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"No, it's my fault." Dean told him. He wasn't letting Amber get punished no way in hell. She might be out the house, but he wasn't letting her get yelled at. "You want do anything do it to me." he said.

Amber hadn't saw her dad like this ever he was so mad at the moment that he'd probably slap the shit out Dean. "No, nobody is getting hurt." she said. "Dad, listen to me we haven't done anything in three years. That I swear to you."

"I don't care you two aren't staying in the same place anymore. You're going stay here and me and Dean's leaving in an hour." their dad said for he left the room.

"He can't take you from me you're old enough to say no, Dean don't you dare leave me this time." she told him.

"I want not for good, I'll deal with him now and when I do solo hunts I'll come and visit okay, but Amber we gotta go back to being just brother and sister." Dean told her.

"Okay, I can do that." She told him.

Month later.

Dean had found the largest forgetting spell he could and used it on his dad he didn't want to, but he couldn't take being watched anymore. He was tired of it and as soon as it took affect he'd taken off on a hunt. It was summer and Sam and Jess had gone to visit Amber at college since she was taken couple classes during the summer. And Dean was heading up there too.

"Hey, so can a brother stop by?" Dean asked Amber.

"How'd you get away?"

"Spell that you taught me." he said. "Okay, we gotta just be siblings again. "I can't keep doing this."

"I know and I thought about it a lot and you're right. We're going to stop, but we gotta have one last night here." she told him.

"Amber, I can't not this time." he said

"Okay, so we just stay in the same room and we don't touch each other." she told him and went upstairs to her room.

Amber woke up that night at midnight she wanted so much to find away to be with him, but she knew it'd never work. So she did the only thing she could she just hoped Dean wouldn't hurt her later. She took her clothes off and then magically removed his and sat beside him and slowly took him into her mouth. It 

didn't take long to get a response and for long he was awake and holding her to him as he came down her throat. "Two minutes." she said.

"Amber what are you up too?" he asked her.

"Dean, I know you want out and if you do this then you're out. We're finished okay. I want ask you for anything and you don't ask me unless its supernatural related." she said

"What you asking?"

"I want you to fuck me." she said. "I want you one last time every hole last time and then we walk away from each other like this and go back to being siblings." she told him.

"And what ever happens we never talk about this again."

"Agreed." she said. "We seal the deal magically, nobody but us will remember anything if you want you want either."

"No, both of us should forget."

"Okay, we erase the memory of us together from everybody." she said

"Deal." Dean told her.

"Oh and just so you know we've done one hole you got two left and you're fucking my ass too." she told him.

"You ready?" he asked her

"Yeah, slow." Amber said before he started sliding into her. "Fuck it hurts."

"Relax, you the one that wanted me to fuck your ass." Dean told her

"I know, but you didn't tell me that It'd hurt so fucking much." Amber yelled.

"Never had it up the ass how was I suppose to know." he said "Relax."

Amber took a deep breath before she impaled herself on his erecting biting into the covers as she screamed. "Okay." she said few minutes later and he stared moving again.

"Spells done, now its our turn." Amber said sitting down beside Dean. "Give me your hand."

"This part of it?"

"No, I just really want hold your hand, jerk." She said sarcastically. "With this blood I set us free. Let us not want each other let us be free again. Let us not remember what we did and let us not remember what we want." she said cutting her hand too. "I bind our blood and we shall not want each other again. What we did will be lost in the ashes of this candle and nobody can ever know what we did." she said and cut Dean's hand taking it and letting the blood touch.

"Shit that burns. What you doing trying to kill me?" he asked

"Shut up." Amber said. "Let the fire we feel for each other leave with the 

fire in this candle." she said and blew it out before she pulled away and kissed him one last time before she pulled away. "Fuse the bond with our blood and this kiss." she said.

Dean pulled up at his and his wife's house it had been two year since him and Amber had said the spell and they had moved on. Dean had a wife and kids he'd ran into an old friend that he'd saved from a demon and they were now married. Amber had a fiancé and a son and daughter she'd never found out who the father of her son had been though. She didn't remember any of that part of her life and she didn't know why.

"Hey, daddy's home." Cassie said when Dean came in the house.

"Yeah, I'm home, home for good." he said hugging her before he kissed her. "The demon's dead." he told her with a smile.

"I knew you'd get it." she told him.

"Guess you were right." he said with a smile. "I'm home for good."

"I'll get the door you get them upstairs for a bath." Cassie told him kissing him before he left with their three kids going upstairs for a bath.

"Hi, I'm with a local private investigator and I was wondering if you're husband was here?"

"Why?" Cassie asked

"My client is looking for her son's father and we found him we think. Just want make sure." the guy told her.

"Give me a minute and wait here." Cassie said shutting the door and locking it just in case. "Dean, there's this guy down stairs said he thinks you're his clients son's father." she said

"What, I haven't been with anybody since I came after you." Dean told her. "And I can't remember the anything before running into you."

"I think you might have a kid." she said. "I know that you don't remember, Dean. You didn't remember us breaking up the first time you didn't even remember how you got to your sister's in Harvard." she told him. "But maybe this is a clue." she told him.

"Okay, I'll go find out." he said kissing her.

"This is not my child's father." Dean heard through the door and he could swear it was his sister. "I fucking told you that he is not the father of my son. He's my fucking brother." Amber yelled.

"I'm sorry, but this proves other wise." the man told her.

Dean opened the front door. "So, why are you here and why are you screaming that I'm not your kids father?" Dean asked

"This asshole is the one I asked to help me find Mick's dad. The fucker 

brought me here. If I wanted a person to find my brother I could have called my dad for that." she said. "It took you six weeks in what he could done it in a day." Amber said. "Dean take him before he gets hurt." she said handing her son over to her brother. "You give me that folder and get lost." she said.

Dean let Amber in and told Mick to go and play. "What's wrong?" he asked her

"I just wish I could find his dad. I wish that I could get my memory back and I wish I could get yours back for you." she told him. "I wish I knew why my son looks so much like you and me and I wish I could get somebody that actually could help." she said. "I can't find his dad." she said before she started crying.

"Hey, don't cry." Dean said.

"Why, I got a fiancé that things I'm messed up in the head and he swears that my son isn't mine that he couldn't be mine if he looks like you and I can't stop trying to figure this out."

Cassie came down stairs finding Dean still hugging his sister. "Hey, when you get here?"

"The detective dude he brought me here. Said that Mick's dad lived here, the only person that lives here is Dean and he's not his dad cause that would be so wrong." Amber said. "I don't love him that way."

"The only person that would know completely isn't here." Dean said. "I want my memory back and I want every damn person looking at me like I'm some sick-o when they see Mick and I say he's not mine."

Cassie had a friend that knew somebody that practiced witch craft, but she'd never mentioned in before now. "Maybe my friend can help you out. She has a friend that practices witch craft so maybe you two should go see her. The demons dead and I want to move on away from this and you two want your memory back." she said.

"Okay." they said.

Dean couldn't believe where he was. He knew the person that he was looking at she was a friend, but she didn't practice witch craft she was a psychic. "Okay, we want to get our memory back." Amber said.

"Yeah." Dean added. "So can you help us?" he asked

Missouri Mosley was setting across from two of John Winchester's children, but what she was feeling didn't make since. "You two do any magic in the last year?" she asked

"We don't remember most things tied to each other in the last two years." Amber told her.

"One or both of you were doing magic." she told them

"She's the witch." Dean said "Or was."

"Fuck you, okay you don't remember shit." Amber said. "Plus she said both of us."

"Hey, mom is the one that said you were the witch and not with a B either." Dean told her.

Amber slapped him hard. "Shut up." she said

"You two don't act like siblings you act like an old married couple." Missouri said.

"I got a wife and three kids that I love I don't do my sister." he said

"I got a son and a fiancé." Amber said.

"Okay." she told them getting up she took Amber's hand and in two seconds she knew everything that they had done and the spell that they'd done to cover it up.

"That bad?" Dean asked. "Some demon in pregnant her?"

"Some doors should not be opened again." Missouri told them.

"But I want to know, why Mick looks like him." Amber said.

"You and him cast a spell that made you both lose your memories of a certain time and around that time you became pregnant." she said. It wasn't a lie, but she couldn't tell them the truth and she wouldn't.

"Missouri I got to know, tell me if you have to and not him. I just want the father of my child to know about him." Amber said. "He deserves his dad in his life." she said.

"Please, Missouri just tell us. Can't be that bad." Dean said

"Some doors need to stay closed for certain reasons you two are happy with the lives you have now and Dean helps you with Mick sometimes. Your son has love he doesn't need his dad he has his uncles that love him and your family loves him too." Missouri said.

"Okay." Amber said. "Will we ever get our memory back?" She asked

"I don't know."

"Thanks, tell me this is his dad alive?" She asked

"Yes." Missouri said letting her vision go to Dean for some reason.

"What?" Dean asked

"Nothing." she said

Dean was sitting in the car waiting on Amber she got in the car and started crying. "What's wrong?" he asked

"I finally convinced her to tell me. Dean we're so fucked it isn't funny." Amber told him. "Your Mick's dad." she said.

"What the hell you talking about?" he asked her

"Apparently few years ago we were screwing each other we did the spell so 

we could move on and that's why we forgot. It was too horrible to remember." she said. "I can't take this. I can't tell my son that his dad is his uncle. It's so disgusting I want to puke." she said

"You being sick I fucked my sister, we don't say shit about this." he told her. "Swear on my bed that you want say anything. Amber swear you want say anything." Dean said and instead her saying anything she kissed him and everything came back to both them. "Stay off me." he said "You swear to me that this will never happen again. I'm happy with Cassie and our kids."

"I swear." Amber said. "I want say anything. I'll take it to my grave." she said

Dean and Amber never talked about it and they never told anybody what they had done. Dean and Cassie had two more kids and Amber had two more kids with her husband after they got married. Sam and Jess had four kids two girls two boys. Mary and John never remembered what had happened between there oldest son and daughter. Nobody in the family ever found out. And when Mick started asking questions about his dad they told him the only real dad he needed was his uncles. Dean never said anything but he always was there for him. Cassie and him were happy together and he didn't want to screw that up.