Who's Your Man?

Pairing(s): Satoshi x Shigeru, Toru x Shigeru

Summary: Shigeru is in an unusual predicament. When Satoshi, Kasumi, and Takeshi return to his hometown, how will the three take the news? And who is the secret man who helped Shigeru get into this rare situation?

Chapter 12

Love Me Most!

"Shigeru, c'mon!"


"You can't ignore me forever!"


"Listen, I just think you should of told him, alright? I mean, not telling him is like... saying you're still available."


"I just think it'd be better for all of us if you'd tell him! If you don't... he'll think he still has a chance!"

"Satoshi, we both know that is false," Shigeru finally spoke, rolling his eyes at the raven haired youth who refused to let this topic drop.

Ever since that private conversation with Toru in his grandfather's lab, Satoshi had insisted they tell the photographer that they were together. "Its in bad taste," Shigeru had responded at the time, "Would you want someone throwing insult to injury to your failed interest in someone?" When Satoshi hadn't replied, in favor of sulking, the young Okido had assumed the topic was done and over with... 'If only it was so...' Shigeru sighed, feeling the aches of a headache rearing its ugly head.

"I'm just saying!" Satoshi continued, hot headed as when he was three and boasting about being a Pokémon Master-even though he didn't know what one was. "What if he comes back one day, months from now, and asks for your hand in marriage?"

"Well, I'd say he would be jumping too quickly into marriage," Shigeru responded honestly, a wince appearing a cross his features at the odd suggestion played before his mind's eye, "We'd have to date before something so serious as that, Satoshi."

"You know what I mean!" Satoshi huffed, face red in frustration or embarrassment, or both. "Just... What would you do if he came to tell you he still loves you?"

"I'd tell him thank you," the brunette spoke airily, uncaring and overly bored with the conversation.


"But I'd refuse his advances," Shigeru spared a wicked grin Satoshi's way, milky brown eyes twinkling in mirth at the stupid, mouth agape, expression that came over the raven haired boy's face.

Flapping his mouth much like a magikarp would be proud of, Satoshi physically shook off his stupor, nearly throwing his hat and Pikachu off his head in the process. Instead of responding, though, Shigeru watched as Satoshi let himself drop onto the grassy land, rustling a few loose strands to flutter in the crisp air before it settled once more.

"Jeez, you're always saying stuff that throws me off," Satoshi sighed, finger-less glove hands pawing at the grass beneath his palms as he stared up at the clear blue sky.

"I only do it for your best interest," Shigeru replied, smirking lightly as he watched his childhood rival play in the grass like a stubborn child who was refused a brand new toy or colorful sweet, "If I didn't, you would of probably not even gotten through the pokémon classes that we had to graduate before we could get our starters."

"Calling me 'stupid' about not remembering what a water pokémon was strong against wasn't really motivating," Satoshi grumbled as he pouted up at the brunette.

"You got through the class with a C average, didn't you?" the Okido teased in a reassuring voice, clear teeth flashing at the raven haired teen at his feet, "You could of gotten Fs or Ds."

"Sh-shut up-!"


The sudden, yet tentative, voice caused both teens to jump in surprise, having not expected to see or hear from the other so soon. Turning around, Shigeru arched a brow while Satoshi secretly seethed as he silently watched Toru approach them. Scratching the back of his head nervously, blue eyes shyly glancing up to lock with milk chocolate. Toru gave a deep sigh as soon as he stopped before them, obviously gearing himself up before he spoke.

"I just wanted to say..." Toru started, a small, sad smile on his lips, completely oblivious of the sudden glare Satoshi was now shooting at him, "I'm very glad I got to see you again. And though it might not make a difference in how you feel about me and all..." Sighing again, Toru shot a quick glance toward Satoshi before the photographer suddenly moved, dashing the last few feet between him and the Okido to lock their lips in a quick, simple kiss. Pulling back just as quickly, Toru gave Shigeru's surprised, blushing face a shy smile before whispering, "See you around."

Satoshi openly gaped as Toru made a run for it, completely flabbergast as to what just happened. 'That... that...!' the raven haired teen tried to shout within his mind but finding it impossible to even form words deep within.

"Wow... that was unexpected," Shigeru voiced after a few minutes of pure, dead silence. And with the softly spoken words, Satoshi quickly snapped into action, jumping in front of Shigeru, arms flapping in a wild flustered way as he began to shout.

"How could you let him get away with that? I thought you didn't like him any more! And what about me? All I've ever got was a kiss on the cheek! Its not fair!"

Blinking at the flustered trainer as he gave himself time to pant back in the air he had lost in that quick rant, Shigeru couldn't help but let loose an amused laugh. Waving off the snappy "Hey!" that Satoshi yelped in responce to the laughter, Shigeru explained, "I'm sorry, its just... Really cute how jealous you are of Toru."

"B-but..." blushing deeply at the attention, Satoshi nervously forced out, "He's had your first... you know, and that's his kid inside you, too-even though I'm claiming it as my own and all. Its just really not fair that he's gotten so far with you, when only knowing you for a day, when I've known you all my life!"

"I know, I know," Shigeru nodded with a sigh. Taking a quick glance around them, Shigeru tried to ignore the burning flush now on his cheeks at what he was planning to do. Shaking his head, the younger Okdio grabbed Satoshi's hand suddenly after him with a quick, "C'mon."

Kasumi and Takeshi were a bit surprised when they spotted the two Pallet Town rivals making their way towards the two ex-gym leaders. They found it even odder that Shigeru was pulling Satoshi with him, instead of running away from the stubborn teen, especially how its been such a common scene since their stay. Togepi gave a cheerful chirp, stubby arms waving at the two teens while Pikachu cocked her head to the side in silent queerie.

Shigeru, noticing the ex-gym leaders' stare, came to a sudden halt, Satoshi crashing into his slender back with a startled cry of surprise. Ignoring the raven's fumble, the brunette rose his hand in a quick wave at Satoshi's travel companions, calling, "Takeshi! Kasumi!"

"Huh?" Kasumi blinked, unconsciously hugging Togepi closer to her bossom as her green eyes locked onto the Pallet pair.

"What are those two up to now?" Takeshi questioned, crossing his arms over his broad chest, head cocking to the side as he watched his friend and his friend's rival in curiosity. Pikachu gave a nervous smile and shrug at their feet.

"Good, they're looking," Shigeru nodded to himself, his words unable to reach the others' ears due to the distance between them. Turning to Satoshi, who had a hand covering his aching nose that had bumped into the Okido's shoulder a bit too hard for his liking, Shigeru asked, "Ready?"

"Ready for wha-?"

But before he could finish, strong, thin arms wrapped around Satoshi's neck, pulling him closer to Shigeru as said brunette leaned in, further cutting through the gap between them until their lips connected in a full-on kiss. Satoshi's dark brown eyes grew wide as dinner plates, fully taking in the close-up of Shigeru's features as the slightly older boy kissed him. With Takeshi and Kasumi watching. Or more likely gaping at them. Satoshi couldn't tell, couldn't pull his eyes away from his rival-now... what? Lover? Boyfriend? Or would Shigeru be considered a girlfriend, how he's able to get pregnant?

Swallowing down his nervousness, Satoshi did his best to shrug off his racing, pointless thoughts, concentrating on the soft lips against his suddenly chapped ones. Gloved fingers twitched at his side, slowly raising up and around a slender waist burried under a baggy, dark green silk shirt, being mindful as he hugged Shigeru closer, feeling the baby bump caressing his own stomach. In the back of his head, Satoshi thought, 'Toru's child...' but quickly replaced the reminder of what the photographer beat him to with an egoistical, 'My child...'

Kasumi, along with Takeshi, openly started at the passionately making-out couple at least a yard away from them. Togepi gave a cheery chirp, smiling widely in clueless happiness. Pikachu, though a bit surprised herself at her master's sudden progress of claiming his chosen mate, couldn't help but blush under yellow fur, reaching up to scratch behind her ear with a soft 'pika pi...'

"I... I guess its true..." Kasumi breathed, green eyes slowly returning to their normal size as surprise finally began to leave her tense form. Still watching the two boys, however, she gave a pout, "Damn, they're so lucky!"

"H-huh?" Takeshi intelligently responded, ripping his eyes away from the scene with great difficulty to glance over at the feisty redhead questioningly, "How?"

"Its not fair Satoshi found someone special before me," Kasumi huffed in explanation, glaring up at the rusty brunette man besides her. There was a slight pause as she sized up her friend, before sighing as she announced, "Its not very surprising you haven't found anyone yet, though..."

"H-hey!" Takeshi whined, shooting Kasumi a wounded look as he protested, "It's not that I haven't found someone, its just that... Uh... There's too many perfect girls for me."

"Sure, sure, whatever you say," Kasumi shrugged him off, green eyes returning to her friend and rival as they seemed to heatedly suck faces even moreso then the last time she looked. A pink hue decorated her cheeks before she spoke, "Jeez, those two..."

"Guess... we don't have to keep looking for Shigeru's Mr. Right," Takeshi voiced slowly, carefully. Swallowing a lump caught in his throat, the tanned man mused more to himself, "Dude, Satoshi is going to be a dad..."

Kasumi's face gave a sudden wince, thoughts of Satoshi taking care of Shigeru's child from feeding to changing its diaper to bathing it... It was oddly cute but at the same time a little scary. 'What if he choked it while feeding it?' Kasumi worried her lower lip, 'Or picked it with the pin when doing up the diaper? Or dropped it in the water or left it by itself and it drowns!'

"Luckily Shigeru is well off, or else I'd worry about how they're going to afford all this," Takeshi gave a laugh.

'Money...' Kasumi's eyes widened in shock before the bright greens darkened as she glared at the raven haired boy still fully enraptured with Shigeru's lips. Growling, she violently, yet carefully enough not to jar, pushed Togepi in Takeshi's surprised arms, stomping angrily towards the Pallet Town trainers.

Slowly, ever so slowly, Shigeru pulled back from Satoshi's eagerly needy lips, face flushed and breathless as he panted to return the air the raven haired teen had stolen away. Milky brown eyes fluttered open to lock onto just as dazed brown, a soft smile curling his lips as he took notice to Satoshi's large, goofy grin. But before Shigeru could speak, a orangish-red shade caught his attention from the corner of his eye, jerking his head to the right to see who it was.


The said teen jumped in utter surprise, eyes snapping wide and instantly losing its happy glaze as he turned to look at the enraged speaker, unconsciously hugging Shigeru closer. Yelping, Satoshi squeaked, "Wh-wh-what..?

Jerking an accusing finger in Satoshi's face, the tip just poking the raven haired teen on the nose, Kasumi warned threateningly, green eyes heated in determination, "Just remember, Satoshi! Just because you now have a child to take care of, doesn't mean you can forget about your responsibilities!"

"R-responsibilities..?" Satoshi repeated with a blink, a cocky, nervous smile pulling at his lips as his mind raced to try and catch up with the water pokémon trainer's words.

"That's right, Satoshi!" Kasumi huffed, placing her fisted hands on her hips as she seemed to tower over her travel companion, "You still owe me a bike, or did you already forget? I want it from your pocket, too. Not Shigeru's! He's not the one who owes me a bike, so don't even think of asking him for help!"


"...You really owe her a bike?" Shigeru questioned calmly, milk chocolate eyes glancing at Satoshi then to Kasumi, and back to settle on the frazzled teen who's arms were still around his waist, even as he dropped his own hands to rest casually on Satoshi's shaking biceps. Whistling, rather impressed, Shigeru gave the other a teasing smirk, "Man, Satoshi. Bikes are really expensive, too."

"I know, I know!" Satoshi whined, suddenly burrowing his head into Shigeru's collar bone as if it would protect him from Kasumi's wrath. Mumbling, lips tickling Shigeru's skin, Satoshi confirmed, "I'll pay you back, already. Just... Give me some more time, okay?"

Kasumi gave a disbelieving huff, but conceded with a nod, crossing her arms over her chest as she warned, "Alright. But you better pay me back, Satoshi." A slow, cheshire cat like smile curled her lips as she hummed, "Or, should I call you Satoshi Okido from now on?"


Sighing, Takeshi looked down at the egg pokémon he held, smiling down at it as it gave a loud chirpy 'piii~' of happiness. "Guess you're happy for them, too, huh, Togepi?" Takeshi mused, getting another happy responce as it waved its stubby arms and wiggled its feet gleefully.


AUTHOR NOTE: Sorry for the super late update! I had trouble with this chapter... The beginning part I typed up I wasn't too happy with, so I fixed it up, and then hit a writer's block before I could continue. That put the largest damper on continuing; however my roommates were up for watching my Indigo League boxsets of Pokémon, so when we got up to the episodes with Toru appearing, inspiration hit me again. Sadly, I wasn't near my computer to re-reading what I had originally written, so I just winged it and written up a part that could be attached to it-hopefully. After that, I hit another writer's block, but that one was a lot easier to overcome, which allowed me to finish this chapter. HOWEVER, the day I had finished it, when I returned home, my special friend who's name I won't reveal decided she had to force manga on me to read that weren't out here yet. And also forced me to work more on my own comics... So I never got time to type it up. Until now. Haha. Sorry again for the wait, though. I already have chapter 13 started, and I already like what I got down so far.

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