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I could see Marian in front of me, smiling while her words tore through my chest right into my heart. And then, in a split second, all the times she had given me hope for a future together, all the little gestures she had made, came back to me; and with it the realisation that all of it had been lies. The next I knew was that she was in my arms, the sound of my sword ripping through her body accompanied by that of the breaking of my heart. Rage, disappointment, shame and, above all, the feeling of betrayal battled inside of me and I felt tears stinging in my eyes. I focused on her face, which was torn up in agony, and all of a sudden it was as if I had stabbed myself, so strong was the sting I felt in my chest. She looked at me, the only person that I had ever felt for, had ever loved, and her gaze held surprise, disbelief and, most of all, fear.

All strength left me and I let her fall to the ground, my sword still buried deep within her. I took a step back, but I couldn't take my eyes off her.

There she lay in her beautiful white dress, motionless, her eyes closed, and all I could think of was that I would never see those blue eyes looking at me again. My hands had started shaking and a strange cold settled over me, but despite that I felt myself burning. God, what had I done?

Somewhere at the edges of my mind, I was aware that Hood had fallen to his knees beside Marian, but I didn't hear his words. I only saw her. Deep down I had known she was lost to me the moment she had started talking. Now the despair was followed by horror as I realised that this time the loss was final. This time I couldn't just make it better again. I had taken the life of the only person who had made me feel something other than hate and disdain.

And now I did not even have that left; only emptiness remained.

I heard the voice of the Sheriff screaming my name and somehow it set me in motion. My legs were working again and a moment later, I climbed onto the horse behind Vasey. I didn't look back at what I had left behind, but I knew that the image of Marian lying there dying would be burned in my mind forever.

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