This is a short story for all my patient fans…All 3 of you. Chapter 4 will be up soon! (I hope)

In which the author apologizes

Itachi rolled over for about the hundredth time that night and sighed. Kisame's loud snores echoed angrily and roared into his ear as he tried to get to sleep. "Stupid Sasori. Gay Diedra. I'll kill them for this. The boss too." He grumbled as he sat up and threw his third pillow at Kisame. And for the third time he snuffled and rolled over before continuing his snoring. "Stupid Oro-chan. It's his fault too." He grumbled as he got out of bed tugging his blankets with him. As he walked down the hallway he noticed the stupid zombie boys watching Pee-Wee Hermin's playhouse in the living room. "Fags." He grumbled causing both guys to yell back. "Go buy some razors Emo-boy." As Itachi turned the corner he found it hard not to let out a growl of frustration at the sounds of great ecstasy coming from the boss's room. Orochimaru's room was as quiet as well though. Not for long if Itachi had anything to say about it. With a kick to the door the resounding bang caused the whole house to go quiet, except the loud squeek of a certain snake man. "JESUS! ITACHI!" Orochimaru yelled as he peeked over the edge of his bed. "What the hell is wrong with you? Can't you knock?" Orochimaru asked as he stood up and dusted off his nightgown. A bit of the light from the hallway hit the nightgown and Itachi grew curious. Silently stepping to the side he blinked in surprise at the nightgown Orochimaru was wearing. It was bright pink. With spangles. And Butterflies. And sparkly pink writing that said "I LOVE MY PRINCESS

"What are you wearing?" Itachi asked as he burst into laughter. Orochimaru glanced down and realized what he meant and blushed. "What? My daughter made the decorations. What's wrong with it?" He asked glaring at Itachi. "Your daughter? I didn't know you had a kid?" Itachi said with a frown staring at Orochimaru silently. "Well, I do." He growled back as he moved to lay back down. "Do you have any pictures?" Itachi asked as he moved into Orochimaru's room and sat on the bed. "Yeah, I've got one. It's right here." He said with a frown as he pulled out a small photo from his nightstand. "Isn't she cute?" He asked shoving the picture in his face with a little giggle of excitement. Itachi leaned back slightly to get a better look at the photo. It was small, but he could tell it was Orochimaru holding a little baby in his arms. She was wearing one small pigtail pulled up on the side of her head and had little bits of soup on her face and was smiling broadly at the camera while Orochimaru leaned down grinning with an identical pigtail. "Yeah, she's cute." He said with a sigh. It was just a stupid kid. Like every other stupid kid. "So, Oro-chan…Wanna have some fun?" Itachi asked leaning close to Orochimaru. Orochimaru brows slammed together and he glared silently at Itachi. "I. AM. NOT. A. GIRL! GET OUT BEFORE I KILL YOU!!" Orochimaru growled and kicked Itachi out of his room before slamming the door shut and locking it.

Bad DA-chan BAD! I apologize for not updating….I hope it made you laugh….tear I want to play Tales of the Abyss and write stories for that…My writing is so ADD