A rather short poem I wrote after reading volume 7. It does imply a yaoi relationship between Cain and Riff. So…If you haven't read volume 7 all the way through do not read this. Again! THERE ARE SPOILERS!!! (Will I ever be able to write something without spoiling it??? Probably not…tear)

A Judas Kiss

They say that a Judas kiss

Is full of betrayal.

But they don't know us.

They don't know what you'll do.

You're still there.

I know you're there.


Kiss me again sweet Judas.

Summon my monstrous father

Call on your cruel tortures.

Whip me and kick me.

Curse me and hate me.

So, call the soldiers in

Betray me again.

But please…

Kiss me with those lips again.

My dear Judas,

Why won't you look at me?

I know why.

You felt it too.

Despite what you say.

You loved me.

You wanted to help me.

You meant it.

My father is lying.

You will return one day.

You'll tie my shoes,

And help me dress.

You're the only one.

My dear sweet Riffeal.

You're the only one

To touch my scars.

So, please, Kiss me.

Betray me if you must.

But please come back to me.

So, that's it. Told you it was short! Anywho, the poem is addressing Riff if you can't tell and Cain is the one writing it… I could make a story out of this…By the way if you're reading my other story "Pain of Light" I promise I'll update soon!!! It's just that I got some new manga's and got sucked into the whole Godchild thing again…So just write a comment and tell me if you'd like a story. P.S. If there is a story I will put in my own characters, but as of right now I don't own any of them. If I did I wouldn't be writing fanfiction.