colin seemed very disinterested in the movie, which Tory had seen before (with his natural love for all things science-y).

About five minutes into the movie, Colin nudged Tory in the arm. Tory looked to his left at the boy next to him.

"This movie sucks!" whispered Colin.

"I know. I've seen it before," Tory agreed.

"Let's get out of here," suggested the dark-haired boy.


"Let's leave. No one will care! We're not doing anything school-related."

Tory thought for a second. "Yeah, OK, you're right. But let's not both go at the same time. You go first. I'll meet you in the hall."

"OK," agreed Colin. And he stealthily slipped out the door.

Tory waited about a minute before he too escaped the classroom. He found Colin waiting for him right outside the door.

"Come on," said Colin, taking Tory by the hand and leading him down the hall.

"What should we do now?" asked Tory.

"I don't know. What do you want to do?" Colin said. Tory suddenly decided to ask Colin what his plans were for the summer.

"Hey, um, are you busy this summer?" he asked.

"Yeah, actually," Colin answered quickly.

"Oh," said Tory, sadly.

"I have a ton of summer classes to make up for all my absences, and I have a lot of traveling to do…" he trailed off, trying to spare what was left of Tory's feelings. He could see from the expression on his face that Tory was very disappointed.

"Oh. OK," he sighed. Colin felt like he had to somehow make it up to Tory.

"Hey," he said. "Come here," he pulled Tory farther down the hall and into a closet.

"Wait! What if we get caught?" said Tory, now in the dark and very close quarters with Colin.

"I've been going to this school for longer than you; I've never seen anyone go in or come out of this closet the whole time I've been here," said Colin, his hands working their way up Tory's arms. Tory was starting not to care anymore. "Besides," Colin whispered against Tory's lips. "What are they going to do, suspend us?" Tory totally agreed with what Colin was saying, but at the same time he knew that it meant that school was over, and he wouldn't get to see Colin all summer. Suddenly the red-head was not in the mood. He took Colin's wrists in his hands and pushed his hands down.

"What's the point?" he sighed.

"What do you mean?" asked Colin, a little hurt.

"We're not going to see each other all summer," said Tory.

"Well isn't that a good reason to make our last moments with each other count?" said Colin.

"We may as well just put things on hold until next year," said Tory.

"Why should we do that?" asked Colin. "Why wait until next year when we can make some nice memories together now?"

"Because they'll only be memories," said Tory. "And…that'll just make it harder when we're apart." Colin smiled, though Tory couldn't see it in the dark.

"Tory, it's OK to just enjoy a moment," said Colin. "Even if it's just a moment." Tory tried to find logic in Colin's argument, but he couldn't. Tory still hadn't learned that sometimes there is no logic when it comes to love. Tory liked to apply scientific methods to everything but when it came to his feelings for Colin no sense could be made of it. They were simply in love. Smiling in defeat, Tory gave up.

"Whatever," he said, and the two boys kissed.

Any time you want

To be right here

Just imagine me

And all this will appear.

You can keep this moment all your life

Forever near.

A dream worth keeping.

Colin wrapped his arms around Tory's neck and Tory gripped Colin's waist as their kiss deepened. Tory slowly forgot that this experience was only going to be temporary, and that they wouldn't be here kissing forever.

When you're feeling lost

I'll be your star.

Just reach out and touch me

No matter where you are.

When they pulled apart, Colin still kept his mouth close to Tory's, and they slowly breathed in, catching their breath from their kiss. Before Colin could kiss Tory again, Tory wrapped his arms around his boyfriend and pulled him into a warm hug. Colin was surprised; they had just been making out in a janitor's closet, being a tad 'naughty,' and now Tory was being very sweet and gentle with him.

In a world where precious things

Are disappearing overnight

Just keep my star in sight.

Nevertheless, Colin melted into the hug and snuggled his face into the crook of Tory's neck. Tory breathed in the scent of Colin's hair and held him tighter, never wanting to let him go, but pretty soon both boys longed for the mouth-to-mouth contact that they'd snuck into the closet for. Pulling apart from the hug, Tory released Colin's body and simply grabbed his face. Cupping Colin's face in his hands Tory brought him into another kiss.

I believe

We've found the dream

That we're keeping

For more than just a day.

Even though

The winds of change may come sweeping

It's still a dream worth keeping

Again they had to come up for air, and by this time their eyes had gotten more used to the dark, so they could see each other. Tory's face was flushed red with embarrassment and self-consciousness, while Colin's was just pale and cute, and he almost looked as if her were in a dream-like state.

So don't let it fade away.

Tory finally felt that this was the best time to tell Colin his true feelings. Colin had been very open and honest with him, and he almost felt obligated to do the same.

"Colin," he began.


Some day you might be thinking

That life has passed you by,

Spirits might be sinking

Hope in short supply

And that's the reason why

That's the reason why


I know you're dream's worth keeping

"I…I love you," he confessed. Colin smiled and his eyes widened.

"Really?" he asked in a whisper.

"Yeah," said Tory.

As long as it will stay.

"I love you, too," Colin answered softly. Tory just pulled the boy into another kiss. Suddenly it didn't matter that they wouldn't be spending the summer together. This last moment together would be enough to last him those three months for sure.

And even when

You see the darkness come creeping

A dream worth keeping

Will never fade




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