Um… what to say… Well this is going to be a collection of I guess unrelated One-shots from the game Touch Detective (2 ½) for the Nintendo DS. It's disappointing the Touch Detective series doesn't have its own category… Oh well.

First off, it's my favorite couple from the games (and the only canon in my opinion), Colleen and Silver. By the way, it's in Colleen's POV, except for like this one sentence where it's normal POV. But it doesn't really affect the story's flow.

Disclaimer: While I do own both games in the Touch Detective series, I don't actually own it.

Oh, and it's supposed to be short.



I pressed my hand against the silver glass – and vanished. Like this was a cue, Silver opened his mouth and began to sing. A beautiful melody poured out of his mouth, filling the greenhouse with the sound. The song even called Spooky the mean cat out of hiding, and for once, he was in a good mood.

As Silver sang, I could feel his emerald-like eyes on me, though I was invisible to him. I could detect a sad undertone to his melody and frowned. It was because of this his song was different today.

The song ended and I touched the clear glass again, turning it silver. Visible again, I floated into the greenhouse, with Spooky creeping below me.

"Silver," I said, "why are you sad?"

"I guess you saw through my act," he said, then smiled, realizing he made a pretty bad ghost pun. I laughed, glad to see him smile. But then the somber mood returned as Silver continued to speak.

"It's inconvenient," he began, "that for me to sing beautifully, I cannot see you. It is unfair actually." He lowered his head in sadness.

"Sing for me again Silver."

"But – the glass…"

"Please, just this one time," I said, looking at him with pleading eyes.

It was at that moment Silver wanted to hug the ghostly girl, but sadly, it was not what he was engineered to do. So he did the one thing he could do, and sang.

Though the song was horribly out of tune, causing Spooky to go back into hiding, it was a happy tune, which made me happy. He can't sing well anymore when I'm around, but nevertheless he sings, and he sings for me.


If you're confused about the characters, or the whole glass changing and Colleen becoming invisible and whatnot, just ask me. Because it's probably confusing if you haven't played the game. But if you haven't played, there's a good chance you won't be reading this story.

Anyway, if you do read, reviews would be nice.

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