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"What you doing this weekend?" Mary asked her oldest son.

"Don't know." Dean told her he was sitting in front of the TV in her office he'd been there for the last two hours after him and Amber had had a fight. "Was going to go and see Sam, but now the bitch stole my damn keys and want give them back."

"Dean, language. And don't call your sister a bitch. Would you like me to get them back?" Mary asked

"No, she'll give them to me or I'll kick her butt for it." Dean said finally getting up and leaving.

"Just don't start again." his mom told him.

"I want my keys." Dean said going into Amber's room.

"No, I will not give them back to you not till you say you'll take me with you." she told him.

"Hell no. I'm not taking you anywhere when you're acting like a bitch. I want my keys, Amber and I want them now." he told her. "Or, I'll start taking your shit too."

"What you going to take?" She asked.

"This." Dean told her and took her stereo and left the room.

"MOM." Amber yelled as Dean left the room.

"What the hell is your problem?" Megan asked coming in the room.

"He took my stereo." Amber said going after Dean. "Give it back, Dean." she said going in his room.

"Nope, you want give me my keys then I take your stuff too." Dean told her. "Give the keys back and I'll give you this."

"Dean, just give her the stereo and she'll give you the keys." Megan said. It had been two weeks off and on since the fight had started and she didn't know why.

"No." he said

"I'm not giving the keys back either." Amber told her.

"Fine." Megan said going to her sister's nightstand and opening her drawer.

"Get out there." Amber told her.

"No, I'm sick and tired you two fighting." Megan said as there mom came in the room. "I'm fixing it." she said "Dean, here now give me the stereo." Megan said and he did. "Now so help me you two start anything else I'll kick your asses."

"Megan thank you." Mary said. "Now I want to know why you two are fighting?" she asked

"He started it." Amber said.

"Oh no I didn't, you stole my clothes last week while I was in the shower." 

Dean said. "Then she stole my guns and ammo."

"Amber you know not to touch his guns and ammo." their mom said. "And why did you still his clothes?"

"Cause I could." she said.

"She fucking put a damn gun unloaded thankfully in my damn sweats when I was sleeping too." Dean said "Where you trying to blow my dick off."

"No." Amber told him. "You got a gun fetish and I thought it would be funny. I didn't have it loaded." she said

"Dean go back to your room." Mary said. "Amber that's it two weeks that's how long you're grounded. I'm tired of you and him fighting and you know you don't play with his guns or any guns in this house. Stop taking his stuff and he'll stop taking yours." she said before she left. "Dean if you're going to see Sam go head. And don't take her stuff anymore she starts something don't finish it." she told him.

"Okay, but I'll just wait till next weekend to go see him." Dean told her. "I don't know what her problem is mom. I swear she's doing the same shit most freakin' girls in high school did to get in my bed." he complained getting up. "I'm going target practice." he said leaving and going down stairs. "Megan, what the hell is Amber's problem?" he asked hoping that since Megan was her twin sister she'd know.

"Can't tell you, Dean. She'd shout me in the head and I so don't want to die right now." Megan said. "What you going to do?"

"Target practice if she hasn't stolen my stuff again." he said.

"Okay, see yah." she said going back upstairs and into her sisters room. "Hey, Dean's going target practicing, so what you doing?" she asked

"I'm grounded remember." Amber said. "But, I'm going to sneak out and you are going to leave so you can say you don't know where I am." she told her sister.

"Okay, but Amber don't do anything I wouldn't do. And don't use your magic on Dean again one these days he's going to wake up and remember what you've been doing to him." Megan said

"No he want." Amber told her and waited for Megan to leave then she left out her window. "Dean will never find out." she told herself and took off to the land that a joined their house that Dean had gotten when he'd been sixteen. She caught up to him and jumped on his back. "Hey."

"Shit don't do that to me." Dean said he almost lost his balance. "Thought mom grounded you."

"Did, but I snuck out and you want remember later so don't worry." Amber said.

Dean made her get off his back and then asked her a question "Why the hell 

wouldn't I remember this?" he asked. "What the hell you up to, Amber and so help me you think about using magic on me I'll kick your ass."

"Wouldn't do that to you, Dean." she said lying, but he believed her.

"Fine, but you ever do I want forgive you. That shit not something to mess with especially with somebody's memory." he told her.

"I know I am not doing that." she said with her fingers crossed behind her back. "So, lets go and have some fun." she said and took off down the hill. "You coming or going standing there?" She asked

"Great, she's up to something and I swear she's doing something." Dean said out loud before he started moving again.

John got home at two finding Mary working on grading some of her students tests. "John, you startled me." She said when he hugged her.

"Sorry, so where are the girls?" he asked

"Amber's grounded for the next two weeks so she's probably in her room and Megan and her two friends took off at twelve to the movies. Dean went target practicing by the way." she said

"That's odd, Amber wasn't in her room and her cell phone is gone too." John said and dialed his daughter's number. "Amber where are you?" he asked

"My room." She said thinking he was just getting off work.

"I don't know where you are, but you are not in your room cause I'm standing right here and you're not in here." he said. "Get your butt back here now or I'll add another two weeks to your mom's punishment." he told her.

Amber took off to the house barely remembering to redo the memory spell on Dean's memory as she ran out of the bedroom. She got to her room and sat down in her closet. "Okay, I know that if he ever finds out that he'd kill me and that he'd never talk to me again, but I can't resist and its so easy using the spell on him he thinks I'm somebody else it works out fine and he'll never know cause I'll keep the spell up." Amber said to the mirror for she went to shower.

Dean woke up with his memory blank on the last three hours he couldn't remember anything except walking down the hill to his house he didn't remember the target practicing he'd went to do and he didn't remember Amber coming behind him. "Okay, why the hell am I sleeping?" he asked getting up. Amber had forgotten one part of the spell she'd done the mirror she'd forgotten to enchant the mirror and when Dean looked into it everything came rushing back to him and he almost puked right then and there. "I'm going to kick your damn ass, Amber." he said going back to the bedroom and getting dressed for he went back to the house. He went to her room and went in the room their parents were home so he had to keep it down, but he was so pissed off at the moment. "YOU FUCKING BITCH." he yelled getting her attention.

"Dean, what's wrong?" She asked not knowing he knew.

"What's wrong you, you fucking you fucking there aren't even words for what you did." he told her. "Don't you ever do it again either." he said

"What you talking about?" She asked

"You know damn well what I'm talking about, bitch." he told her. "Don't you dare come in my room tonight wanting to watch TV."

"What did I do?" she asked

John had heard the shouting and came in the room right when Dean told her what she had done. "You fucking used your magic on me got me to think I was having sex with Lynn, but I wasn't was I?" he asked. "You fucking bitch, you fucked me." he said.

"What you're crazy." Amber told him

"Really, then how the hell was it when I saw my reflection everything that had happened in the last three hours came back to me and it wasn't Lynn in the damn bed it was you." Dean told her. "I changed my mind I'm am going to see Sam and when I come back so help me you even dare use that shit on me again I'll kick your ass good."

John was standing there still he couldn't move when Dean said what he'd said. He was in too much shock trying to figure out if it was true. But why would Amber do it. Why? "Dean, maybe…"

"Dad, don't even try to help her. Go look in a mirror and everything will come back." Dean said before he left.

Amber was standing there hoping that her dad didn't look into the wall mirror but he did and everything came back to him too and she sat on the floor knowing she couldn't hide it anymore. "Dad I can explain." she tried

"No, don't you dare lie to me, every time I thought I'd saw Dean with Lynn it was you. How the hell could you do that?" he asked "That's beyond wrong that's sick."

"Dad, I know okay you don't have to tell me that I know, but I love him." she said. "I can't stop."

"Yes you are I want your supplies you're not casting anymore spells when I come back I'd better see it all in a box." John told her and left the room.

"John what is going on?" Mary asked him. "John, what is going on and why are you drinking in the middle of the day?"

"Maybe if I drink it want be true." he said

"What?" she asked

"It's to sick to think about." he told her.

Amber brought the stuff down to him all but one spell book. "Here." she said "It's everything that I got I'm sorry, dad." she said before she left.

"Amber stop." her mom said. "What is going on and I want answers now." 

she said.