Hey!!!! So here I am! Alive and well! Here's something I wrote while I was bored. I don't own Naruto! I've only read to Ch. 376…So there are some spoilers and also plot benders and twists everywhere. Do not comment with something like: "This could never happen!" Because I already know it could never happen, but I am bored and like to dream, and I wanted this to happen and no one else thought of it so I did!

In which I am bored and uninspired.

Sasuke arrived first. He was always first of course but this time it was essential that he be there first. He had to set up traps and prepare for his brother's arrival as well as throw Naruto off the scent. But then he saw her. It had begun to rain over an hour ago and hadn't let up since then, so he was surprised to see her dressed in a soaking wet jacket staring at the sky like a turkey (AN: turkey's will stare up at the sky with their mouths open until they drown and die). He paused looked over her carefully for any signs as to see if he should bother destroying her. The first thing he noticed was her headband. It was slipped around her eyes like a blindfold. She couldn't have been any older than twelve or thirteen with her gaze turned to the sky. Her long black hair seemed to tumble haphazardly around her face not seeming to bother with any form of organization, but the most striking thing about her was her jacket. It was an Akatsuki jacket complete with red clouds and black backdrop. She didn't look like she was part of hem, but still if there was a chance…Then she looked at him. Her eyes seemed to onto him and her black hair clung to her cheeks and her face was pale and thin. Sasuke just stared back at her trying not to be affected by that piercing gaze that sliced through him and cut at his insides.

Karin stopped to look at what he was looking at and gasped loudly pulling away slightly. "That girl…!" Sasuke blinked and the spell seemed to break, because he was finally able to look away from the girl. "What about her?" He asked trying to pretend he had barely noticed her. Juugo smiled warmly and looked at where they were staring. Suigetsu didn't bother looking and kept walking. "Don't get any closer!" Juugo yelled reaching for Suigetsu and pulling him back. Suigetsu glared sideways at him before growling out, "Why? What are you scared of that kid?" Juugo didn't say anything, just kept on staring at her. The girl finally turned her eyes away and stared back up at the sky. That's when Sasuke noticed it. No one was going near that girl. She was completely separated from everyone else. "Juugo, who is she?" "HEY! Hey!" Karin growled trying to keep Sasuke's attention on her. "She is the only girl on this planet that it is illegal to harm. No matter who it is. You hurt her and you will be killed instantly. She is an untouchable." Juugo whispered softly as he stared at her. "She is Lord Orochimaru's pride and joy. She was raised by Namikaze Minato. She is an orphan and you killed one of her parents." Sasuke suddenly turned in shock to stare up at Juugo as Suigetsu went still and Karin fell to her knees. "Her chakra…It almost blinds me." Karin whispered as she continued to look at the girl. "Does it really? I apologize." Immediately Sasuke froze.

"Sasuke Uchiha." The girl seemed to be trying the name out on her tongue as they all turned to see her standing calmly in the center of them. "Where is Okaa-san?" She asked tilting her head slightly to the side appearing to be completely clueless and innocent. "Konichiwa, Uncle Juugo."

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