Author's Note: This story is a sequel to Chuck vs. His Reality. This story may be difficult to understand, if you haven't read Chuck vs. His Reality. This story focuses on the aftermath following Chuck's escape from Sarah & Casey after discovering that they have been given orders to kill him.

Disclaimer: I do not own the character.

Chapter 1: Hangovers Hurt

Sarah didn't want to move. It hurt to think. Her head was pounding and she knew if she woke up, it would make it worse. It was better to remain unconscious to the world around her; where she didn't have to think about the 'bad things.'

Casey called to her from somewhere. She didn't want to respond. She wanted him to go away. 'Why was he here?' Chuck was gone; it no longer mattered. Her pulse leapt. She didn't want to think about Chuck.

She heard a crash and splintering wood. Vaguely, her brain registered that her door had been broken down. However, she was unprepared to hear Casey yelling directly above her. He was too close. She winced. She needed to get away. Sarah tried to hide her face in her covers.

Casey gazed down at Sarah, wrapped in a blanket on her bed. She was not moving. Holding his breath, he checked her pulse. It was strong and steady. Relieved, he released his breath. She was drugged, but no worse for ware. He chided himself a bit. Chuck wasn't the vindictive type. However, his training and past experience had made him worry on the drive to Sarah's hotel.

"Walker, wake up. We have work to do."

Casey nudged her, but there was no response.

'Well here was a first,' he thought to himself. He, was actually better than wonder girl, Sarah Walker, at something. He could recover from being drugged faster. Nudging her again, it looked like if he didn't intervene, she would remain in her drugged induced haze for another few hours.

He mused to himself, "I guess it helps that I have a hundred pounds on you. But there's no time. Wake up! We need to find our boy." Still receiving no response, he chuckled to himself, " It's shower-time for you."

Casey went to pick up Sarah and the blanket shifted. He saw that she was in her bra and jeans.

"God Damn Chuck! I'm going to kill him. He copped a feel. I can't believe it! I'm going to kill the pervert with my bare hands."

He picked Sarah up and carried her to the shower. Holding her upright, he turned on the shower and aimed the shower head directly at her face. Sarah sputtered and attempted to get away from the cold spray. She wailed for him to stop, but Casey ignored her.

"It's for your own good! Now wake up for God's sake. Chuck's on the run and he needs you!" He shook her, and was relieved when she reached for the shower faucet in an attempt to turn the hot water on.

"Casey, get the hell out of here! I'm awake. Give me a moment," yelled Sarah, angrily. She grabbed the shower walls to steady herself.

Casey assessed her. She was awake but obviously in a bad way. She looked horrible. Her hangover must be excruciating. He was glad that he was almost twice as heavy as Sarah. The drugs hadn't affected him nearly as much.

"Hurry up. I'll be outside." She looked like a drowned rat. "That damn pervert. I'm going to break him when I see him. I can't believe he took your shirt off."

He left the bathroom. When she heard him close the bathroom door, she sat down in the shower and began to cry. "He wasn't a pervert. He was perfect…."


"Well, its about damn time! You might as well swam away," barked Casey, as she entered. He bellowed more orders into his cell phone and ended his phone call. He turned to Sarah and gave her his full attention.

She had changed into a dry pair of jeans and a sweatshirt. She had towel-dried her wet hair. She looked almost like her normal self. This calmed him. She knew Chuck the best. With her help, they had a much better chance of finding Chuck quickly, and he thought to himself, 'kicking his ass.'

She sat on the couch. In full professional mode, she queried, "What's our status? Do we have a lead on Chuck yet? How long has it been since we were drugged?"

Casey replied, "It's been about ten hours since we were drugged. Once I woke up, I called in the code and a manhunt was immediately initiated. The CIA and NSA are watching every train, bus, plane and marine transport. The State and City police authorities have also been notified. They received a cover story. They have been told that Chuck was exposed to a drug resistant strain of bird flu and he's to be followed but not apprehended. If confronted, I didn't want Chuck spouting off about being the Intersect to some beat cop."

"Chuck shouldn't be confronted by someone he doesn't know," agreed Sarah. "He's worried about being captured and being forced to give up secrets." At this admission, she wrapped her arms around her legs, and looked bereft.

Seeing her sadness angered Casey. Jumping up, Casey yelled, "Damn straight, he should! What the hell is he going to do, if he's cornered. The Moron!" A vein is Casey's forehead began to pulse visibly. He looked ready to explode.

Sarah watched Casey's display of anger for a moment, then explained, "He has one of my guns. He told me he would put a bullet in his own head….. if he thought he was going to be captured and forced to give away secrets."

Casey blanched. Her admission took the wind from his sails.

"This situation is so screwed up. What is going to happen if he's approached by someone he knows? He thinks we were planning on killing him." He began to rub his temples. He could feel a headache coming on. Maybe he didn't escape the hangover effects of the drug after all.

This time Sarah blanched. It hadn't occurred to her that Chuck might hurt himself, if either Casey or she attempted to confront him. Her heart constricted. How had it gone so badly?

Suddenly she had a thought. "How did he get a hold of Sweet Dreams?"

Casey looked sullen. "I gave it to him."

Furious, she yelled, "Where in the NSA handbook does it say that a handler should EVER give an asset narcotics that can be used against SAID handler?" Casey watched Sarah carefully. Her face had turned red and she clutched her fists in anger. He could tell she was near her breaking point.

"Sarah the guy was having really bad nightmares. He couldn't sleep."

"And you didn't THINK THAT WAS IMPORTANT? He was probably worried that SOMEONE was planning on killing him" shrieked Sarah. Casey's eyes grew wide as the truth hit him. He had missed this important change in Chuck's behavior. He felt like an idiot.

She closes her eyes for a second to compose herself. Taking a deep breath, she continued, "Let's focus. We need to find him and explain that the termination order was rescinded. He'll believe me. He'll come back. We just need to find him."

Hearing Sarah's words, relieved Casey. She was right. He suddenly thought that there was still a chance to save the mission.

He replied, "Roger that. We have the whole west coast closed down. Chuck isn't trained. He won't get far. Besides the NSA has his voice in their voice recognition algorithm. If he says one word over any cell phone or landline, the phone call with be traced. I'm surprised we don't already know where he is."

The agents bolstered each others spirits. They both agreed that it really was a matter of time before they caught Chuck. However, privately both worried about The Intersect. It was a wild card and was in Chuck's head. Chuck was able to make some amazing connections during their assignments. What would happen if Chuck decided to use The Intersect against them?

Suddenly a thought occurred to her. "What about Ellie and Awesome. Has somebody interrogated them yet? Ellie probably knows where he's gone."

"Hmmm…there is a problem there. Ellie and Awesome are gone too."

Alarmed, Sarah asked, "Have they been taken?"

"No. Nothing like that. But they both must know. Ellie and Awesome packed up their clothes and left the apartment. We have tapes but they must have known that they were being recorded. They didn't say a single word the whole time that they packed. All we have is a video of them carrying their luggage out through the courtyard. We know where they are because we have GPS trackers in their cars. They moved to Awesome's parent's house."

"Oh, no!" gulped Sarah.

"Yeah, our bosses are alarmed. We are going to go into CYA-Cover Your Ass time really quickly" grimaced Casey.

"Well maybe I can help by talking with Ellie. I have a relationship with her," replied Sarah. She knew that Ellie had always liked her. Maybe she could convince Ellie that Chuck was safer with her than on the run.

"Well let's hope. Awesome's parents can really cause problems. A federal judge and a state senator can make life really hard on us….especially because of the tape. "

"Tape? What tape?" quizzed Sarah.

"Chuck taped our briefing where we were assigned to kill him. I figured it out when I saw him puking his guts out after watching one of our standard surveillance videos. Unfortunately, Ellie had already drugged me, so I couldn't warn you in time."

"Oh my God, he saw me getting the assignment to kill him? Did he really puke?" Sarah felt acid rumble in her stomach. She was going to be ill.

Casey hesitated to answer. The determination on her face, told him he would be forced to answer. "Yes, he did. I guess he got sick because he felt betrayed."

Sarah jumped up and rushed to the bathroom to throw up. His head throbbed as he watched her run from the room.

Hangovers were a bitch.