Lily Evans was a free spirit; she was a bird, and James needed to catch her now, before she flew away.


In a world of colors, Lily Evans was pathetically black and white, while James Potter was a vibrant rainbow; and maybe, just maybe, that's why she liked him so much.


By the age of sixteen, Lily Evans had been proposed to a total of forty-seven times, and had rejected all; it took her one more year, and one more proposal, before she finally accepted.


Lily nearly cried when she realized her world would change once she left school; luckily, she thought, as James Potter got down on one knee, there'd always be at least one constant in her life.


For much of their childhood, Lily and Petunia hated their flower names; it wasn't until Petunia cut herself off from the family completely that Lily began to appreciate that one small connection to her older sister.


When Lily received that first letter to Hogwarts, she was too infatuated with the majestic owl to actually open it.


The first time James thought about Lily was in first year, when he laughed about the way her red hair clashed with the scarlet of the train.


When Lily looked back on her life, she realized that the only thing she regretted was not giving James a chance sooner.


Lily missed her friendship with Snape; unfortunately, she couldn't have him and James.


The first time Lily ever slow danced was at Alice and Frank's wedding, and she was ecstatic that it was one more first she could share with James Potter.


Since childhood, Lily had dreamed of an extravagant wedding; because she was with James, though, she didn't mind having a hurried wedding with only twelve guests.


Lily's truly believed Freud's theory that dreams reflected hidden desires; why else would she have dreamt about holding James Potter every night since she met him?


Lily realized in sixth year, when she inhaled her first batch of love potion, that she was hopelessly in love with James; after all, who else smelt like broomstick oil, pumpkin juice, and the inside of Zonko's?


Even though she had endured hours of excruciating labor, Lily knew it was worth it when she gazed into the emerald eyes of her newborn son.


Lily felt useless sitting at home while James was out catching Death Eaters; when he was finally ordered to hide, she was relieved that he was just as useless as she.


Lily Potter drew her last breath just seconds after James died; she was slightly thankful as she fell, as she didn't think she could live without the love of her life.


A/N: This was pretty much written to see if I could relieve my writer's block. Some of these (OK, most of these) are ideas for oneshots I'm working on currently, so I hope you like 'em!