Who's Your Man?

Pairing(s): Satoshi x Shigeru, hint of Kenji x Shigeru

Summary: Shigeru is in an unusual predicament. When Satoshi, Kasumi, and Takeshi return to his hometown, how will the three take the news? And who is the secret man who helped Shigeru get into this rare situation?

Chapter 1
The Secret's Out!

Pallet Town seemed to glow in the morning's sun. It was a small and quiet town, even with the famous Professor Yukinari Okido as a living resident. But despites in peaceful and boring outlook, Satoshi was proud to call it his home.

"Home sweet home..." Satoshi spoke softly to himself, taking a strong whiff of the fresh air that the largest cities lacked. The small yellow mouse that was on his shoulder gave a cheery 'pi,' bobbing her head in agreement.

"So, Satoshi, where are we heading first?" Kasumi, the feisty redhead, questioned, holding Togepi, a creature living in its own shelf, to her chest.

"Well, I suppose I should stop by Professor Okido's first," the raven haired boy thought aloud, cocking his head to the side slightly, jostling Pikachu a bit. "Then we can visit my mom and relax for the rest of the day there."

"Sounds good," Takeshi nodded, grinning proudly as he watched the quiet town happily.

"Lets go, Pikachu," Satoshi laughed, before rushing down the small hillside to head for the large lab, Pikachu jumping off his shoulder to happily run at his side. Kasumi and Takeshi gave an amused chuckle at their younger friend's childish behavior, before following after the two.


A small brown fox trotted about the large lab, entering and exiting room after room. From the back of the building, which opened up to the even larger open field for all the pokémon there to run freely, Eevee took to notice how lab-like it was inside, until a few rooms to the front, which opened to a more homey living room. Trotting happily over to a clean white couch, the little fox wiggled his behind before jumping up onto the couch, stumbling slightly as it made the rest of the way to plop on the lap of his beloved owner and partner.

"There you are, Eevee," the kind voice was followed by a caressing hand, rubbing behind his long ear pleasingly. Giving a happy 'ee!' in response of the attention, his owner gave a laugh as he asked, "Did you have fun outside with the others?"

The Eevee bobbed his head in agreement, chirping another happy 'ee!' before curling himself up into his owner's lap, ready for a nice, long nap. His owner gave another affectionate laugh, hand still petting him soothingly.

As the little fox fell into a light snooze, Shigeru Okido gave a soft sigh, closing his milk chocolate eyes as he leaned back, relaxing himself. It was hard to believe he had been staying in this boring town for so long. Day after day, month after month, Shigeru had been doing absolutely nothing. Sure, he had done some training with his pokémon, but even that had become boring without other trainers to battle with, and it didn't help with his gramps and assistant worrying over him daily didn't help either.

"Even when I'm relaxing I never get a break..." Shigeru huffed irritably, reopening his eyes to glare up at the ceiling displeasingly.

Suddenly, the slam of the lab's front doors being opened entered the young Okido's ears, alerting him to new visitors. A small smile curled his lips at the thought of someone new to meet and give entertainment to a regular day, but it soon turned into a deep frown as the voice of the owner shouted happily in greeting.

"Professor! Its me, Satoshi!"

"Ee?" Eevee chirped, head rising to the new voice, ears standing tall at attention. Before he was able to move any further, his owner's hand gripped onto his white, fluffy mane, halting him without words.

"Ignore them," Shigeru ordered, eyes closed and nose turned high in a defiant stance without moving from his seat, "Gramps will take care of them."

Unable to do anything but sit, Eevee let out a tired sigh, ears drooping slightly. Sometimes his master was just so hard to understand...


"Professor! Hellooo!" Satoshi called through his cupped hands, his Pikachu mimicking his actions in her own pokémon language at his feet.

"Maybe he's out at the moment, Satoshi," Takeshi spoke wisely, folding his arms over his chest in thought.

"Takeshi's right," Kasumi nodded, cradling her Tokepi close to her chest, "Professor Okido is a very busy man, after all."

"I guess you're right..." Satoshi huffed, arms dropping to his side as his shoulders slouched in defeat.

About to mimic her friend, a sudden smell entered Pikachu's nose. Ears perking up, she gave a happy 'pika!' before trotting off further into the lab, getting the attention of the three humans.

"Hey, Pikachu!" the raven haired trainer called after his yellow mouse, quick to follow her as he shouted, "Where you going?!"

"Satoshi, wait a minute!" Kasumi called irritably, frowning as she followed after her younger friend, Tokepi chirping happily in her arms. Takeshi could only shake his head, jogging after the two, curious to where Pikachu was heading himself.

As Pikachu entered a more homey room, she came to a halt, sitting up on her hind legs, taking in her surroundings. There was a large window to the side of the room, letting in the morning's sunlight, filling the room nicely. A big rug filled the center of the room, covering most of the hard wooden floor. Over the rug, sat two couches, one a clean white and the other a satin black, and in between both couches rested a glass coffee table. Pictures, from Okido's family and friends to pokémon covered the walls, along with a few bookshelves filled with books on pokémon lined the walls, giving it a more 'lived in' feel.

As her brown eyes moved around the room, Pikachu finally found the owner of the scent she had smelt not long ago, finding a familiar brunette sitting in the white couch, along with an Eevee who gave a soft 'ee!' in acknowledgement of the yellow mouse. Before she could respond with even a peep, the sound of her friend entering the room behind her pulled her attention away from the two, looking up at Satoshi with a cheerful smile and wave.

"Pikachu, why'd you run.. off.. like.. that..?" Satoshi started to ask, before his deep brown eyes rose up to meet the back of a familiar head of brown locks. Ignoring the entrance of his two friends behind him, who were instead greeted by an oblivious Pikachu, Satoshi walked further into the room, circling the clean white couch to get a better look at the one who gave him no sign of knowing he was there. "Shigeru..? What are you doing here?"

Shigeru finally opened his eyes in a flash, giving Satoshi a hard glare, shocking the raven haired boy enough to step back a step. "What do you mean, 'what am I doing here'?" the brunette snapped, before his voice turned to a more taunting tone as he calmly spoke, "This is my gramp's lab, so its also my home of sorts. The real question is, what are YOU doing here?"

"I--uh," Satoshi stuttered, not sure if he should feel angered or surprised, so settled for annoyed as he huffily responded, "I'm here to see Professor Okido! Where is he?"

"Out back," Shigeru replied simply, raising a hand to point in the direction of the other door Kasumi and Takeshi weren't standing in.

"Out back?" Satoshi repeated, anger gone as he blinked cluelessly over to where Shigeru pointed.

"That's right," Shigeru nodded, settling back in his seat, petting his Eevee as he did. "Now run along and go bother him. I'm not in the mood for you and your friends right now."

"H-hey! You could at least be nice about it!" Satoshi snapped, forgetting about seeing Professor Okido in exchange to bicker with his childhood rival instead.

"Listen, I'm not in the mood to play games with you," Shigeru snapped, glaring at the raven haired boy harshly, sending a shiver down Satoshi's spine, "So just leave me alone."

"Come on, Satoshi," Kasumi tried to reason, stepping away from the door to stand closer to her friend's side, "Its Professor Okido you want to see, not his grandson. Lets go find him, okay?"

"Kasumi's right, Satoshi," Takeshi nodded, already heading towards the other door Shigeru had pointed to, "Lets go already, guys."

"..." Satoshi stood his ground, fists clenching at his side in frustration. Keeping his deep brown eyes locked onto Shigeru's milk chocolate, Satoshi almost didn't notice Pikachu as she trotted over to his feet, tugging on his pants legs as she let out a 'pika pi!'

"Listen to your friends," Shigeru sneered, folding his arms over his chest, head turned to the side, irritating Satoshi even more.

Satoshi nearly growled, bearing his teeth as he shouted a loud, irritable, "Shigerruuu!!!!"

"SATOSHI! That's enough!"

Surprised, all three teens turned to see who the new voice belonged to, their eyes resting upon Kenji, sketch pad resting loosely in on hand, the other placed firmly on his hip. The dark haired man frowned at Satoshi, clucking his tongue as he entered the room, lecturing Satoshi as he went, "I know you two have a reputation for arguing, but right now isn't the time for it. Please leave Shigeru alone, alright?"

"K-Kenji, what--" before Satoshi could finish, Kenji lightly pushed his raven haired friend away from the brunette, directing the boy in the direction of Takeshi. "H-hey, what's the big deal?!"

"Ah, Satoshi, hello," Professor Okido's elderly voice filled the room from behind Takeshi, entering the room with a cheerful smile on his face.

"Oh, Professor Okido, how are you?" Takeshi replied kindly, stepping out of the old man's way.

"Just fine, thank you, Takeshi," Professor Okido chuckled friendly, before turning his attention back over to the three boys in the middle of the room. "Oh, good morning, Shigeru. I didn't know you came in to visit today."

"Don't get me wrong, Gramps," Shigeru huffed, clearly annoyed now, "I didn't come here to visit you. I'm here to see Eevee."

"Haha, I see, I see," Professor Okido laughed off, beaming with unknown pride. "If you keep this up, you'll be more then ready for the upcoming child, I'm certain."

"Wait..." Kasumi gasped, blue eyes wide in shock.

"What..?" Takeshi gaped, shoulders rising, stiff.

"Ch-child..?!" Satoshi finished, stepping back in shock, ignoring Pikachu as she jumped onto his shoulder, ears flicking as she chirped a curious 'pika pi, pikachu?'

"...Thanks a lot, Gramps..." Shigeru grumbled, glaring at his grandfather in a less violent stare as he had shot at Satoshi, lips ejected almost in a pout.

"Oh, whoops," the Professor laughed weakly, waving one hand in a defensive way while the other scratched the back of his head, embarrassed, "I guess the secrets out..."

"Professor..." Kenji deflated, chuckling nervously.