Song rights: "Knights in White Satin" as performed by The Moody Blues, "Twilight Zone" as performed by Golden Earring, "The Search is Over" as performed by Survivor, "Where Does My heart Beat Now?' as performed by Celine Dion.

Chapter 2

The Start of Something Good

Kim pulled into a field about ten miles south of Middleton that she recognized, the field itself was a very popular make out spot for the local teenagers, but the area they were in was rarely seen by anyone that went up t\he main road, it was set further back near a wooded area that everyone in the Tri-City area stated was haunted, but, for some unexplained reason, the teenagers in the area stopped using the field as a make out spot fifteen years ago.

"Well . . . here we are." Ron stated, getting out of the car, and looking around with a huge smile on his face.

"Where are we?" Kim asked.

"Well . . . the field over there used to be a make out spot, but that stopped about fifteen years ago." Ron stated, a slight smile on his face.

"So . . . why are we here?" Kim asked.

"See that little knoll over there?" Ron asked, pointing to the right, and a small, almost unnoticeable knoll in the field.

"Yeah." Kim replied, still unsure of where the conversation was heading.

"Well, the knoll itself isn't special, it's what its hiding." Ron stated.

"And what might that be?" Kim asked.

"There's a door on the other side, it's camouflaged, behind the door, is an old bomb shelter." Ron replied.

"A bomb shelter?" Kim asked.

"Yeah . . . it's where we used to practice." Ron replied.

"Where who used to practice?" Kim asked.

At that time, the sound of a vehicle engine caught Kim's attention.

The lights were attached to a brand new Dodge 4x4 pickup, it was silver in color, and behind the wheel, was a rather large man with blonde hair.

"RON-MAN!!" came a voice from the drivers side fo the pickup.

"Hey, Brickster, welcome home, buddy." Ron stated, seeing the tall, muscular former Quarterback of the Middleton High football team, who was smiling from ear to ear.

"Brick? Why aren't you at Upperton University?" Kim asked, looking at Brick carefully.

"Oh, same old, same old, Kim . . . got cut from the football team, no team, no scholarship, no scholarship, no college." Brick replied in an almost ho-hum manner.

"Oh, Brick . . . I'm so sorry." Kim replied, looking at Brick with almost consoling eyes.

"Ah, don't be," Brick replied quickly, "I'm a better bass player than I ever was a quarterback." Brick replied, now pulling a locked case from the bed of the pickup, and smiling as he showed it to Ron.

"You're more than that, and you know it, Brick." Ron stated, giving Brick a stern gaze.

"Okay, so I sang a couple of songs too . . . big tap-dancing whoop, you handled most of the male leads, Ron-man." Brick stated smoothly.

"You were also the tech man, and engineer of the group, buddy, you always kept the equipment running." Ron replied.

"Speaking of that, I'd better go fire up the beast, I got some gas for it . . . let's just hope it hasn't cashed it in all together." Brick stated, walking up to the knoll, and disappearing behind it.

"'The Beast?'" Kim asked.

"Gas powered generator," Ron stated watching Brick disappear, "we called it the beast because for the first couple of minutes after it was started, it sounded like it was going to explode."

Ron got a sheepish grin, as the sounds of Brick cursing filled the air.

"Sounds like it's living up to its name." Kim replied, smiling as Brick walked out of the bomb shelter.

"GODDAMNED PIECE OF SHIT!!" Brick bellowed, tossing a wrench into the ground, where it sunk halfway up the shank in the soft ground.

"Brick . . . not around Kim, please." Ron chided.

"Better get used to it, Kim . . . you'll hear a ton of it from me if things aren't going right." Brick replied, a sheepish smile coming over his face.

"What happened this time?": Ron asked.

"Oh, the damned electric motor's burned out. I'll have to go to Granada's and buy a new one." Brick replied, now grabbing a grease rag near the door, and wiping his hands.

"Maybe not." Ron replied, his eyes suddenly lighting up as if someone flipped a switch in his head on.

"What do you mean?" Brick asked, as Ron pulled out his cell phone.

Ron hurriedly dialed Felix's cell phone number, and got an answer.

"Yo, Felix." Ron stated, "Got a minute?"

"Your minutes, Ron-man . . . start talking." Felix replied.

"Hey, can you swing by Granada's on the way up here, buddy . . . looks like the beast decided to take a giant one on Brick, and he needs a new electric motor." Ron replied.

"I can go better than that . . . I got a mini generator that I use to power my spare chair, I'm sure I can jury rig it for Son of the Best." Felix stated, he then added, as an afterthought, "Maybe I should swing by Granada's on the way, though."

"Might be a good idea, just in case it doesn't work." Ron replied.

"The girls there yet?" Felix asked.

"Not yet, it's only me, Kim, and Brick, but if I'm knowing the girls, I'm willing to bet that Tara and Hope are out shopping, and Marcella's in her phantom jet on the way here." Ron replied.

"YOU SPRUNG TARA?!" Felix asked.

"Yep, Marcella, and Hope too . . . trust me, you're gonna love how I did it, too." Ron replied, chuckling a little.

"See ya when I get there, bud." Felix stated, as he hung cut the connection.

At that point in time, a black Corvette pulled up behind Brick's pickup, and Marcella got out of the beautiful sports car, smiling as she pulled a long case out of the back.

"Hola, amigos." she said, looking at the three near the entrance.

"And there's the Mistress of the Keyboards . . . hey, Marcella." Ron replied, looking at the Latin-American beauty, and smiling.

"Hey, Marci." Brick added, smiling as he turned around, and saw Marcella.

"BRICK!!" Marcella squealed, and ran toward the blonde, he was greeted with a huge hug, then a swift punch to the shoulder.

"OW! What was that for?" Brick asked, now rubbing his now smarting shoulder.

"Why didn't you tell me you were back in town?" Marcella asked.

"Sorry . . . it was a little last minute. I was only in town for ten minutes when I got Ron's call." Brick stated.

"Besides, we gotta wait." Ron stated.

"Let me guess . . . the beast?" Marcella asked.

"Yep." Brick replied.

"It finally died?" Marcella asked, her eyebrows narrowed.

"Yeah . . . the electric motor finally burned out on it, so, Felix is gonna stop by Granada's to pick up a new one."

"You sprung Felix?" Marcella asked, her voice raising in surprise.

"All of them, Marcella . . . we sprung 'em all." Ron replied, causing Marcella to squeal loudly.

"As for the beast, I told you boys it should've been put out to pasture last time it went on the fritz." Marcella stated.

"I know you did, but we didn't have the money to replace it, remember?" Brick replied, he then quickly added, "Use your head, girl"

"Like you do every time you get into that room with that giant piece of exploding bolts?" Marcella asked.

"Someone had to keep it going, and we sure as hell weren't getting enough money from the few gigs we did land before we got cut off." Brick stated.

"And you took the phrase 'using your head,' to a whole new level, Brickster." Marcella replied, causing Brick to blush to his roots.

"Meaning?" Kim asked, looking at Marcella.

"The generator stopped working one time when we were practicing for a gig, and our dear Brick tried a new way of getting it to work, he slammed his head into the side of it . . . it started working again, but our bass player almost wound up in Middleton Memorial with a concussion." Marcella replied, a wry grin on her face.

"That wasn't the only time Brick used his head." Ron stated slyly.

"That was NOT my fault" Brick stated, glaring, and pointing at Marcella.

"That was Felix, not me." Marcella replied.

"What happened?" Kim asked.

"Oh, Felix forgot to tape down Marcella's mic cord, and my feet got tangled up in it . . . you can imagine the rest." Brick stated dryly.

"Let me guess . . . you took a header on the floor." Kim said, grinning.

"Yep, Brick hit the concrete, Ron went face first into the steel door." Marcella replied.

"Yeah, but that wasn't the ONLY thing Ron inadvertently put his face in." Brick added, grinning like a Cheshire Cat.

"Meaning?" Kim asked, but Ron simply looked at Brick, and Marcella.

"Okay, enough of the reminiscing." he said loudly.

"Is there something you're not telling me, 'RON-MAN'?" Kim asked.

"He won't tell you, Kim . . . so I will." Brick stated.

"If you value your life, you will say nothing." Ron replied, not looking at Brick.

"Too late, Ron . . . spill, Brick." Kim replied.

"Well . . . Ron tripped down the stairs one time, and landed face first in Tara's . . . well . . . you get the picture." Brick replied, a sheepish grin on his face.

"I don't know who was shocked, or smiling more." Marcella added.

"I know that Tara turned about seventeen different shades of red on that one." Brick stated, a chuckle in his voice.

"Thank you both so very much." Ron stated sarcastically.

"Not a problem, Ron-man." Brick replied, thumping Ron in the back.

"No big." Marcella added, smiling as she walked by Ron.

It was at that point that a white Land Rover pulled up, and out jumped Tara King, and Hope Lee, both of them were holding shopping bags from Club Banana, both had wide smiles, and Tara had a tight grip on two cases, one was green, and appeared to be a case for some kind of band instrument, while the other was rather long, and shaped like a standard Tenor Saxophone.

"Are we late?" Tara asked.

"Nope . . . early." Marcella replied.

"Let me get this straight . . . you were all in a band of some kind?" Kim asked.

"Yep . . . garage band . . . we were just about to hit our first big gig, when 'Bonnie Bitch' put a stop to it all." Hope stated, rather bluntly, and completely out of her usual calm character.

"Bonnie, and the food chain?" Kim asked.

"Called that one." Tara replied.

"I can see Tara getting caught by that one, but you, Hope?" Kim asked.

"It wasn't that, Kim, but . . . with three of our key members out of the picture, everything kind of shut down." Zita Flores stated, stepping out of a cherry red Dodge Charger, smiling widely.

"Hey, Z." Brick stated, now getting a good look at the beautiful Latin-American woman.

"Hey, Brick." Zita replied, now carrying a guitar case past Kim, and disappearing into the bomb shelter.

"So, all we're waiting for is Felix, right?" Kim asked.

"Yep . . . the Master of the skins." Marcella replied.

"Felix is a drummer?" Kim asked, completely at a loss for words, she knew that playing the drums meant needing the use of your feet, but Felix had been paralyzed from the waist down since the age of eleven, how could he be able to work the bass drums, which needed to be operated with the feet?

"Best one I've seen in a long time." Ron replied, just as a large white Chevy van rolled up.

"Speak of the devil." he added, as Felix hovered out of the large sliding door on the passenger side of the vehicle.

Zita quickly ran up to Felix, and jumped into his chair, and right into his lap, causing Felix to smile widely.

"Brickster, Tara, and my lovely little goddess." Felix stated, nodding to each one, and planting a kiss on Zita's cheek.

"Hey, baby . . . you ready to do this?" Zita asked.

"I was born ready." Felix replied, smiling.

As he disappeared into the shelter, with Brick trailing.

It took a couple of minutes, but the lights came on in the old bomb shelter with a loud bang.

"OW! SON-OF-A . . .!" Came Brick's voice from the generator room.

"Ah, ah, Brickster . . . watch your tongue." Felix admonished.

"Feh . . . just hand me the cables." Brick replied.

"Why don't you let me do it . . . you try it, and both of us will get thrown halfway into the next room." Felix stated.

"Fine . . . I'll go set up the equipment." Brick replied, coming out of the room with a frown on his face.

Just as Brick exited, the lights went out, then came back on again, brighter than before.

"Am I the man, or what?" Felix stated, a smile on his face, as he came out of the generator room.

"Where'd Hope go?" Brick asked, now looking around.

"Not too sure." Tara replied, as the sound of a car engine came from outside.

"Where did you go, Hope?" Felix asked, as she entered the old bomb shelter.

"Somebody had to make sure you guys were fed." Hope replied.

"Let me guess, either Bueno Nacho, or Cow and Chow." Brick said dryly.

"Neither . . . try The Acropolis." Hope stated, now showing several bags with an Ancient Greek motif on them.

"You're KIDDING?!" Tara said, looking at the bags.

"ARE YOU SERIOUS?!" Brick asked, his eyes wide, and his mouth practically watering.

"But how . . ." Marcella asked, eyeing the bags.

"Ron threw me a couple hundred for the food." Hope said, smiling.

"Yeah . . . you got my change?" Ron asked.

"Yep . . . and it's just enough to cover my gas too." Hope said with a wry smile.

"Oh, alright." Ron replied, handing Hope back the change.

"Oh, don't be so sour . . . I have something special for you." Hope stated.

"Cool." Ron replied, as Hope pulled out a large Bueno Nacho bag.

"Here you go." Hope stated, handing Ron the bag.

"My chimmerito?" Ron asked.

"Plus a family pack of nacos." Hope replied, smiling.

"Ah . . . hello stomach." Ron stated, taking a huge bite out of the chimmerito in his hand.

"Poor me . . . second fiddle to a heart attack wrapped in tin foil." Kim stated, watching Ron wolf down the chimmerito, and save the nacos for later.

"Now, Tara . . . did you bring your flute with you?" Ron asked, as Tara set the two cases down, she quickly assembled a Turquoise and Silver Tenor Saxophone, she then opened up the green case, and assembled a flute.

"If you think for one second that I plan to use that rusty piece of crap in that cupboard, you're sadly mistaken." she stated.

"Picky, picky." Ron replied.

"When my lips looked like I kissed a rusty bumper . . . better believe it." Tara stated.

"Bet Josh didn't mind." Marcella said, as she and Hope giggled slightly.

"Josh Mankey can go take a long walk off a short pier, Marcella." Tara replied coldly.

"What happened to you and Josh Mankey?" Kim asked, blinking as though she had just been caught by the beam from a really bright flashlight.

"Uh-oh." Brick stated dryly.

"Boy trouble." Felix added.

"Take cover until the storm blows over." Ron finished, as he ducked behind an old, and rather weatherbeaten looking amp.

"Would you like the full story, Kim?" Tara asked, her voice muffled through clenched teeth.

"Please no." Felix said.

"I don't think this place could stand it." Ron added.

"I second that motion." Brick replied.

"Here, here." Ron finished.

"Spill anyway." Kim stated.

"Do the words 'cheating scumbag' mean anything to you?" Tara asked, earning a shocked look from Kim.

"You're KIDDING?!" Kim stated loudly.

"Nope . . . caught him at Ghirdello's last night with Angie Devlin." Tara replied.

"You did leave him in one piece, I hope?" Brick asked.

"This is Bobby Montgomery all over again." Felix added, at this point, Tara's face began turning deep red.

"You had to bring that one up, didn't you, Felix?" Ron asked, as he kept his eyes on Tara, praying that she wouldn't go overboard.

"Oops." Felix said lamely, as Tara went off.

At that point, Tara whirled around on the balls of her feet, and drove her fist into, and through a wooden cabinet behind Ron's head (Ron had to duck to keep from getting clobbered.)

"WHAT ARE YOU SWINGING AT ME FOR, I DIDN'T SAY IT?!" Ron exclaimed, looking at the smashed cabinet, and cringing.

"No, but you were the closest." Tara replied, an evil look on her face.

"If it'll make you feel any better, Tara, we're gonna do one of your favorites to start off tonight." Ron stated, to which, Tara beamed.

"We're gonna do that one?" she asked, as if she were a child that had been told that Christmas was coming two months early this year.

"Why do you think I asked you to bring your flute?" Ron asked.

"I think that'll make me feel better . . . you're right." Tara replied, taking the long woodwind instrument in her hands, as everyone walked to their respective instruments, and Ron dug out from the case he had brought with him, what appeared to be an old Gibson Les Paul guitar.

"Anyplace for me to sit?" Kim asked.

"Yeah . . . there's an old sofa right behind you, Kim." Zita pointed out.

Kim took a seat on the old, and threadbare sofa, and watched, as everyone took up their instruments, and prepared for their first practice in five years.

"Alright, how many of you remember Knights in White Satin?" Ron asked, looking at the group. All of them nodded.

"Alright, let's do it." Ron stated, as the music started, Ron walked up to a mic, and began to sing, in a very wonderful mid tenor voice, very unlike the one he spoke with.

Knights in white satin,

Never reaching the end,

Letters are written, never meaning to send,

Beauty I've always missed,

With these eyes before,

Just what the truth is, I can't say anymore,

'Cause I love you,

Yes I love you,

Oh, how I love you, oh, how I love you,

Gazing at people,

Some hand in hand,

Just what I'm going through, they can't understand,

Some try to tell me,

Thoughts they cannot defend,

Just what you want to be, you will be in the end,

And I love you,

Yes I love you,

Oh, how I love you,

Oh, how I love you,

Kim was mesmerized at the music she was hearing, her main thought was,

'Why did Ron never tell me before?'

Ron stopped singing, as Tara stepped up, playing a beautiful, and somewhat haunting solo on the flute she had brought with her, after a few seconds, she stepped back, and Ron stepped forward again.

Knights in white satin,

Never reaching the end,

Letters are written,

Never meaning to send,

Beauty I'd always missed,

With these eyes before,

Just what the truth is, I can't say anymore,

'Cause I love you,

Yes, I love you,

Oh, how I love you, oh how I love you,

And I love you,

Yes, I love you,

Oh, how I love you,

Oh, how I love you.

"WOW!" Kim exclaimed, once the music had stopped, "that was AMAZING!!"

"We still got a couple more before we call us being back, Kim." Brick replied, looking at the red haired beauty, and smiling widely.

"I got an idea . . . what about 'Tough Guys'?" Ron asked.

"Nah . . . let's REALLY rock her world, Ron-man." Felix stated, smiling evilly.

"Uh-huh . . . 'Twilight Zone'?" Ron asked.

"Evil, steel wheels . . . pure evil." Brick added.

"When Kim hears it, and reacts like I think she will, I highly doubt Ron will mind." Felix stated on a knowing smile.

"You might be right . . . we'll do that one." Ron replied, smiling along with Felix, and Brick\, as he and Brick walked up to two mics, just as Zita began to play.

Somewhere in a lonely hotel room, there's a guy startin' to realize that eternal fate has turned its back on him . . . it's two a.m.

Brick has started the song by talking the first verse, followed by Ron, in full throat.

It's two a.m.

The fear is gone,

I'm sittin' here waitin', the gun's still warm,

Maybe my connection is tired of takin' chances,

Yeah, there's a storm on the loose, sirens in my head,

Wrapped up in silence, all circuits are dead,

Cannot decode, my whole life spins into a frenzy,

Help, I'm steppin' into the twilight zone,

Place is a madhouse, feels like being cloned,

My beacon's been moved under moon and star,

Where am I to go now that I've gone too far (Oh, whoa, oh)

Help, I'm steppin' into the twilight zone,

Place is a madhouse, feels like being cloned,

My beacon's been moved under moon and star,

Where am I to go now that I've gone too far,

Soon you will come to know,

When the bullet hits the bone,

Soon you will come to know,

When the bullet hits the bone,

A quick break in the vocals and then, Brick stepped forward, to sing the second verse.

I'm fallin' down the spiral, destination unknown,

Double-crossed messenger, all alone,

Can't get no connection, can't get through, where are you,

Well, the night weighs heavy on his guilty mind,

This far from the border line,

But when the hit man comes,

He knows damned well he has been cheated,

And he says:

Once again, the switch between Brick, and Ron took place, and now, it was Ron's mid tenor voice taking the place of Brick's high bass voice.

Help, I'm steppin' into the twilight zone,

Place is a madhouse, feels like being cloned,

My beacon's been moved under moon and star,

Where am I to go now that I've gone too far (oh, whoa oh),

Help, I'm steppin' into the twilight zone,

Place is a madhouse, feels like being cloned,

My beacon's been moved under moon, and star,

Where am I to go now that I've gone too far,

Soon you will come to know,

When the bullet hits the bone,

Soon you will come to know,

When the bullet hits the bone,

When the bullet hits the bone.

The sound of a thunderclap went off as Felix brought his sticks down on the tom-tom to his right, as though it were plugged into Marcella's keyboards, followed by a bass riff from Brick, who had a beautiful black Fender Jazz Bass strapped around his neck, then, it was Ron's turn to show off, as he began a somewhat complicated lead riff, the sound of his guitar reaching a higher, and higher pitch, until he once again brought his voice to bear.

Help, I'm steppin' into the twilight zone,

Place is a madhouse, feels like being cloned,

My beacon's been moved under moon and star,

Where am I to go now that I've gone too far (oh, whoa, oh),

Help, I'm steppin' into the twilight zone,

Place is a madhouse, feels like being cloned,

My beacon's been moved under moon and star,

Where am I to go now that I've gone too far,

Soon you will come to know,

When the bullet hits the bone,

Soon you will come to know,

When the bullet hits the bone,

Soon you will come to know,

When the bullet hits the bone,

When the bullet hits the bone,

Uh-huh, ah, when the bullet hits the bone,

When the bullet this the bone,

Uh-huh, ah, when the bullet hits the bone.

"Whoa . . . that sounded better than the first time we did it." Brick stated, a satisfied smile on his face.

Ron looked at Kim carefully. She was staring straight ahead, with a glassy look in her eyes, as though she had gone catatonic.

"Uh, Kim . . . Earth to KP?" Ron asked, waving his hand in front of Kim's face, and leaning in, so he could get a look at her face.

Once Ron was at Kim's eye level, she moved with the speed of a Cheetah, grabbing him by his shirt collar, and pulling him into an Earth-shattering kiss.

"You owe me two bucks, Z." Felix stated, to which Zita chuckled, and pulled two one dollar bills out of her pocket, and handed the money over.

"That was AWESOME!" Kim exclaimed, to which Ron seemed to have adopted a blank look.

"Yeah . . . good song . . . must remember to record." Ron replied, in a far off voice.

Brick chuckled, as he walked forward, placed his hand under Ron's nose, and loudly snapped his fingers.

"Yeah?" Ron asked, shaking his head.

"Sorry to disturb you, buddy, but you did bring us down here to practice." Brick stated calmly.

"Practice, right," Ron replied, then, he added, "let's slow it down for this one, okay?"

"Hey, I got one . . . this one might just turn that force ten kiss you got into a force twenty, Ron." Hope stated suddenly.

"Force . . . TWENTY?!" Ron asked, his eyes going wide, as Kim flushed a bright shade of crimson.

"Yeah . . . remember that one you wrote just before we broke? I believe you called it 'The Search is Over,' or something like that." Hope stated, not sure of the name of the song.

"That's the one . . . why not." Ron replied, smiling, as Hope turned to the old piano, and began playing a beautiful melody, as Ron stepped forward again, and took up the lead vocal.

How can I convince you,

What you see is real,

Who am I to blame you,

For doubting what you feel,

I was always reaching,

You were just a girl I knew, I took for granted,

The friend I had in you,

I was living for a dream,

Loving for the moment,

Taking on the world,

That was just my style,

Then I looked into your eyes, I could see forever,

The search is over, you were with me all the while,

Can it last forever, or will we fall apart,

At times it's so confusing,

The questions of the heart,

You followed me through changes, and patiently you'd wait,

Till I came to my senses to some miracle of fate,

I was living for a dream, loving for the moment,

Taking on the world,

That was just my style,

Then I looked into your eyes, I could see forever,

The search is over, you were with me all the while,

Now the miles stretch out behind me loves that I have lost,

Broken hearts lie victims of the past,

Then good luck,

It finally struck like lightning from the blue,

Every highway's leading me back to you,

Now at last I hold you, now all is said and done,

The search has come full circle, our destinies are one,

So if you ever loved me,

Show me that you give a damned, we'll know for certain,

The man I really am,

I was living for a dream,

Loving for the moment,

Taking on the world,

That was just my style,

Then I touched your hand, I could hear you whisper,

The search is over, love was right before . . . my eyes.

The song ended with Ron smiling widely. Kim was completely shocked, Ron had stunned her with a song that she had never heard before, mentally, she wondered:

'How long has he had feelings for me, and I never knew it?'

"Well, Kim?" Ron asked, looking at his girlfriend carefully, she remained still, not speaking.

"Earth to KP." Ron stated.

"Ron . . . I . . ." Kim stammered, she then reached up, and pulled him into another mind numbing kiss . . . it didn't take long for the two to melt into their passion.

"We'd better separate those two before Kim decides to rape him." Felix stated.

"You can't rape the willing, wheels." Brick stated, chuckling.

"Somehow, I have to doubt that Ron will be resisting too much." Hope added.

"Okay . . . I'll deal with this." Tara replied, she quickly stuffed her index fingers into her mouth, and let out a shrill, high-pitched whistle that caused Kim and Ron to jump about a foot off the couch, and start staring around, as though someone were shooting at them.

"Good morning, you two . . . hate to bust your bubble, but let's get this party going." Tara stated, once Kim and Ron had regained their composure.

"Hey, Kim . . . why don't you join us for one?" Marcella asked, looking expectantly at Kim.

"Now that is the best idea you've come up with in a long time, Marci." Tara stated, smiling at her best friend.

"No, the band is your thing . . . I don't really sing." Kim replied.

"Oh, don't give me that." Tara stated boldly.

"Two words, Kim . . . Talent Show." Brick stated.

"And I got two words in response, Brick . . . Bonnie Rockwaller." Kim replied.

"What about the bitch?" Brick asked.

"HELLO?! Whole reason I entered the talent show to begin with." Kim stated.

"And you waxed her butt all over the stage." Brick reminded her.

"Actually, it was Ron that won." Marcella stated, remembering the show.

"Yeah, but I checked the ballots before they were burned . . . had Ron not covered for Kim, she would've won." Brick responded.

"That was a one-time thing, Brick, besides, the band thing is more yours than it is mine." Kim stated.

At that moment, Marcella leaned over, and whispered something into Kim's ear.

"Alright, Marcella, you're on." Kim stated, now walking up to the stage area, and grabbing a spare mic.

"What did you say to her?" Ron asked Marcella, looking the beautiful Latin-American over carefully.

"Later." Marcella replied, as she leaned back in front of her keyboards.

"Ron." Kim stated.

"Yeah?" Ron asked.

"Pick me out a winner." Kim replied.

"Yeah, a winner, what do you want, fast, slow, medium . . . talk to me." Ron stated, grabbing up a bunch of papers, and going through them.

"How about a nice ballad." Brick stated.

"A nice ballad . . . you sure?" Ron asked.

"Come on, Ron-man . . . God knows you got enough of them hanging around in that brain of yours." Felix replied.

"Alright . . . I'll see what I can do." Ron stated, grabbing up a large pile of sheet music, and thumbing through it, depositing the ones he didn't like into a pile onto the floor.

"Nope, duet on that one." he said, tossing one sheet to the floor.

"Nah . . . too sappy." he said, now tossing another to the floor.

"WAAY too depressing." he stated, tossing another behind his right shoulder.

He finally stopped, and began studying a sheet that got his attention quickly.

"Wait a minute . . . this one might just do it." he stated, nodding his head, as he handed Kim a piece of sheet music, smiling widely.

"Everyone gather round, I got a good one here." Ron stated, as he walked to the center of the hastily made stage.

"What're we gonna need for this one, Ron-man?" Brick asked.

"Everyone." Ron replied.

"Ooh, yeah . . . I like this one." Marcella stated, smiling widely

"Flute, Sax, or what?" Tara asked.

"Flute, Tara." Ron replied.

"YES!" Tara squealed, then, looking at Kim, she added, "Thanks, Kim."

"You can always back down, Kim." Marcella replied slyly.

"So not happening, Marcella." Kim replied.

"Alright, then, ladies, and gents . . . let's do it." Ron replied, setting up behind Kim, as the rest of the group took up their positions, and began to play . . . Kim waited for a few seconds, and when she was cued, she began to sing.

So much to believe in,

We were lost in time,

Everything I needed,

I feel in your eyes,

Always thought of keeping,

Your heart next to mine,

But now that seems so far away,

Don't know how love could leave without a trace,

Where do silent hearts go?

Where does my heart beat now?

Where is the sound,

That only echoes through the night?

Where does my heart beat now?

I can't live without,

Without feeling it inside,

Where do all the lonely hearts go?

Where do all the lonely hearts go?

Candle in the water,

Drifting helplessly,

Hiding from the thunder,

Come and rescue me,

Driven by the hunger,

Of the endless dream,

I'm searching for the hand that I can hold,

I'm reaching for the arms that let me know,

Where do silent hearts go?

Where does my heart beat now?

Where is the sound,

That only echoes through the night,

Where does my heart beat now?

I can't live without, without feeling it inside,

Where do all the lonely hearts go?

Where do all the lonely hearts go?

A break in the singing came, which allowed Kim to take a quick drink of water from a cup near Marcella's keyboards, then, it was back to work:

Then one touch overcomes the silence, love still survives,

Two hearts that needed one another, give me wings to fly,

Where does my heart beat now?

Where is the sound,

That only echoes through the night?

Where does my heart beat now?

I can't live without, without feeling it inside?

At this point, Kim broke off from the rest of the group, singing what she read.

I need someone to give my heart to,

I feel it getting stronger, and stronger,

I feel it inside,

hearts are made to last,

To the end of time.

As the music once again faded, this time, it was Ron who was left speechless.

"Well, at least he had the presence of mind to stop when the rest of us did." Felix stated, nearly chuckling as he saw Ron, staring straight ahead, as though he had been hypnotized, while at the same time, Marcella, and Hope began laughing loudly.

"I think you shorted out his brain, Kim." Tara stated, looking at Ron, and trying hard to keep from laughing.

"Serves him right." Kim replied, giggling slightly.

"For what?" Brick asked.

"For not telling me about this, and about how him singing like that would . . ." Kim replied, her face taking on a sudden dreamy expression.

"Put you in your own little world?" Brick asked.

"Huh?" Kim responded, in a far off voice.

"Figures." Brick replied.

"Kim . . . that was AMAZING!!" Ron nearly yelled.

"And that was my ear, Ron-man." Brick replied, holding his right ear.

"You have a tin ear anyway, Brick . . . come on, Kim . . . you have to join up with us." Ron stated, a pleading note to his voice.

"We got a few that need a voice like yours . . . interested?" Brick asked, looking at Kim.

"It was kind of fun . . . but no," Kim stated, "I mean, I still have to wait on my college entrance exams, then, I got missions . . . I mean, let's be honest, what would happen if we were in the middle of a show, and suddenly, Wade beeps me with a mission? That wouldn't look very good."

"Why don't you ask him about it?" Ron asked, gaining a sheepish grin to his face.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Kim asked, as Ron looked at his watch.

"Better open the door Brick . . . Wade should be coming in 5 . . . 4 . . . 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . ." Ron stopped, as a loud knocking echoed from the steel door that separated the bomb shelter from the outside world, "now." he finished.

Brick did as asked, and when the door was opened fully, Wade was standing at the threshold, grinning from ear to ear, as if he had known this was going to happen for months.

"Wade? What?" Kim stammered, looking at Wade, then, back to Ron.

"I think it would be the perfect cover, Kim . . . no one would suspect you of actually doing missions, while also working in a band, it's perfect." Wade stated, still smiling.

"Wade, my missions take me all over the world at the drop of a hat," Kim replied, "a band takes time to pack up, organize, load equipment, the list is endless."

"That's what Roadies are for, Kim." Wade responded, still smiling.

"It just won't work." Kim stated.

"Why not?" Wade asked.

"What band can be loaded, and packed up in the time it takes for me to get a ride?" Kim asked.

"All of them," Wade replied, "because it's not the band members packing up the equipment, that usually arrives a day early, and is already set up by the time the band arrives."

"Okay . . . using that theory, say we have a concert in Middleton, and our target is less than a day away in London?" Kim asked.

"It can still be done, Kim, usually, the band is gone before the equipment is packed up, and moved out, not to mention the fact that if you're the headlining act, you usually have two opening acts before you even step out on stage, si, that gives you an extra four hours at the most." Wade replied.

"Why don't we run the idea by Dr. Director, Kim . . . if anyone can help with the logistics, it would be GJ." Ron stated.

"But what about everyone else? I mean, they have lives of their own, they can't just pick up, and set down that easily." Kim stated.

"Yeah, a life," Tara burst out, "if you call being a mall rat a life."

"My grades weren't good enough for anyplace but Middleton Community College, and I would rather get a Bachelor's Degree, instead of an Associates." Zita added.

"Ditto here." Marcella chipped in.

"I lost my scholarship at Upperton University, so, I'm free." Brick stated.

"And it's not like my cooking is that bad that I have to go to Culinary School." Ron added.

"What about you, Hope?" Kim asked.

"Failed my college entrance exams, I'm pretty much stuck here, unless I can find a way out of this place." Hope replied.

"And you, Felix?" Kim asked, now looking at Felix with a hard eye, hoping to get some kind of support.

"Why do I need college, everything I want is right here in this room." Felix responded.

"Well . . . there's still the issue of time zones, I mean, every time we fly to the east, we have to remove an hour, that kind of blows a hole in the setting up a day early thing." Kim stated, pointing out a flaw in Wade's idea.

"I still say we should call Dr. Director." Ron stated, as Wade grabbed the Kimmunicator, and punched up the direct line with Global Justice.

"What may I do for you, Miss Possible?" came the voice of the Director of Global Justice, Betty Director.

"We got a slight problem here," Ron stated, making himself heard, "you see . . . there are eight of us in the room right now, Dr. D., and we kind of have a bit of a garage band going, but Kim's getting the eleventh hour jitters."

"Hmm . . . a band, huh?" Dr. Director replied, her face in thought, "That would be the best cover for your missions, Miss Possible, I would suggest you take this opportunity."

"Slight problem, Dr. Director." Marcella stated.

"And what might that be?" Dr. Director asked.

"Kim's got a major case of cold feet." Brick stated.

"Yeah, she doesn't want to do it, even though she's got the pipes for it." Hope added.

"It's just . . . Are you all sure you want this, I mean it was just one song, that's all." Kim stated.

"One song, at last count, I believe we did three." Felix pointed out.

"I meant me, Felix." Kim stated.

"Tell you what, Kim, we'll let Dr. Director hear your voice, and let her make the call." Ron stated.

"And while we're at it, let's have a little wager," Marcella chimed in, "it's pretty simple, really, we let Dr. Director hear your voice, if she thinks you got the pipes for it, we work with Gj until we hit it big."

"Don't you mean if, Marcella?" Kim asked.

"Not a question of if, Kim, but a question of when." Felix replied.

"And if we don't?" Kim asked.

"Then we never bother you again about it." Marcella stated, then, she added, "GJ can get you into any school you want."

"As for the rest of us, we'll survive the best we can." Brick added.

"And how are you going to have her hear me, we didn't record those songs.' Kim stated, to which both Brick, and Ron smiled widely.

"Wrong again, Kim." Brick stated triumphantly.

"What do you mean?" Kim asked.

"We recorded the whole session." Ron supplied, causing Kim's mouth to fall.

"You didn't." Kim stated, her voice showing slight surprise.

"Yeah, we did." Brick replied, and he reached to a small cabinet near Marcella's keyboards, and pulled out a small tape, which he placed into a player, and pushed the play button, instantly, Kim's vocals from her only recording filled the room, causing Dr. Director's mouth to fly open.

"Well?" Kim asked.

"Decision, Doctor." Marcella added.

"I am completely blown away, are you sure that you are an amateur?" Dr. Director asked.

"Of course I am." Kim replied.

"I would have to say, in my humble opinion, that you fit with this group like a glove, Miss Possible." Dr. Director replied.

"Boo-ya!" Ron stated, causing Brick to chuckle, and Tara to giggle.

"In fact, I am so impressed, I will offer your group its first gig." Dr. Director added.

"What's that?" Brick asked.

"There is an international law enforcement officers convention in London this month, and it was Global Justice's turn to book the entertainment." Dr. Director stated.

"Sounds a bit upscale." Brick replied.

"Well, it's definitely not Wembly Stadium." Dr. Director quickly added.

"Thank God for that . . . I don't think we're ready for that yet." Brick replied.

"Yet." Dr. Director stated, repeating Brick's last word.

"Don't rush us." Brick replied.

"Well, Miss Possible, you have heard my decision, and have my offer . . . do you accept?" Dr. Director asked.

"Well . . ." Kim hesitated.

"You're never gonna have a better chance to make it count, KP." Ron reminded her.

"Of course, I could always tell Bonnie that you were too scared to take the chance," Marcella added, "I'm sure she'd be understanding."

"Cheer up, Kim . . . I'm sure there was bound to be something a Possible COULDN'T do." Tara stated rather boldly.

"Like hell . . . I'm in." Kim stated, her command presence in her voice.

"I think the first part of your training should be psychological warfare, Kim." Dr. Director stated, a smile crossing her face.

"'Cause you just got played, Kim, your bandmates just played you like a well-tuned instrument" Ron added, a huge smile to his face.

Kim's mouth began opening, and closing, as though she were a fish out of water, she then looked at the other seven people in the room, all of whom were now sporting wide grins.

"SUCKER!!" they all said in unison.

"OOOOOO!!" Kim stated, a frustrated look coming over her face.

"A Possible can do anything . . . even get played, see the logic there?" Ron asked.

"You, I can handle." Kim stated, as she drew close to him, and getting slightly intimate with him.

"EEP!" Ron suddenly squeaked.

"Oh, yeah . . . keep it up, Mr. Stoppable, and your little friend will be serving a months worth of solo duty in the frigid climate of my Arctic Circle." Kim stated, still smiling.

"Shutting up now." Ron stated, closing his mouth, and saying nothing more.

"At last, someone else to help keep the Ron-man grounded." Felix stated, on a chuckle.

"And then some." Marcella added, before bursting out in a booming laugh that everyone else joined in on.