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A/N: This is definitely an AU, as Brick is supposed to have failed his senior year seven times, and graduated a year ahead of Ron, in this case, both of them are in the same grade, and both of them have been friends since their elementary school days, and in this one, Brick won't touch Bonnie with a ten foot pole, meaning that their relationship never existed.



Kim Possible

After five years in a semi-retired state, Kim pulls Ron, and his old band out of retirement, and back into the music spotlight.

Will they make it big in the world of music, or will the subtle differences between the group members cause this budding new project fall apart at the seams?


Ron turned, and looked at the old bomb shelter one last time before heading down the small slope, and back toward town,

"What's on your mind, Ron-man?" asked Brick Flagg, as Ron suddenly fell in step with his best friend since first grade.

"Ah, I just got a feeling, like this isn't the last time we're gonna see the old basement . . . something tells me that we're gonna be back in there again, doing what we do best, music." Ron replied, looking into the eyes of the larger man.

"I doubt that'll happen, with "Bonnie Bitch" practically holding a gun to Tara, Hope, and Marcella . . . I just don't see it happening." Brick replied.

"Times change, Brickster, and people change . . . somewhere down the line, I'm expecting K.P. to finally go off the deep end with Bon-Bon, and put her through a wall one of these days." Ron replied.

"Maybe, but we both know that Kim won't go that far, she might make Bonnie think twice, but she's not going to physically hurt her. As far as Kim's concerned, Bonnie would be a waste of her time." Brick stated confidently.

"Yeah, but still, stopping three of the best singers, and players I have ever heard . . . what the hell gives?" Ron asked.

"Yeah, but you know Bonnie, Ron-man, if she's not the center of attention, she doesn't like it, that includes being in a music band of any kind." Brick stated sagely.

"Yeah, true." Ron replied, his eyes now looking at his left foot as he walked down the well worn path.

"So, what do you plan to do with all those songs you wrote?" Brick asked.

"Who knows, I'll probably just toss them in the old trunk in my closet, maybe someday, I could sell them." Ron stated off-handedly.

"Want to hear a suggestion?" Brick asked.

"Sure." Ron replied, looking at Brick carefully.

"I say burn 'em." Brick responded without even breaking his stride.

"BURN THEM?!" Ron stated, horror struck, "BURN THEM?! Do you have any idea how long it took for me to write even half of them?"

"Yeah, burn 'em . . . I say they're gonna get us into more trouble than they're worth one of these days, especially if Kim ever sees them." Brick commented.

"Maybe . . . but still, they might make me enough to get into college, or a good culinary school." Ron replied.

"Still hoping to getting into the Middleton Academy of Culinary Arts, Ron-man?" Brick asked.

"Yeah . . . I mean, that's like, the top school for chefs all over the world." Ron stated, a far off look coming over his face.

"And with Kim planning to go to Upperton University, that means that both of you will remain in the Tri-City area." Brick stated.

"What are you gonna do when you graduate, Brickster?" Ron asked.

"Probably go to Upperton University, and try out for the football team, who knows, I might make it." Brick stated.

"That's a tall order to fill, they've had championship seasons for the last ten years." Brick stated, looking at Brick carefully.

"Yeah, but first, we have to get into, and finish High School." Brick stated.

"True that, partner." Ron stated.

"And that's like five years from now." Brick reminded Ron, letting him know that both are on their last year in Junior High.

"Yep, one more year in Middle School, and we move about four miles into Middleton High, and the last four years of Secondary Education." Ron stated, as the old bomb shelter disappeared over their shoulders, and into the pitch blackness.

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